Sogou Android study notes: to achieve the tree level ListView

We do open the time, one hundred percent will be used to display the list control ListView, but sometimes we show the data is divided into multiple levels, For example, our provinces and counties such as the list, this data is a kind of affiliation, if you want to show in a page, What should we do? Before I first think of the idea is to use Expandablelistview, but only to achieve the two show, All of a sudden see light suddenly, the original can be done. Thanks to the teacher's selfless dedication, the study of knowledge to make a note, the future will certainly be used to! Direct paste code, code...
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Sogou AndroidStudio in the use of open source framework android-gif-drawable

Under normal circumstances, we can only use Android in the.Png project,.Jpg and other formats of the static picture, such as the.Gif format of the dynamic picture is not loaded. With android-gif-drawable this open source framework, the use of GIF dynamic picture in the project is no longer a problem. Android-gif-drawable open source address is: [ (https://gith...
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Sogou AndroidStudio using the open source framework PhotoView

PhotoView is an open source image view library, you can achieve the picture browsing, gesture zoom and other operations, Support and flip images in ViewPager function. PhotoView easy to use, you can also set the zoom mode, Its open source address is: When we use the time, mainly used PhotoView this control, it inherited from the ImageView, real...
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Sogou Design Support Library Android commonly used controls introduced (on)

Android Design Support Library offers some very practical but also has the advantages of convenient operation and very cool to control us. Let's simply experience it! First introduced under the Snackbar, FloatingActionButton and TextInputLayout. First introduced under the FloatingActionButton (floating round button) and Snackbar (Interactive tips box). <? Version= XML "1" encodi...
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Sogou Android network image loading framework: Universal-ImageLoader introduction

Network image loading framework: Universal-ImageLoader GitHub open source address: characteristic Support local images, web images, multi thread asynchronous loading and caching Load images according to their own project personalized configuration ImageLoader Image loading process listening, you can pause the picture to load, reload, etc. Automatic processing of pictures according to the current memory situation, to prevent...
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Design Support Library Android commonly used controls (under)

In a previous article Design Support Library Android commonly used controls (on) in the introduction of several commonly used controls, such as SnackBar, FloatingActionButton, etc.. This article then introduces the other commonly used controls AppBarLayout, NavigationView, CoordinatorLayout and CollapsingToolbarLayout, and so on. The main controls are placed in the layout, there are simple notes, more...
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Design Support Android control of the DrawerLayout simple to use

DrawerLayout allows us to easily achieve the sliding menu effect in project. Now mainstream applications such as QQ and so on This effect is used. These two days is also in the study of Design Support Android related knowledge, online about this aspect of the article is very much, but in order to facilitate later use, or the learning of knowledge to do a simple record. This code is also on a blog Design Support Android controls on the basis of the introduction of the TabLayout to add the layout and code. main interface
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[设计接着上一篇Android支持库常用控件介绍(上)](HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/博客/ true100 /文章/细节/ 50593636)这篇来简单介绍下tablayout的使用。 通常我们在做带有标题的左右滑动效果时,都使用的是tabpageindicator + ViewPager来实现。今天我们使用tablayout + viewpa…
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在2015年的googleio大会上,详细的材料设计设计规范出炉了,全新的Android设计支持库 格。更让人开心的是,这些非常酷的风格可以通过Android设计支持库向低版本到API = = 8的 2.2版本,这不能不说是我们开发者的福音。 材料设计设计风格的几个要素是: 扁…
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前两个项目都用的greendao框架(开源地址:[ https:/ / GitHub。COM /迷/ greendao ](https://GitHub。COM /迷/ greendao))作为我们数据库操作框架,觉得确实好用。但之前一直用的是Eclipse项目,现在我们开发项目已经全部用androidstudio作为开发工具,如何在androidstudio中使用格林达…
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组合(整体与部分关系)模式:将不同但是相关的对象组合成树形结构以实现”部分-整体”的层次结构,使得用户对单个对象和组合对象的使用具有一致性。 *模式角色组成: * 1。组件对象:是组合中的对象接口,是所有类共有的接口。是用于统一定义整体中的部分。 2。叶对象:整体中的部分,没有下一级。 3。复合对象:用来存储子部件,在成分…
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备忘录模式:又叫做快照模式,指在不破坏封装性的前提下,获取到一个对象的内部状态,并在对象之外记录或保存这个状态。在有需要的时候可将该对象恢复到原先保存的状态我们相当于把对象原始状备份保留,所以叫备忘录模式。 *模式角色对象组成: 1。发起者对象:负责创建一个备忘录来记录当前对象的内部状态,并可使用备忘录恢复内部状态。 2。备忘录对象:负责存储发起者对象的内部状态,并防止其他对象访问备忘录的…
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建造者模式:将复杂对象的构造与它的实现相分离,让相同的构建过程可以创建不同的对象。 适用场合: 复杂对象的算法应该独立于该对象的组成部分或当构造过程允许被构造不同的对象时。 组成角色: 1创建者(Builder)接口:为创建一个对象的对应部件所指定抽象接口。 2具体创建者(具体建造者):实现Builder的接口以构造对象的各个部件。 3具体创建者管理对象(可怕的…
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*通常情况下:行为请求者与实现者通常呈现一种高度耦合状态有时要对行为进行变更处理处理,高度耦合方式就显得不合适。 *将行为请求者与行为实现者解耦,将一组行为抽象为对象,实现二者之间的松耦合这就是命令模式(命令模式)。 *命令模式通常由这几部分组成:命令接口,具体命令(实现命令接口),接受命令的对像,命令控制器等组成。 *模式的优势: 1。降低对象之间…
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访问者模式: The operation of each element in an object structure allows you to add a new operation to these elements without changing the data structures of the various elements. Structural object is a necessary condition for visitor mode, and the structure object must exist a method to traverse its own individual objects. Applicable to: the data structure is relatively stable, the data structure and the role of its other operations, so that the operation is relatively free. advantage 1, in accordance with the principle of a single responsibility 2, good scalability: the elements of the class can be accepted by different visitors to achieve the expansion of different operations. Disadvantages: 1, if...
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Android development in the Samsung mobile phone camera exception handling

Today in the development of the time, encountered a more serious BUG. Is to upload pictures in the program features in the call to take pictures of the phone, the other mobile phone is no problem. Only Samsung mobile phone (N9008s) camera when the program directly crashes. Samsung mobile phone and other mobile phone camera when the only difference is the Samsung mobile phone in the camera, mobile phone screen will switch. Dubug program found that Samsung mobile phones in the camera, the data returned in the onactivityresult method is null, thought may be caused by mobile phone screen anyway affect the life cycle of activity, think of an...
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