CSS page control mode and priority - line style, embedded, link type, import type

Use CSS on the page for a full range of control, the way to control the page: inline style, embedded, link type, import. Inline style: Direct labeling of HTML using the style attribute, then CSS code written directly into the; Fan Xiaoquan Embedded type: CSS written in and between, and mark and statement; <! -- P{ Color:#0000FF; Text-decoration:underline;...
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Transfer of data in Sql table and Excel

When testing the system, sometimes you need to add a lot of test data in the database, a piece of the database to add, the efficiency is relatively low. So we can first edit the test data in the Excel table, and then import it from the Excel table to the database. While the need to modify the database in a large number of data, we can also be exported to the Excel table to be modified and then re imported into the database; Excel table operation is far more convenient than the operating database. A.Excel table to the database table Contents in Excel table Process steps: . 1...
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StringBuilder Usage Summary

StringBuilder: a variable character sequence. This class provides a StringBuffer compatible with API, but does not guarantee synchronization. This class is designed to be used as a StringBuffer a simple replacement, used in the string buffer to be used by a single thread. StringBuilder than StringBuffer in the realization of faster, mainly operating in StringBuilder is append And insert method. Converts a given data into a...
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SVN conflict resolution and matters needing attention

In our vs for cooperative development project, SVN submit control is crucial, we inevitably have encountered SVN conflict, development, should seriously study the SVN knowledge, reduce conflicts and time focus on the development. There are three ways to solve the conflict: A, to give up their updates using SVN revert (rollback), then submit. In this way do not need to use resolved SVN (solution) B, to give up their updates, don't use...
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"XXX" does not extend the class "System.Web.UI.Page", so this is not allowed.

This error occurred when a new class was added to the project, and then changed the name of the class. XXX does not extend the class "System.Web.UI.Page", so this is not allowed.      Reason The path and background class path page inherited the inconsistent result error. Background and class name      The name and class name inheritance in the foreground; When when we modify the name of the class and background class name will not automatically change, we need to manually adjust...
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[JavaScript] Function type is the object

In Function, the ECMAScript (function) type is an object. Each function is an instance of the Function type, and it has properties and methods that are the same as the other reference types. Because the function is an object, the function name is actually a pointer to a function object; Function has three kinds of declarative way: 1 common statement 2 variable initialization function 3 uses the Function constructor; because function is so can be constructed using the New object...
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IP address classification and sub network partitioning

IP address refers to the internet protocol address (Protocol Address Internet, also translated as the internet protocol address), is IP Address abbreviations. IP address is the IP protocol provides a unified address format, it is for each network on the Internet and each host to assign a logical address, in order to shield the physical address of the differences. IP address classification classification Distinguishing mark Network number Host number and number...
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Java environment variable configuration

First follow the video installed JDK, configuration environment variables, reinstall the system, to knock the Java code, forgot how to configure the, waste a lot of time, or recorded. This will save their time, but also to share out to help you. 1. Install JDK; First install the JDK, path selection in order to facilitate configuration we direct the path in the C drive under the main directory, after the next step. We use command to check whether JDK is successfully installed, there will be a lot of instructions; ...
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Software quality model ISO/IEC-- associative memory method

And a half months before read a book "photographic memory skills, and learn to make good use of my right brain, Lenovo and pictures through a variety of ways to mobilize their own thinking. Has been constantly trying, if we can have a good association, the effect will be very good, Lenovo is a training process, not forget for a moment, there will be echoes. This made a successful attempt; Soft see book ISO/IEC9123 software quality characteristics, the book and turn it so many times, but every time I have to skip the here, the reason is that too much, I can't remember. What is the feeling when you see the picture below...
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Encryption technology

Encryption technology is the most commonly used security means, in the security and confidentiality, through the appropriate key encryption technology and management mechanism to ensure the communication security of network information. The encryption / decryption algorithm and key management are the key of the data encryption technology. Basic process On the original plaintext files or data according to some encryption algorithm for processing, making it unreadable code, often referred to as "ciphertext". "Cipher" only after the input of the corresponding key to display the original content, through such a way to make the data is not stolen. Data encryption and decryption is a pair of inverse process. ...
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ER model transfer model

The main components in the ER diagram are the entity type and the relation type. The conversion algorithm converts the entity type and the relation type to the relational schema. Into the relationship model, mainly to determine the 3 part of the content, the name of the relationship model, property, code. The conversion is divided into two steps: the 1 entities of the conversion. 2 relational schema transformation; 1 entity conversion ER map the entities in one by one into a relationship model Relation model entity The name of Entity name...
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Sort - take a look at a glance will not forget

Sort order is to facilitate the retrieval, related to a set of content, for this group of objects in accordance with the provisions of the re arrangement. Sorting rules and a variety of ways, each sort is consistent with the basic idea of their. The applicability and advantages and disadvantages of different ranking methods are measured by time complexity and space complexity. Each sort method itself determines the stability of the sorting method. So we can understand the contents of the order from four aspects. classification Ranking according to the records to be sort of whether all in memory is divided into internal and external sorting sorting. Internal sort table...
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Combination and inheritance

Combination and inheritance, are in the new class of direct reuse of old methods to achieve system function reuse. But each has its different characteristics. Inheritance will destroy the package. Combination can provide better packaging. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and, in general, the use of combination, less inheritance. Inherited: Subclass extending the parent class and inheritance of fields and methods of the parent class, if access is allowed, the subclass can direct access to the superclass fields and methods, very convenient, but also destroy the parent class encapsulation. Each class should encapsulate the internal information and implementation, only the necessary methods for the use of the storm drain. However, the inheritance of the subclass can directly access the internal letter of the parent class...
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Software life cycle

Like anything, software product or software system also experienced gestation, birth, growth, maturity, decline at various stages. The software's life cycle includes 7 stages. Each stage will have a different people to participate in, for the specific work of research, research results in the form of documents and procedures to show. The following chart and table describes the main events and personnel at all stages. Software life cycle       Personnel and tasks at all stages stage task Participant Generated document ...
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The year-end report - Phoenix, a magnificent turn

Year summary, can let me calm thinking this year experience, look at the previous record, summary, blog, news and so on. Be able to make a better plan for the future based on the summary of the previous two years. Improving management ability and learning efficiency is the content that I need to focus on in the future life. Look back, thanks for the opportunity to improve my class, give me the exercise, give me the growth. Thanks for your choice. Examination system: Four contact examination system, First, 2014-1015 half semester to the examination system into the questions, that is...
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Examination system maintenance summary

This summary is that I am responsible for the school to use the examination system to complete the English test after writing the feelings, I feel that it is necessary to share with you. I hope in the future activities and projects in their own progress, to better coordinate a team, but also hope that more people to share some experience, to allow more people to take some detours. The person in charge of 2014-2015 in the second half of the semester as an English examination system, or lack of harvest has been divided in two aspects. Management is inadequate, technology or a lot of understanding of the system on the harvest. But not more than the harvest, on the one hand is a team, on the one hand...
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Java entry - the core mechanism

Learning Java based video J2SE, with the Java development project, the basic knowledge of Java must have a clear understanding of. First of all, we should understand the mechanism of Java, Java has two core mechanisms. 1.Java virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine): JVM; 2 garbage collection mechanism (Garbage Collection) referred to as: GC; One. The core mechanism of the Java virtual machine: JVM 1.Java virtual machine...
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Forward Java:HelloWorld

The two month test started learning in everyone's passion. First step in learning is the school refbacks teacher J2SE, objective understanding of the Java grammar, had learned the knowledge, understanding of object-oriented, behind the headfirst open head, everything is in order to learn, the examination is a small test in the process of learning; Simple understanding: Install JDK, JDK is software development kit for Java language, mainly used in mobile devices and embedded devices on the Java application. After the installation is completed in the bin folder are executable applications...
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Validation control

Learning ASP. Net of Beida Jade Bird, which involves the validation controls, the validation controls in sirloin news release system when learning to. At that time, just use the RequiredFiledValidator and ValidationSummary two controls, here's a more comprehensive study of some, all of the validation control to do a simple introduction;     RequiredFiledValidator: Becomes a required field. Is used to verify the text input box is...
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Sirloin - press release system verification code clear? Detailed notes - seconds to understand!

Sirloin news release system add news and login interface used in the verification code and life are often encountered in all kinds of verification code, numbers and letters, 12306 in the form of pictures, Baidu Post Bar text form and so on. At that time, it is time to feel very magical, and now just learned, I feel very interesting, contact with BS, more and more pages of the mystery of the content, will slowly be understood, this desire to feel special. To see their favorite that should be careful analysis, understand the verification code generation, here is the number and type of letters, from the simple start. What is a verification code, what it is doing...
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