Sogou Python automated review of actual combat

Python combat comments Navy play CSDN blog for more than a month, gradually found some interesting things, often have people with the same comment everywhere brush, do not know to add nothing to the integral, or simply to express good landlord. Then the problem, this kind of boring things, of course, it is best to automate, he also tried a, purely entertainment. ...
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Binary Tree Inorder Traversal LeetCode

Don't pass back to the realization of the tree in order traversal. ...
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Reverse Linked List II LeetCode

A list of the first m to n elements to be turned over and over again and not to apply for additional space. ...
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Reverse Linked List LeetCode

Flip a one-way linked list. ...
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Minimum Window Substring LeetCode

Given two strings S and T, the requirements in the O (n) time to find all the characters in the T contains all the characters in the S shortest child string. ...
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Scramble String LeetCode

A string can be split into two can not be empty substrings, and substring (length greater than equal to 2) can continue this split down can now be any exchange of the split position of the two parts to change the order of the characters in the string. Determine whether the two characters can be converted to each other in this way. ...
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Text Justification LeetCode

To a set of words in each line L character storage, insufficient in between words add spaces, each line to ends are aligned (i.e. at both ends if words), if spaces are not uniformly distributed in the interval for all, then left spaces to more than the right of space, the last line is aligned on the left, each word a spaces. ...
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Decode Ways LeetCode

The correspondence between letters and numbers is now as follows: 2-B, 1-A,... 26-Z. Given a string composed of numbers, in accordance with the above map can be converted into a number of different types of string. ...
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Subsets II LeetCode

Lists all subsets of a set that contains a set of duplicate numbers. ...
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Gray Code LeetCode

Gray said in a group number encoding, if any two adjacent code is only one bit different. The number of binary code is now given to print out the code sequence. ...
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Merge Sorted Array LeetCode

Merge two sorted arrays into one. ...
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Partition List LeetCode

Given a list, as well as a target value less than the target value of all nodes are moved to the list of front-end, more than equal to the tail end of the target values of the nodes are moved to the list, and to keep the two parts in the original list in the relative position. ...
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Remove Duplicates from Sorted List LeetCode II

To put an orderly list of all the numbers of all the repeated delete light, delete the number of those who do not have the original repeat. ...
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Search in Rotated Sorted Array LeetCode II

Put a descending array rotation, such as rotation of the [0,1,1,1,2,3,4,5] 3 [3,4,5,0,1,1,1,2]. In such an array to determine whether the target number exists. ...
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Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array LeetCode II

In the remove Duplicates from sorted array (remove repeat the figures from a sorted array, return the array length) based on, can make each number up to repeat, that is to say if the number of a number is greater than or equal to 2, the results should be retained two the digital. ...
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Word Search LeetCode

In a two-dimensional matrix, each element is a letter, to determine whether the target string can be connected by the elements in the matrix. The so-called connection is one of the elements from the matrix began, moving forward and so on, but not allowed to pass through the elements. ...
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