Oracle solution to the service cannot be started after changing the name of the machine

Oracle to change the name of the machine will cause the service can not normally start, you can solve the following operation:\product\10.2.0\db_3\network\ADMIN directory, listener.ora files in the LISTENER to your new machine name, if there is a domain name and domain name; ORCL in tnsnames.ora to your new machine name, if there is a domain name and domain name;\product\10.2.0\db_3\...
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Exception: byte 2 of the UTF-8 sequence of 2 bytes is not valid.

Details: December 08, 2015 7:16:55 PM invoke org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve Severity: for () servlet [jsp] Servlet.service in context with path [/test] threw exception [org.apache.jasper.JasperExceptio...
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JS delayed loading

In order to improve the page response speed, we need to make some of the page does not need to start loading the load delay, the following code into the last line of the body: DownloadJSAtOnload function () { Element var = document.createElement ("script"); Element.src = "index.js"; Document.body.appendChild (element)...
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Ajax request in the session when the Extjs failure automatically jump

When session fails, we can use filter to intercept and redirect to the landing page, but the request if it is a Ajax request, the page will not be redirected, this is because the Ajax is returned to the data, can not return the page. Ajax asynchronous request different from other requests, the in the request header contains a X-Requested-With:XMLHttpRequest, following two figures the difference. We can judge whether a request is asynchronous in filter, and if it is, we can return a sessionsta...
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JS in the operation of cookie

Forget where you use this in JS cookie operation is very convenient to set the cookie / / / SetCookie function (NameOfCookie, value, expiredays) { ExpireDate var = Date new (); ExpireDate.setTime (ExpireDate.getTime () + (expiredays * 24 * 3600 * 1000)...
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Extjs Gird [name] create dynamic dynamic

Sometimes we need to do a grid, but grid column name is indeed change the, we need to from the database first find out the column name, that is to say we want to me to realize dynamic grid method is achieve a dynamic code gird. following, simple but powerful, the data is read JSON file, the actual use can be put in the background of the data in the map turn it into JSON format string can be JSON format to a format consistent with the given me. The first is the JSON data. "Data": [ { "Number":"...
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How to write the excel directly in the output stream when doing the excel export

Before doing excel export, I was first to write the file on the server, and then download it, and later found that the original can be written directly in the output stream inside. Below is a small com.huaqin.fcstrp.util demo:package; import; import; import;...
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Extjs select the check box in the specified row in the gird

In Extjs, you can add the check box Ext.define ('ConnGrid', selType, { Title:'association, 'Ext.grid.Panel'extend, 'checkbox-selection'xtype, ConnStore store, 'checkboxmodel selType...
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POI operation excel common operation

Before writing a similar article this time to write something about the code to add some of the code excel package; import; import; import; import; import;...
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Oracle+mybatis uses dynamic Sql in the case of the field to be insert to achieve batch insert

Recently, the project has encountered a very fuck problem, due to the relationship between the business, DB data table can not be determined, in the course of the use of the field may be increased, so that when insert caused me a lot of trouble. Look at the end I was how to achieve: <! [CDATA[ INTO tg_fcst_lines INSERT (${lineColumn}) Result.* sq_fcst_lines.nextva, select...
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