The art of leadership and being led from the ancient books

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In today's social employment pressure is relatively large, fierce competition, in the company's internal staff and the boss has been in a state of opposition, the existence of class contradictions will be more or less the loss to the company. How to be a good boss in the company boss, employees how to be a good employee is today we explore the topic.

In fact, I think between boss and employees should not is a struggle, and, on the contrary it is a partnership, is like three of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, Tang's monk in the journey to the West and all the disciples. We can imagine if there is no Liu Bei, Zhu Geliang can claim to dominance? If there is no monk Tang, Sun Wukong could face stunt a somersault to the west to retrieve the Scriptures? On the contrary if there is no Zhu Geliang Liu Bei and assistant to establish it? Not all the disciples to protect the Tang and smooth westbound? You must know the answer, then we will see why the mentoring relationship or indispensable.

First of all, we see the Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang the liege relationship. We have not seen Liu Bei to Zhuge Liang put the tetrarch shelf, instead of Bi in Bigong worship as Mr., Zhuge Liang is not raw silk without Yixin; never saw Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei flattery bow has won the Liu Bei enough trust with respect to. Visible their cooperation will be able to success, because they are such a relationship has been completely beyond the common relationship between the monarch and his subjects, more than friends family.

  Why didn't Zhu Geliang help Liu Bei difficult to become a big industry? Mention Liu Bei "annals of the Three Kingdoms" recorded: not very happy reading, like the foal of a horse, music, beautiful clothes, he is naturally a dissolute is visible. Liu Bei and the slightly simple and honest, life itself in righteousness, and do things. Take Tao Qian Cao Cao was the siege of Liu Bei to rescue it, after Cao Cao retreat Tao Qianji moved, think of his advanced age, for integrity is not enough to let Liu Bei sit collar Xuzhou, Liu Bei think chenrenzhiwei lost righteousness repeatedly shirk. Later, Liu Bei with Liu Biao, Liu Biao dying to take Jingzhou Liu Bei entrusted, as Liu Bei and by virtue of the speech refused. At this time, Liu Bei have Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang had urged Liu Bei Liu Biao. If Liu Bei was accepted, which is later and make public Soochow Jingzhou chaos, visible or visionary Ming Zhu Geliang. There is no Zhuge Liang to help before Liu Bei, although related, Zhang Xiangzhu, but can be described as is defeated, imagine if there is no Zhuge Liang, the simple and honest mediocre Liu Beizhen very difficult into their business.

Why is Zhu Geliang superior ability, but willing to make the world for Liu Bei, Liu Bei better than Zhu Geliang in where? To speak of Liu Bei Kong Ming than military expertise, give advice and suggestions. Look to speak of knowledge, the use of people, Liu Bei is far more than Zhu Geliang. See under the hand of Liu Bei's talents such as Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Ma Chao, are kitted skills are reconciled in Liu Bei anqianmahou, will be able to prove that Liu Bei favorably. Such as in with Ma Su this thing, Liu Bei died of entrust Zhuge Liang: "Ma Su exaggerated, with a large, Jun the examination!" That's not particularly bright, as to join the army, every day was introduced on that night. Later, Ma Su Shou Jie Ting, the fall of Ma Su, Zhu Geliang come to naught. Liu Bei's art of person of drive is much higher than that of Zhu Geliang, which is as a leader must have.

From the Three Kingdoms the liege relationship we can seen as monarch, it is necessary to establish the core status of their own, but also approachable won the hearts of the people; as a servant to on subjective loyal and not blindly flattering. Mutual trust and mutual cooperation between, can achieve a big industry.

And then we'll see in journey to the west of the mentoring relationship, compared with Zhuge Liang Liu Bei's mutual respect, Tang's monk of the monkey king is a bit harsh. When Sun Wukong started to read not listen to the teachings of Tang inhibition, Goku ached to listen to the words of the master. Count the three disciples of the white horse, four kinds of personality, Tang's monk hand can can will the four fold in the heart, learn big industry, respectively achieved fame spread in later ages.

Why not all the disciples, the monk to take the Scriptures? Read the journey to the west of the road to learn to know, after nine nine to eighty-one, a difficult road. Tang Sengsheng comely, unarmed in the face of all kinds of evil spirits can only let his mercy, even some female hobgoblins and unnatural. If there is no magic apprentice, the monk is absolutely not to be made canon.

Sun Wukong was, why don't get real, why should take when a monk? There was a focus on Sun Wukong proposed Tang Seng carrying a somersault to the west, Tang Seng, why not? Because want to get scriptures, we must Buweijianxian, experienced all kinds of hardships. If all the way through to get scriptures have no meaning, today left to the world is dedication they that take the bull by the horns. Sun Wukong naturally harsh unruly, pig eight quit a bit greedy, sand monk is upright and honest did not what position, did not speak component, white horse although mounts the dragon is, if do not have gathered at the Tang's monk, which few people are very difficult to concerted, not to mention obtained thedaoist Scripture handed down to posterity.

From the point of view of journey to the West in the mentoring relationship, as a teacher should not only to compassion accommodate differences, but also to local conditions, vary from person to person and colleagues to colleagues take different methods and means; as a disciple is not stunt can do not need to master, the technology is not the higher the better, better work together for common goals and to persevere.

Since ancient times, there has been a contradiction. From the above is not difficult to see, no matter what kind of class relations, it is necessary to do is that the two sides should cooperate with each other in order to win. As a leader can not be with high technology, but must be virtuous; as being a leader is not a technical high can ignore the leadership, to repeat the respect leadership position, also cannot be too snobbish.

Leadership and leadership is an art, as long as the art of interpretation to the most perfect, in order to achieve the value of each other. Only employees and employers to eliminate class contradictions, mutual cooperation, mutual understanding can create greater benefits for the company, but also for their own to create greater benefits.


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