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Linux learning: Shang Xuetang: Mongodb open source community in China: Mu class network: College Students' self study network: http://v.dxsb...
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Java uses Comparator as object sorting

To sort the class to implement the Comparator interface, the compare method is rewritten: User class and the implementation of the internal class interface: Test package; Java.util.Comparator import; Class User public { String userName private; Int age private; String getUserName public () { Retu...
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Three methods of SVN Linux migration backup

Original: Comparative analysis of SVN backup mode Generally used in three ways: 1, dump svnadmin 2, hotcopy svnadmin 3) svnsync Note that SVN backup is not an ordinary file copy method (unless you have a backup copy of the Library), such as Rsync, copy commands. Used to use Rsync commands to do incremental and...
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Using eclipse and Maven to generate web Java program war package

One, eclipse, in the need to package the project name right click, and then the mouse cursor to the pop-up box in the "as run"": Two, will be seen on the right side of the pop-up box will appear in a suspended window, as follows: Third, in above the second floating window the mouse to click on the "Maven clean", Maven will removed before the project information packing; later execution in the eclipse console will see the following information: Four, and then repeat the one or two step, select the "maven"...
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MongoDB 3 Explain

Turn from: / / insert 1000000 records For (val=0; Val 1000000; val++) { ({distance:val}); } The number of records. Db.destination.count (); //1000000 / / search...
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Using eclipse to create the Java program executable jar package

One, eclipse, in the project to play into the jar package on the right click, appear as the following pop-up box, select export": Two, in the next interface, click "file jar", and then next: , in the upcoming interface, as shown in Figure tick to pack the project as well as other options, such as test project; then click the right arrow the browse, select the jar package to save directory, at the same time to own jar package names, such as here I choose store...
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Mongodb commonly used on the basis of the operation of mongoVUE

A, connect mongodb server: 1, double-click mongoVUE, enter the interface as shown below: 2,, click on the chart "+", as shown below, the input to be connected to the mongodb server IP, port, username, password, and you want to connect to the database etc.: After the completed 3, information click the test. If successful, it will pop up the following interface, and then click "save"; if not as the interface, on behalf of the transmission.
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Div positioning exercises in HTML

Div in HTML positioning exercises to achieve a simple list of plans: Records the location of div main attributes: float, position and so on, and corresponds to the relative and absolute and. At the same time to use the angular JS data binding, $http request and so on, memo records: Login.css code in: * Home page data list * / .planWrite{ #868383 background-color; Margin: 9...
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$http in angularjs, $location, $watch and two-way data binding learning to achieve simple login verification

The use of $http, $location, $watch and two-way data binding to achieve a simple user login authentication, record memo: 1, $http simulation from the background to get the data in JSON format; 2, $watch real-time monitoring data changes; 3, $location.path to achieve the page jump; 4, $scope to achieve data binding, including input content and text style, etc. App.js code App=angular.module var ('contactsA...
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Comparison of ng-route and ui-router code in angularjs

1, the use of ng-route: App.js writing: App=angular.module var ('birthdayApp', ['ngRoute']); App.config (function) {($routeProvider) { $routeProvider .when ('/' {. 'views/login.html'templateUrl, ...
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Java timer and multi thread practice record

The past few days because of the need to separate read and write test mongodb therefore written a timing query program, and use the multi thread, in order to achieve the time to start the database of multiple threads, below the code recording memo: Timmer package; Java.util.Timer import; Java.util.TimerTask import; MongoService.mongoServiceImp.AlarmServiceImpl import; ...
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Examples of the use of Timer and TimerTask timer and timer tasks in Java

Turn from: These two classes are very convenient to use, we can complete the timer the needs of the vast majority of The Timer class is used to perform the task, it takes a TimerTask parameter Timer there are two kinds of tasks to perform the model, the most commonly used is schedule, which can be performed in two ways: 1: at a certain time (Data), 2: in a fixed...
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Mongodb read and write separation

Turn from: Mongodb read and write separation using Sets Replica to achieve For set secondary, the replica node is not readable by default. In the application of reading less, using Sets Replica to achieve the separation of reading and writing. Specified by the connection, or in the main library specified by slaveOk, by Secondar...
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Java connection mongodb a wonderful problem and wonderful solution

Yesterday in the eclipse code, originally connected to the operation of the mongodb is normal, but there is a moment suddenly can not connect, but also has been wrong, the error is as follows: Information: created with settings {hosts=[], mode=SINGLE, requiredClusterType=UNKNOWN, serverSelectionTimeout='300, Cluster...
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Maven common errors

Turn from: Common errors: A project that already exists in the work space, appears in the Eclipse. Situation 1: Errors Scanning (1): 1 not Could read pom.xml Is the pom.xml can not resolve the configuration, the configuration can not be resolved to modify the configuration...
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The reason and solution of cannot be resolved to a type Httpservlet

Turn from: Just started to learn Servlet, in the Eclipse in a new Servlet, but the page is reported to the wrong: Httpservlet cannot be resolved to a type Eclipse, apparently can not find the corresponding package, namely javax.servlet. ...
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