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Android custom control - Indicator

Indicator is really an old stem... There are rewriting HorizontalScrollView, there are rewriting LinearLayout. This is rewriting the LinearLayout Oh, to LinearLayout add textview used as tab, in the bottom of the LinearLayout draw a rectangle as indicator. Viewpager rolling with simple elementary mixed math to choose the position of the rectangle, and then roll it.
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Android custom control - hand to teach you to achieve SlidingMenu (two)

Recalling the preceding: Part1 created the basic components of the project, and the success of the gave us a SlidingMenuAbove custom relativelayout activity contentView set Series two       This film describes how to achieve the basic sliding action Fingers in the SlidingMenuAbove on the left and right slide when the SlidingMenuAbove in a certain circumstances follow the finger to slide the release of the finger after the completion of the rest of the Sliding...
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Android custom control - hand to teach you to achieve SlidingMenu (a)

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Data structure chain stack

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Code optimization: Abstract ViewHolder and BaseAdapter

This article describes the steps to simplify our rewriting of BaseAdapter by using abstract ViewHolder and BaseAdapter. Premise Description: we use ListView when the natural to use ViewHolder to optimize the ListView, the step is often, 1 to inherit the BaseAdapter, 2 to create a ViewHolder class, 3 in the getView to do processing When we app there are a lot of ListView or GridView, write a lot of BaseAdap...
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Design patterns: the builder pattern (Builder)

To understand the builder pattern from fruit pancake concept 1 Basic Concepts Builder pattern is constructed by a kind of object design pattern, it can be constructed by the complex object abstracts the process of the abstraction process different realization methods can be constructed by different attributes of the object. 2.UML The complex object of product configured, ConcreteBuilder created the product internal representation and assembly process Builder...
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Android custom control - FloatLayout

This article describes a lot of App have the layout of the container, as shown in...
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The rapid integration of micro channel payment and Alipay payment

This paper introduces a blogger own package of micro channel payment and Alipay payment Library Apppay_library: To solve the problem of the project is limited to the final payment link, you tell me how much money, how much money I brought this information to launch micro channel payment or Alipay payment, only simple configuration information, then each pay only need to call the three sentence of code to initiate payment, packing assembly to order information the signature of the order. Don't involve order processing, order...
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Android custom control - hand to teach you to write Google style ProgressBar

This paper gives a detailed introduction about how to implement a Google style ProgressBar Here is a relatively simple warm up first Android custom control - Simple_Loading At first: Balalala Well, we have to achieve this effect is Analysis: according to the previous link in the rewrite, we need to rewrite a View, and then in the View through the calculation to draw the arc, so as to achieve a LoadingBar, we come back to think about, since the department...
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Android custom control - Simple_Loading

Moto Bunsuke's implementation of a simple custom load cycle First look at the effect: Inheritance of View, and a series of custom attributes to achieve the effect of Loading on canvas Effect of a total of three: 1 arc Loading 2 round Loading 3 can set the number of 1-100, expressed as a percentage, and the corresponding percentage effect on the Loading The significance of attribute files and attributes: ...
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App URLs Django configuration and basic data query

This paper introduces the configuration of URLs in Django: the configuration of the main project and the URLs between the app, as well as a simple query database with app/, and displayed in the app/templates/xxxxxx.html. Configure URLs app database query and display to the page According to the previous two articles we have a general understanding of the structure of the Django project, and how to create a app, how to create a view, then we have to create a template for templates (APP)...
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Ununtu 15.04 installed MySql (Django connection Mysql)

This article describes the installation of Ubuntu 15.04 under Mysql Ubuntu 15.04 installation of mysqldjango project connection MySQL A. 1.sudo apt-get install mysql-server Install client 2.apt-get Apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev 3.sudo The installation process will prompt the user to enter the password, you can enter the user. ...
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Django quick start (1)

The first Django Ubuntu 15.04 under the configuration of the Django environment, the first Django project A. Configure Django environment in Ubuntu Development environment Linux / Ubuntu 15.04 Python 2.7.6 Django 1.8 installed Python installation pip, Django installation with sudo apt get install python-pip. Method 1: use on a step installation pip:sudo...
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Android custom Activity base class

We sometimes have a common point in the development of App when there is a common point of time, for example, have the same TitleBar, and TitleBar can be set to display the text. The click event on the titlebar, if for each activity are written over the titlebar is a very troublesome thing, this time we can rewrite a activity base class, let other similar activity to inherit this class, thus eliminating the need for a lot of repeated unnecessary work. Improve the efficiency. As graph:...
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