Android development tips set

Original text: Recent I have every day: a about Android classes and methods tips, many readers asked to sort out these tips archive links, so every few weeks I will summarize. If work is not too busy, I will make some notes on it. Android development tips set (1) Ac...
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AndroidStudio shortcut keys to use summary

Original text: Is introduced in this paper series in AndroidStudio commonly used in the shortcut keys, hope can help you in AndroidStudio use more handy, like a duck to water, follow one's inclinations, sleight of hand, the best of both worlds, the drawbacks of... Ctrl+G / Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G: query variables or functions or classes in...
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SQLite Android data operation

Android development can not be separated from the database operation, although there is now more and more ORM framework, we can write SQL statements as little as possible, but the basic SQLite data is also a good learning, the following learning to do a simple summary, not good, please comment, we are very grateful! 1 Overview SQLite is an open source database management system on the embedded system. It supports standard relational database query language SQL syntax, support transaction (Transaction) operation. And SQLite...
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Design principle of the 20 UI of Interface User Design Principles

1 Clarity is job #1 Is thefirst and most important job of any interface. To be effective using aninterface you've designed people, must be able to recognize what it is Clarity, w careabout...
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DiskLruCache Android complete resolution, the best hard disk cache

Http://, thank you for sharing. Summary Remember in the very early before, I have written an article the Android efficient loading of large graphs and multigraphs solutions, effectively avoid the program oom. This article is translated from Android Doc, which prevent the core multi OOM solution is the use of LruCache technology. But LruCache just managed to keep the memory in the picture...
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Android file operation

Android development of the file is involved in the operation of the SD card is mainly to read the file data, about the operation is as follows: Public class FileOperator { Private Context context; / / Context Public FileOperator (Context C) { This.context = C; } ...
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Android to obtain the application (package) of the size of the use of -----PackageManager (two)

Original text: Through the first part of the Android to obtain application (information -----PackageManager package) (a) the introduction of and packagemanager XXXInfo definition of node information class AndroidManife.xml have a certain understanding. The contents of this section is how to get the package size, including corrosion...
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The use of -----PackageManager in the Android (packet) for information on the application (a)

Original text: Reprint please indicate the source This section is how to get information about the Android system application, mainly including packagename, label, icon, occupied by the size and. Specifically divided into two Part, the plan is as follows:             The first part: packagename, icon, label, etc.; ...
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Hundreds of Android open source project to share

Source text: Hundreds of Android open source project to share, I hope to help the development of android. PDF Android reader Http:// Personal accounting tool OnMyMeans Http://sourcefor...
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Android local data operation

In Android development, the situation is almost impossible to operate the database is not possible! Generally we are after starting the application, in the local establishment data (database name) name is XX database and in need of additions and deletions to change search operation. But sometimes, we may not do so, we will first set up a good database on the project's local folder (such as res/raw, assert), and then to the database operation. This approach also has a certain advantage, is that we can use the database tools to create a good data table, and then directly in the code...
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Android development of common screen unit conversion

Class DisplayTool public { / / according to the actual situation of access to the context of the Context, can also add context as a parameter in the method Private static final float density (.GetDisplayMetrics) = context.getResources (.Density); Private static final float...
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Apk development of Android installation package commonly used tools

Development projects used in the acquisition of APK information of the tools, the use of the time to do a version of the general need to use some method, do some notes: Class AppUtil public { / * * * according to the application package name (package name) to start the application * parameters are context context and application package name: pkgName .    Public static...
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Study of greenDaoMaster

Turn from: Recently, has been studying a third party open source framework, greenDaoMaster is a mobile development of the ORM framework, as a result of the Internet has been less than the use of information, so I have to explore and summarize the use of. The first need to create a new JAVA project to automatically generate a file. Need to import greendao-generator-1.3.0.jar and freemar...
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Linux common commands

Recently began to contact Linux, as a novice, familiar with the command is the first important, in the Baidu library to find an article, and the way to share with the university! Http:// Url=MGRERtBN1TeI55esh9sF5g6svhvuBkwcwEJssbEwM-fei15KMwMEH8MUyExDAmLmWoaXzYrtnWAr46HwSmUhziw_pHYNclBrIQFvpqvsMZ...
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Android development tools, not afraid not afraid, can not find

A few days ago, the project just on the line soon, now a little leisure time, the use of common tools in the development of the development, as notes. To share with you, if you can help us, deeply honored. Final class SystemTool public {     / * * * specified format to return the current system time . Public static String getDataTime (String format) { ...
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