The use of APK analysis tool APKAnalyser

APKAnalyser is a Android static, virtual analysis tool used to test and verify the development of Android applications. ApkAnalyser is a complete tool chain, you can modify the binary application. Users can modify, install, run, verify the results of logcat. ApkAnalyser also supports resource analysis, can decode XML, find the resources to point to and detect potential problems. Above text with reference to
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Andorid to decode the HTML format data

Android is commonly used in the development of WebView components, used to load web data, you can directly into the URL, can also be introduced into the Html format characters, etc.. And we can use the method of WebView to deal with the content of the loaded content, such as JS interaction, get the load of web link address information, etc.. Today in the development encountered a small function, is to WebView to load a web data, web page has a lot of goods, a commodity can be entered into in app product details page, the main method is through the WebViewClient...
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Quick cleanup of unused resources in Andorid projects

In the project, as the project iteration of project package and more, at the same time in useless resource file or data more and more, not only led to a app package is large, up to 20m, but also affect the process performance and product experience. We usually do is automatic manual to find out or jar package of tools (such as androidunusedresources.jar) to find out the useless project resources, and then manually delete, one can imagine the workload, the living are more aware of the bitter. Today saw an article automatically delete the Android project...
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The use of padding and margin

The padding is refers to content controls relative and control itself within the margins, such as the button setting padding refers to the button text relative to the button itself in the margins. Margin is refers to the control itself with other controls or with the layout of the father of distance, such as setting the margin property of the button control, refers to the button for the entire control and other control distance. Today, when doing the project to meet a small BUG: in a ListView with Activity display list data, in the page...
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Android development: SqliteManager in the use of Eclipse plug-ins

Usually when the development of the Android to use the database operation, will encounter the following small problem: Where is the database file? How to access or operate? Can be: open the Explorer DDMS->File to see the SQLite database in eclipse, and then in the directory /data/data/package_name/databases to find. But we can only see the.Db file, do not see the inside of the form data, not to mention the operating data. Of course, we can use the.Db file...
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The simple use of EventBus in Android

EventBus is a convenient and Android in the various components of the open source framework for communication, open source address; EventBus function is very powerful , today, when doing a feature, you encounter the problem of click events and data transfer update. The specific point is that you can drop on the ListView refresh Header on the GridView. At this time, OnitemClick's GridView event with ListView...
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GridView click event conflict resolution

In the development of the time, it is often possible to encounter GridView or ListView control click events and Item click event conflict issues. Reason is the item layout button or imagebutton compulsory acquisition of the focus of the item and one of the ways to solve this problem is: as long as the item layout button focusable field is set to false, you can also add attribute android:descendantFocusability= blocksDesce in the root node of the item layout...
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Sliding conflict processing of HorizontalListView and ViewPager in Android

Android development, there are a lot of controls have to click or slide conflict events, such as the onItemClick of the item event and Button on the ListView (if there is Button), etc.. Today at work with viewpager page apply HorizontalListView, transverse paddling also have conflict, the solution is simple, as long as in the HorizontalListView rewriting onInterceptTouchEvent (MotionEvent ...
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Using notifyDataSetChanged (notifyDataSetInvalidated) and HorizontalListView ()

Today in the project to use the level of ListView control HorizontalListView, but also I am looking for an open source HorizontalListView directly in the project to use. I am the HorizontalListView on can switch tab, in the use of found a small problem: in tab page, update the corresponding adapter data, call the adapter notifyDataSetChanged () method found that fail to achieve the desired effect,...
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