Some of the ideas of the VS2015--win32 project configuration is not up to the role of the pre processor

Pretreatment is a controversial thing, but it often plays a decisive role in the project. For example, some cross platform libraries are selected to perform different codes according to the precompiled macro definition pre compiler. C++ pretreatment (Preprocess), refers to the C++ program source code is compiled by the pre processor (Preprocessor) on the C++ program source code processing. This process does not parse the source code of the program, but it is used to split the source code into specific symbols to support the macro call. #include contains header files #if bar...
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VS2015--win32 engineering configuration of some of the ideas of the algorithm min/max and min/max in the windows macro conflict

Today, you configure a project to have this problem, use min to prompt: enter the correct identifier. Look at the following code: #include #include Main #includeint () { Auto it: Min = std: (1, 2); / / error, should enter the identifier Return 0; If the header of the windows file is not commented on the error will occur. Cause of the problem...
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VS2015--win32 engineering configuration of some of the ideas of the cmake

The last two days are in the configuration of a WIN32 project. In order to achieve cross platform, write the underlying code of the people only build Android and IOS projects, there is no Win32 build project. Due to the number of library is not very understanding, it is difficult to configure, mentally and physically exhausted. In order to achieve cross platform, a lot of excellent libraries are using cmake to generate the project we need. So today, we mainly talk about how to use the cmake bar, the following content from:
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Why is an excellent application of mobile tools must be developed PC client?

The tide of mobile terminal PC seems to have been in a threatening manner, one leg into the grave. As a Windows developer, it is inevitable that some anxious. Windows is it really dead? Is it really useless? Maybe it is a parrot. Suddenly see this article, the feeling is quite deep. Article from: Http://, Evernote, Feedly, Wunderlist and Mailbox these applications are all my daily use...
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The application of C++11 new features -- introduce a few new convenient algorithms (about the maximum and minimum values of the algorithm)

The work often has such a scenario: select a container, or a range of maximum, maximum, minimum and minimum elements. A very common approach is that we use a for loop to traverse, and then to achieve our results. In fact, the STL algorithm provides some of the maximum and minimum operation, we often ignore them. This blog is about new C++ 11 algorithm last blog. Or first introduced in the C++11 before the existence of a few, but with the blog is closely related to the algorithm. First is: Min and Max Because it is so simple, direct parent...
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C++11 new characteristics of the application - introduced several new convenient algorithm (heap in the use of STL, the maximum heap)

Sometimes in order to maintain data, we use the STL heap to maintain a sequence. First you need to figure out the difference between the stack and the stack, that is, the default heap in heap and stackstl is the maximum stack. First introduced push_heap, pop_heap, make_heap, sort_heap these four algorithms, the four is not a new increase in the content of C++11. The first is how to generate a maximum push: Make_heap Prototype: template Vo...
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Actual combat string in the c++ series - sixteen decimal string to sixteen decimal integer (usually the color code used)

For a long time not to write about the string blog. Because it's almost written. But recently with the string to deal with, so the hormone brain, tadpoles restless. In the process, if you use the color code, the general is the sixteen hex, that is, hex. But the server returns a color string to you, that is, string hex how do you turn this string hex to hex, and use it in your code? Further, what do you do with a hex like "#ffceed" string to RGB? The first question in Jav...
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C++11 new characteristics of the application - introduced several new convenient algorithm (used for sorting a few algorithms)

Continue to C++11 in the header file algorithm to increase the algorithm. At least I think, in the STL algorithm, the most used is the sort, we do not explore the sort source code, is to introduce a few new C++11 on the sort of function. For a sequence, how do we know that he is not ordered it? This is used: is_sorted Prototype: template Is_sorted_until ForwardIterator (...
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In 2015 topped the list of the top ten open source project GitHub open source is a good thing, 2015 of the most exciting is the swift open source. "Software development time" magazine (Times SD) reviewed a number of popular projects on the GitHub, these projects have been brought to the open and free software world. 1.Swift Apple announced in early December last year, its programming language Swift open source. Swift open source so that the majority of developers can be added to the Windows and Android and other platforms. Apple will continue to lead the development of Swift, but will work with the agency...
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C++11 new characteristics of the application - introduced several new convenience algorithm (used for the partition of several algorithms)

Continue today. C++11 new sequence operations Non-modifying and sequence operations Modifying algorithm has been written, detailed information on the blog before. The following start C++11 new algorithm on the Partitions: Partitions: is the meaning of partition. A lot of people may not be familiar with the partition, so the first to say that the partition algorithm, it is required that this is not the new content of C++11...
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The application of C++11 new features - introduce several new convenient algorithm (change the sequence of elements in the container algorithm)

Yesterday is a list of the new C + + 11 several algorithms, including the find() if not, all of, any of, none of the four algorithms, the four algorithms have in common is Non-modifying sequence operations. So, today, the new algorithm eight hundred and eighteen C++ 11, and the features of these algorithms are: Modifying sequence operations. Copy algorithm we are very familiar with, here to introduce the new copy_n C++11. C...
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Index for January TIOBE 2016 (TIOBE January 2016 programming language charts Java 2015 annual programming language)

Java has won the tiobe index programming language award of the year. This is because Java has the largest increase in popularity in one year time +5.94%). Java leaves runner UPS visual (1.5...
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The application of C++11 new features - introduce several new convenience algorithms (not to change the sequence of elements in the container algorithm)

As we all know, a header file C++ STL, called algorithm, which means algorithm. The headerdefines a collection of functions especially designed to be used on ranges of elements. So as to 818 this header file in the C + + 11 new several algorithms, today mainly describes several algorithms does not change the order of the elements in the container. Here also...
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Translation of "Modern C++ Effective" - clause 4: to understand how to view derived types

Clause 4: learn how to view the types of people who want to understand how the compiler derives the type of person that is usually divided into two camps. The first camp is a pragmatic one. They usually come from the process of writing the program (for example, they are still in the process of debugging), they use the compiler to find, and believe that this can help them find the root cause of the problem. The second is an empirical, and they are exploring the derivation rules described in Clause 1-3. And from a large number of scenarios to confirm the results of their prediction ("for this code, I think the type of derivation will be..." But sometimes they just...
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Learn libcef-- to set up URL to your browser

If you are a beginner, you are likely to be the same as me, encountered such a problem, that is how to set CEF browser URL, or to change the browser URL cef. For the creation of a browser, you may be very easy to control, and then create a browser, passing a url. For example, navigate to". But then, you want to navigate to the "", what would you do? Maybe you will re create a browser, and successfully navigate to "WW"...
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