A short black Android program interface solution

The problem first appeared in a, problem analysis, entrance activity to load the default style black background theme color, to the implementation of the oncreate UI, leading to first see a short black. Two, the solution only need to modify the portal style Activity can, the code is as follows @android:style/Theme.Translucent "PS" android:theme=: some people may set the style is NoTitleBarandroid:theme=...
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Android according to latitude and longitude to obtain the address, at present a bright

According to the coordinates to find details, as follows: request address: latlng=40.714224? -73.961452&sensor=true, attention to the coordinates (latitude, and then longitude) do not pass the back. At this point there are 2 issues: 1, read the JSON is very slow; 2, return to the address information is in English, sometimes the page directly to the Chinese, the simulator is in English, the request address is amended as follows, can quickly return to the address information. 1, the request address...
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How to import Android library project in Studio eclipse

Library Android import studio eclipse...
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Studio Android import eclipse project error "resolve symbol R cannot" solution

Eclipse project to Studio Android error. ...
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Notepad++ shortcut keys

Ctrl+C replication Ctrl+X shear Ctrl+V paste Ctrl+Z undo Ctrl+Y recovery Select Ctrl+A Ctrl+F key search dialog box to start Ctrl+H find / Replace dialog box Ctrl+D copy and paste here Ctrl+L delete the current line Ctrl+T when moving up a line F3 to find the next Shift+F3 search on a Ctrl+Shift+F combination to find in the file Ctrl+F3 search (volatil)...
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GridView Android attribute set

Some special properties of GridView: the number of columns in the "auto_fit" //GridView is set to automatic. 90dp "/ /, the width of each column, also is the item width, according to the displayed the most number of scaled to equal (the width of each item are the same) this attribute is proposed, to try and use well will save a lot of code. ColumnWidth ""...
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Android code to generate TextView, Button, CheckBox and other settings of the control techniques

Objective code generation control, sometimes view of padding and margin, drawablRight, background selector for colors, fonts, background color selector and some properties may set and layout XML file is not the same, pay attention to the detail, I compiled some, netizens often appear in the set. 1, code generation textView TextViewTextView = TextView new (this); TextView.setText (mStrs[i]);...
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Android, setTextColor and other background selector settings failure problem, and a variety of settings

Background selector is recently used to set CheckBox, and some other control, the background selector failure, you can use the following 2 methods, can generally be resolved. Preparation: create a color background selector in the res->color folder, named: text_black2white, black to white change. Xmlns:android= "<selector...
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Android process management

Android principle - do not need too much remaining memory does not need to care about the size of the remaining memory. In fact, a lot of people are the use of other system used to take over to the. Android is mostly used no exit design actually makes sense, the system of process scheduling mechanism has a relationship. If you know Java, you can more clearly the mechanism the. In fact, and the Java garbage collection mechanism similar, the system has a rule to reclaim memory. Memory scheduling has a threshold just below the value system will according to a list to close what users do not need to. Of course, this value defaults is very small.
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CSDN-markdown editor syntax - font, font size and color

CSDN-markdown editor syntax - font, font size and color...
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Custom attributes in Android custom View (using attrs.xml, TypedArray)

Custom attributes in Android custom View (using attrs.xml, TypedArray)...
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Detailed Eventbus, Activity and fragment communication between sending and receiving data

EventBus, to solve the interaction between fragment and activity. The main function is to replace the Intent, Handler, BroadCast, Fragment, Activity, Service, thread passing messages between the advantages of small overhead, the code is more elegant. And decoupling the sender and receiver. ...
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Android custom ListView, easy to achieve on the drop-down refresh, a look at the know, a school will be, super simple.

Before using someone else's ListView, always can not meet the needs of the project, so I have to study the custom listview, and share it, easy to understand. ...
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Android the most simple nested GridView GridView, to solve the problem of sliding conflict

GridView nested GridView, and the internal GridView does not show the end, but also sliding, external can also slide, to solve the problem of sliding conflict. ...
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Android most simple sliding delete

Prior to the project as a need, to write a QQ as the same as the slide to delete, they want to find out the Android comes with control HorizontalScrollView, you can achieve, it should be the most simple method. Words not to say, directly on the code: Android:layout_width= "fill_parent" Android:layout_height= "fill_parent" Android:backgro...
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