Sogou Three years ago, the story began like this, three years later, the story of such a continuation of the ---2015 year-end summary

The journey of life, just as the seasons change, Xiao soft rain and wind, the flower bloom and fade, does not stop the ground in front of, edge of the deep reason is shallow the right one, continue to experience. Perhaps the meaning of life itself is, and constantly go through, and continue to grow. The road is very long, but also to give himself an account, once lost, once sad lost, all in the precipitation is so clear. That one through life story, like singing in the time of song, singing emotions, to sing the joys and sorrows, to sing the years of silence. Gradually understand, from scratch, from there...
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SSH online shopping mall - the production of commodity details page

In previous posts, Xiaobian respectively introduced the activation email and mail, Taobao shopping buddy have such experience, such as when the goods enter the dress in the search box, there will be a variety of different styles of dress, dress information including price, many people buy goods. The name, but the information is not enough details, we need to know more about the details of the dress, click on a product, jump page, view details of dress, before the small Taobao shopping, have never thought of this function is how to achieve, only know a kick in there shopping, small...
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SSH online mall - user activation

In front of the blog, small series mainly combined with the SSH online mall this project, a simple introduction of how to achieve the function of the mail sent, the message sent, the next is activated, and why? Now most of the sites are to pass on account of activation, and can successfully registered, which is measures to prevent malignant registered, as long as in the registered account to fill in the mailbox to find sites registered mail, and click on the activate link can complete the activation. In my last blog, activate e-mail has been sent is completed, the next thing to do is click on the mailbox inside the activation email, to complete the activation log in, then the function of the...
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SSH online shopping mall - mail

Registration of a lot of sites, you need to send mail, and then let the registered user can complete the registration, but then came back, why do you need to send mail when registration? Why not register when the direct activation of it? Be sure to receive an e-mail message to activate your account? What are the benefits of doing so? Or what is the purpose of doing so? Xiaobian thought of some, is not very complete, please friends exhibitions, first of all to ensure that registered users to use the correct mailbox; second, user password is lost when, through the mail retrieved and forget password when password reset is safe; the third, through...
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SSH online mall - the use of Ajax to complete the user name is an asynchronous check

Completion of the project to the junior partner in the Internet time, need to download or watch some video data, or is in Taobao shopping, we all need to register a user, when we fill in all the information, click OK, suggesting that username already exists, Xiaobian for what when we complete user name, she will automatically prompt the user name already exists, we don't need to waste so much feelings until complete so much information at the tips, in small series recently, I met this problem, we can use ajax user name is, today this blog, small plait simple summarize,...
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How to lead a team

Practice after coming back, Xiao Bian took over a new project, municipal Party Committee Organization Department assessment project, listening is very tall, because this project is to state organs and dealing with them, Xiaobian feelings can only be used two words to describe, ha ha, but there is no relationship, so difficult customers, Xiaobian can deal with ease, since there are what teacher special care, let Xiaobian in charge of this project, to tell you the truth, feel that they have not been for someone to take over a project, how a twinkling of an eye, small series to begin with others? In case of the people with the pit, and how to do? Then think about it, the more the better,...
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SSH online shopping mall --- demand analysis + table relationship analysis

SSH small make up for the first time in contact with the silly thought that this has any relationship with SHE? Where is the road star singer, later learned that small and SSH is the original wood louse, like this drop, Baidu Encyclopedia of her paper, SSH Spring + Struts +Hibernate. Struts on Model, View and Controller are provided with the corresponding components. Spring is a lightweight control inversion (IoC) and a face oriented (AOP) - oriented container framework, which is created by Johnson Rod. ...
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TortoiseSVN folder icon does not display

Accompanied by the footsteps of December, Xiaobian to lead the Party Organization Department Project in an orderly way, in a recent project encountered a problem TortoiseSVN folder icon is not displayed, why small series has been installed good TortoiseSVN, found the folder icon or system default icon, does she play hide and seek with Xiao Bian, how so naughty Nie? Seize every opportunity to learn, the difficulty is the God gave a small make up the gift, after some Baidu, small make up a simple summary of the TortoiseSVN folder icon does not show the problem, hope can help to...
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How to use Excel to draw Gantt chart

Gantt chart small partners are very familiar with, first Xiaobian simple to small partner you introduce is top of the Gantt chart, Gantt chart in thought and simple, namely in a graphic way through the list of activities and time scale the image expressed any particular item of the sequence of events and continuous time. Basic is a line graph, and the horizontal axis represents time and the vertical axis represents activities (projects), line in the whole period plan and actual activities of completion. It is intuitive to show when the task plan is to be carried out, and the comparison between the actual progress and the requirements of the plan. Managers can easily figure out a task (the project) and the rest of the work to do,...
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Demo Android drop-down refresh + load more + slide delete

Stroll in the small partners, Taobao, or is a variety of app, you can see such a function, pull down to refresh and loading more and swiping to delete, refresh, brushing after the new change, in analogy to break through the old and create new, such as in the mobile phone to browse news, using pull down to refresh function, we can, for the first time to grasp the latest news, loading more is what Nie, simple is in web shopping Taobao, we can click the next page to meet our demand, but in the end of the phone is not the same, there is no page, how do Nie, the method is better than more difficult, careful small partners may...
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Simple Tabhost+ simple entry Demo

Small partners on the phone Taobao shopping, you will find a button in the Taobao below, respectively is home, micro Amoy, community, shopping cart and my Taobao, Xiao Bian present took over the project, also need to use this function, Xiaobian play network strong force,...
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Eight sort, Gexianshentong

Sorting is a data processing is a kind of very important also very commonly used operations, under normal circumstances, sorting operations in the data processing process to spend a lot of time, in order to improve the operating efficiency of computer, we put forward and the continuous improvement of various sorting algorithms, these algorithms also from different angles show algorithm design of important principles and techniques. In a small series of the world, is the sort of a chaotic data for a variety of sorting and the data from the disordered into ordered data, sort of purpose is in order to facilitate the search, sort of internal and external sorting. As shown in the following figure:...
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Demo Android mobile phone access verification code

Register a lot of app or network account, often need a mobile phone to get the verification code, to complete the registration, when young, just think mobile access to the verification code, the thing is a lot of fun, and did not care too much, he is how to achieve, and behind her story in the end is what appearance, in Xiao Bian now took over the project, you need to register by phone number and phone number to send the corresponding verification code.
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Search Demo ----Android

In front of the blog, Xiaobian simple introduced, click the Find button, automatically loaded popular related data, today this simple Bowen Xiaobian introduce how to enter a keyword search corresponding contents of the story. ...
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Found Demo ----Android

Time is slipping away, the twinkling of an eye to the practice has three months, three months time, Xiaobian slowly growth, from the beginning of business projects to the car piece project now, Xiaobian projects one after another at the same time in the past, through the one after another victory over his miracles, every time they meet a new technology, small series began to fiddle with, fiddle with this thing, really need courage, encountered an unfamiliar knowledge, Xiaobian will always want to evade...
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