Handler update main line UI commonly used method

Handler for us to engage in the development of the program is more familiar with the ape. It is a mechanism for Android to update the main thread of UI, it can send messages, receive messages and process information, to achieve UI updates and other operations. Android design has been really can not be directly updated in the sub thread of the main process UI, so we have to be in the development of strict accordance with the relevant mechanisms to deal with. / * * * * @description: through Handler update UI TextView text display *...
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WebView development in the use of Andorid page load control

WebView control in the Android is mainly loaded to display the page, you can view it as a browser. It uses the WebKit rendering engine to load the display page, which is one of the very large components used in our project. Of course, the use of the former is to add network access. We WebView loading page, usually is after the WebView control is initialized, the direct use of loadUrl () method to, incoming connection address can be we are loading. For example: webView.loadUrl ("http:/"...
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Android commonly used Json analytical framework GSON and the use of FastJson

GSON introduction: Gson is the Google for the Java object and JSON data transfer between the JAVA library, you can turn the JSON string and Java objects. The premise is that we define the JAVA entity class in the name of the field and the server to return the JSON data in the font is exactly the same. Otherwise, the problem will be resolved. GSON advantages: fast and efficient, object-oriented, only a small amount of code can be resolved, to achieve convenient and concise. Jar download the source code and address:
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Android development of commonly used ADB command summary

The full name of ADB Debug Bridge Android, is to play the role of the bridge debugging. Through the ADB we can easily in Eclipse to debug Android program by DDMS, it is debug. ADB working mode is more special, the use of listening Socket TCP 5554 and other ports to allow IDE and Qemu communication, by default daemon will be related to the network port, so when we run ADB Eclipse process will automatically run. As developer,...
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Android study notes: ListView to achieve more data on the pull load

Principle: to add a ListView to the bottom of the loading state of the FooterView, according to the ListView rolling state to determine whether the display of this FooterView. There are a lot of open source control to achieve this function, the general is to pull the refresh and pull up and write in the same Listview, directly attached to the code you ~ ~ / * * * pull load more ListView * @description: * @date 2015-11-5 10:26: in the morning...
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