Using the merge sort algorithm to find the different data in the two string array

Now the project has a need to compare two string array, find out the different parts, and save to the local txt. Each person has their own way of thinking, here to provide a way to achieve through the merge sort for your reference. Array A and the array B contrast is basic train of thought, using the array a to store elements of array B than the array a (i.e. in a presence, B does not exist in the elements) and B to save than the array a B data elements (i.e., B in the presence, do not exist in a element). Start need to call the Sort () function to B, A array sort, and then use the Com...
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Multithreading UI control -- DataGridView feign death phenomenon

In multithreaded programming, this exception is thrown if you access the control from a thread in a thread that is not creating this control, or manipulate it. This is Microsoft in order to ensure thread safety and improve the efficiency of the code to improve the efficiency, but also to bring a lot of inconvenience to you. Today I met a similar problem, the DataGridView specify datasource to fill data, updating data, resulting in a DataGridView feign death, display the error or the scroll bar is not shown in the problem, ensure the DataGridView...
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Error encountered during command execution Fatal

Error message: error encountered during command execution. Fatal (a fatal error encountered during the execution of the command). This problem is likely to be two cases: 1 query results contain massive data. Long time retrieval without response. This situation, the need to optimize the SQL, as far as possible to reduce the amount of data output. 2 table structure damage. Can be detected or repaired by TABLE REPAIR TABLE CHECK statement. Preliminary judgment is the first case, there are two solutions: optimization...
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Performance optimization of MySQL database inset

We in use while MySQL will inevitably encounter large quantities of data in the inset, usually the simplest method is to write a insert, followed by cyclic assign a value to a variable, bulk insert database: //save rddform For (I int = 0; I < i++; rddformlist.Count) { ...
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Industrial 4 times, how to prepare for the future of the children's education?

Since the last article has seen an article on education, when today's new moon different life, to bring us a high quality of life at the same time also led to our profound thinking. Today. Even if you live in seclusion in the remote valley, via video, also can face to face with the overseas friend dialogue; you to finance, not to go to the financial center; you are going to have a meeting, also should not to the venue; today and one of the non professional teachers "Mathematics class, but from over 200 countries around the world hundreds of millions of students to listen to, he gave the world told 5 billion class, also includes more than 30 million teachers to attend; today, an otaku can...
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The examination oriented education lies in the bane, blocked the children "mistakes" in space?

The first statement that is not what I said, just got to see an article in the circle of friends ". Why this article will say so? "In this world, do not want to fail and go straight towards success is impossible." It is the bane of the examination oriented education it has no children left room for mistakes. However, trial and error is a prerequisite for human to learn and progress." -- Harvard University Labs innovation and education reform leading group responsible person, "the innovator's culture", the writer Tony - Wagner the prologue to the, personally think that is very reasonable, imagine that is not falls in the middle school.
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What you don't know is "XX" or "service" "

Cloud computing raises a series of XX as a service of the new model, from the early software as a service (SaaS) to the now popular platform as a service (naas), "XX as a service" the term also let many IT professionals feel confused, the information reference, take you a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of XX as a service. Analysis (Analytics-as-a-Service, AaaS) Before the in cloud computing, a data warehouse and business intelligence projects usually means a spent months access to hardware and software, to achieve self custom design of the data warehouse,...
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Error: was detected by ContextSwitchDeadlock

Detection of ContextSwitchDeadlock CLR Message: can not be converted from the COM context 0x622b440 to the COM context 0x622b5b0, this state has lasted for 60 seconds. The thread that owns the target context / unit is likely to perform a very long operation without pumping the wait or processing a run time without the Windows message. This condition usually affects performance, and may even cause the application to not respond or use the memory to accumulate over time...
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Java - using the filter unified set of characters

brief introduction Filter technology is servlet 2.3 new features. Sun is released in October 2000 by the servlet2.3 company, its developers include many individuals and corporate groups, fully reflects the principles of sun companies advocate open code. Under the joint efforts of many participants, servlet2.3 than in the past, a lot of powerful functions, but also a substantial increase in performance. -- from Baidu Encyclopedia function Is the most important function of filter. It allows users to change a request...
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Ajax+Tomcat - Java complete asynchronous request

Ajax web asynchronous interactive technology is not strange to believe that we are not unfamiliar, here I do not do too much introduction, the details of the click (Baidu Encyclopedia). Many frameworks also encapsulate the Ajax technology, the use of more simple, such as jQuery and so on, here in order to understand the principle, we use the native Ajax. We to registered users to determine user ID exists, for example, to achieve a simple asynchronous request, when our mouse left input box automatically judge the user ID to determine whether there is, at the same time we can continue to fill in the other registration information. The interface is as follows: HTML code...
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Retrospective review of design patterns - the three sisters of the factory

Design pattern can be described as well, however, the three sisters of the factory is the most common design patterns, also interview most often asked, but in yesterday, Lenovo the interview the interviewer asked me the difference between factory method and abstract factory, I felt very understand the relationship between the two, but is to use language not, said the day the interviewer could only understand about. Or the usual summary of less, today we re look at these three design patterns. Factory is what? Combined with the characteristics of the three, I think it can be understood: the factory can be seen as a special class, in this class is responsible for the production of a series of production...
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JDBC connect to Oracle database

In front of a blog, I remember that there is a brief introduction to the JDBC and ODBC of the difference, in the development of Java often used JDBC connection database, the following example describes how to achieve: Connect Class DbUtil public { Static Connection getConnection public () { Conn=null Connection; {try ...
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Java - DOM4J+ single example mode to achieve the XML file read

We are not unfamiliar to XML, it is a kind of extensible markup language, often used as a configuration file in the project. XML has a high degree of scalability, as long as it follows a certain rule, the scalability of XML is almost infinite, and this expansion is not based on the structure of the chaos or the impact of the basic configuration. Project in rational use configuration files can greatly improve the system scalability, without changing the core code, only need to change the profile it may realize the function change, which is consistent with the programming principle of opening and closing. But we put data or information to write the configuration file, other classes or modules...
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The basic properties of SOA series

Some basic characteristics of in front of a blog have introduced the basic concepts of SOA, at this point we should have a basic understanding of this SOA programming idea. Today we are going to introduce SOA to help us more profound understanding of SOA. For each mature architecture will have his own characteristics as well as the thought, here we simply from five aspects to introduce SOA characteristics. Service autonomy Service the principle of the autonomy of the requirements of a single service in the underlying logic control to the extent possible, to be independent and self - contained, service is not dependent on access to its client or other services. Can service...
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The basic concepts of SOA series

SOA is service-oriented architecture, service oriented (SO:Service orientation represents a design concept, and object oriented (OO:Object orientation, oriented components (CO:Component orientation as, of concern are the ideas of decomposition and service oriented technology and independent. The architecture of service oriented is a component model, which the application of different function units (services) in the interfaces and contracts that are defined between these services through. ...
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