Sogou 1000 like the "happy yard farming"

Programming language Java programmers is worth a look at the books recommended for nearly 5 years 133 Java interview questions list Java and contracting in the read and write lock and its implementation and analysis of the ( 35 java code performance optimization summary Java executor framework study and summary of the ( of sublime Text3 common shortcut key animation and good plug-in share the Apache commons set is used at the bottom of the introduction to PHP operation mechanism and principle of analysis (nowa...
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The browser is going to be bad!

The causes of things is this mysterious 12 lines of code (picture from 0xroot) if you use these 12 lines of JavaScript code, you can make Firefox, chrome, Safari browser crashes, but also make the iPhone to restart, the Android phone flash back! Net friends at first does not believe, then continue in twitter digging and found another brother IT security tweets had similar tweets: is still the code (picture from 0xroot) the full HTML code are as follows: V...
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[recommend] more than 200 kinds of Android animation effect of the powerful framework, too full of

Summary: Android nearly 200 kinds of animation set framework source code, too full, you need, wood you will not find it, pretty tough, very good product development prototype reference and learning materials main function list: 1) splash animation (Center open type effect)) flip folding effect set (13) 3) NineOld set (18 +) 4) the series (six classic animation), the train ticket ticket animation Taobao Youku navigation menu photo menu 3D browse drop-down selection box Minesweeper effect;) simple animation (24 species.
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Sublime Text 40+ best plugin summary

hello everyone I want to collect the best Text Sublime plugin, because it can improve our working process. I searched a lot of websites, and here's what I found. WebInspector debug JavaScript special tools, mature Sublime code testing tools. Product features: the use of absolute path, console, debugging steps and breakpoints, stack trace, for storage in the user settings in the project breakpoint. Instant onset! Also comes from the Fireplay Mozilla, which is allowed to connect to Develo Firefox...
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7 stunning HTML5 particle animation effects

A great advantage of HTML5 is that it can be more convenient and efficient production of Web particle animation effects, in particular, Canvas characteristics, can be achieved on the page to draw any graphics and animation. This article to share 7 stunning HTML5 particle animation effects, these particle effects are available to download the source code for everyone to learn. 1, HTML5 canvas particle to simulate the effect of this is a simulated using HTML5 canvas 30, 000 particle animation, when you use the mouse to move on the canvas, mouse around some particles will follow your mobile and form.
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25 secrets of browser development tools

Development over the past few years, the browser development tool has been the most effective tool for Web developers. It can be in harmony with the Web browser, allowing us to operate in the current window of real-time DOM elements, CSS style and JavaScript, as well as get some other useful information. Previous developers use a Firefox called Firebug extensions, to develop and debug their web site. But recently, each browser has developed a set of their own tools, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now it's hard to imagine how to construct without these handy tools...
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Programmers how to improve influence

Programmers how to improve the influence of 2 do not know you found that you do not have the code on the Github code is not worse than others, but no matter how hard you do not get the same attention. When people start to use the micro channel public number, you also began to use, but how hard you can not be less than one percent of the amount of reading. Yet you don't know why, even though you feel very uncomfortable! I remember when mruby just wrote a, I got a thousand star. Because Matsumoto Yukihiro is very influential, but also because it is also very influential. ...
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Four good technical groups in China Blog

1 Ali Technology Salon Ali technology Carnival to share the content of each meeting, the salon previously called Taobao technology carnival, from 2011 to start, more than four years, is not easy. Android end share include: wallet client architecture, mobile phone Taobao client architecture practice and Android operating system monitoring data Alipay wallet flow power optimization practice, millet system performance optimization, UC browser client and application, Netease share sandbox mechanism...
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GitHub tutorial detailed graphics

I. Introduction in the previous article we explain the GIT server structures, local git repository to explain, explain the GIT remote warehouse, GIT branch management, GIT tag management, GIT server build we said a is find servers to build their own git server, the construction method is simple in front of the article has introduced and unclear bloggers can check and a do not need to build their own git server, you can get a git remote repository. This is what we want to explain the content of this blog, then we first come to know the GitHub bar. Gi...
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SQL statement optimization for database performance optimization

One, of the problem put forward at the early stage of the development of application system, due to the development of the database data is relatively small, for SQL query, complex view of writing experience not the performance of the pros and cons of the SQL statement variety of writing, but if the application system will be submitted to the actual application, with the increase of the data in the database, the response speed of the system becomes one of the most important problems need to solve in the current system. A very important aspect of system optimization is the optimization of the SQL statement. For massive data, the difference between the quality of the SQL statement and the quality of SQL statements can be achieved on a hundred times, visible for a system is not simply able to...
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Text Sublime use

Install TextSublime Sublime installation is relatively simple, we can go directly to the official website, click the Download menu, after entering the choice of their own operating system to download and install. After the installation is completed we can open, test results are as follows: can be found, sublime text has its simple pollution-free interface. The sublime text of the sublime editor some settings scalability is very strong, it through the configuration file of the form...
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JavaScript summary

At present, their learning and understanding of JavaScript understood, so reference dear God Bowen will blog is the summary of the JavaScript to write out, please kindly! The reference blog: blog park to the limited life blog JS senior summary first, find the HTML element usually, through JavaScript, you need to manipulate HTML elements. 1, through the ID to find HTML elements 2 through the label name to find HTML elements through the class 3, find the HTML element that:...
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DataTables JQuery learning

1, Datatables DataTables is a jQuery form plugin. This is a highly flexible tool, based on the progressive enhancement of the foundation, which will increase the advanced interactive control, support any HTML form. Main features: automatic paging processing instant tabular data filtering of data sorting and data types automatically detect automatic processing column width can be through the custom CSS support hidden columns to use expansion and flexibility of the internationalization of the create table free 2, how to use: doing when the background is not...
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Log4j learning

Search the Internet for this blog and share it with everyone! Learning ing... The log is an indispensable part of the application software, Apache's open source project log4j is a powerful log component, providing a convenient log record. In the Apache website: can free download to the latest version of Log4j software package. First, an example of 1 new JAva project, import the package log4j-1.2.17.jar, the entire project is as follows: 2, SRC at the same level...
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JQuery learning summary

This article only for the jQuery part of the knowledge to do a summary, more comprehensive can go to the official website to see Chinese documents. Can be more detailed understanding of jQuery and its characteristics. Window.onload$(document). Ready () execution time must wait for the page in all content has finished loading (including pictures) in order to perform the page all the DOM structure mapping has been completed, possible association of DOM elements and not finished loading to write a number cannot be at the same time write multiple. The following code not execute correctly: window.onload =fun...
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Worth Web developers to learn the 20 examples of jQuery tutorial

1 to How create a parallax scrolling using jQuery learning to use jQuery to achieve a fine parallax scrolling (Scrolling Parallax) slide effect. Online demo source code download 2. How to make a curving text in a using jQuery and CSS3 teach you using jQuery and CSS3 creative bent text effects to achieve. on-line
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Go language loop statement

Go language loop statement in many practical problems, there are many regular repeat operation, so in the program will need to repeat some of the statements. The following is most programming language cycling program flow chart: G0 of the language provides the following types of circular statements: circulation type description for loop repeatedly executes the statement block nested loops in the for loop nesting a or a for loop control loop control statements can control the execution of statements in a loop body. GO language supports the following loop control statements: the control statement describes the break statement is often used in the...
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Go language condition statement

Go language conditional statement conditional statements require that the developer by specifying one or more of the conditions, and the test conditions is true to decide whether to perform a specific statement, and the condition is false in another statement is executed. The following figure shows the structure of the conditional statement in the program language: Go language provides the following conditions to determine the following: if statement by the Boolean expression followed by one or more statements. The syntax of the if programming language in the syntax of the Go statement is as follows: if Boolean expression { In the implementation of Boolean expression for true * *...
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Interesting programmers around

Hurry to vote! It bloggers have been waiting for you for a time! Recent days CSDN is elected CSDN blog star and hope that readers can give me offer valuable vote I will make persistent efforts, for everyone to write more articles! Now take it easy! Look at those interesting programmers appeared! To understand the needs of customers!! Do high-end some = and wide, rough uppercase I feel less conspicuous highlighted in =, bold piece of shit to look up more friendly = the bold style handwritten body = like apple to the font into the iPad really...
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Python 100 cases

Python 100例以下实例在python2.7下测试通过:Python练习实例1python练习实例2python练习实例3python练习实例4python练习实例5python练习实例6python练习实例7python练习实例8python练习实例9python练习实例10python练习实例11python练习实例12python练习实例13python练习…
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