Why do you want to come to Beijing?

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Muddleheaded the University, muddleheaded read graduate, muddleheaded engage in programming, muddleheaded to leave work for a year in Shenyang to Beijing.

Before seen microblogging microblogging Reds stay a few hands, about why you come to Beijing?

The following content from the hand of the micro blog:
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Brother watercress has a seven point northeast fellow, studying at a university in the northeast, just graduation soon, in his hometown of couldn't find suitable jobs, because her to study it, in the northeast to find a copy of it related work hard, so presumably look for opportunities in Beijing, but also some worry drift too tired, to consult the elder brother.

Girl: "hand elder brother, do you say to go to Beijing to find a job to fly?" It's so hard to be in the IT business in the northeast. "

I: not tricky, but must come to Beijing. Beijing is the center of the universe, the world's IT companies have offices in Beijing, whether you are working or venture, you say in our family that is all old state-owned enterprises, which have engaged in IT ah? Internet people are less, not chat show is playing games, no future. Engage in social no more, the Northeast social drink, drink bath, sauna, and listen to what the song and dance duet of simply do not work. Know O2O do poineering work not? The whole country, Beijing atmosphere is the most concentrated, you do not come to Beijing to learn IT, is a white blind you this person. "

Girl: "brother, you are right, let's go home, I really do not have any meaning. Especially masters we here at home, you know, not what business, know to drink, to work every day to eat, not barbecue is the hot pot. Drink a little wine, blowing a little calf, and every day the whole five fans three. Lovely bragging, that money is know to buy mink, joseph! "

Me: "the chant, little place in my hometown are Shanbao, find an object Buhao Zhao, those men knew to buy a car, a little dream. Is not the elder brother to brag, you just go to a cafe in Beijing. Man, you don't see the tattered clothes myself sou, buried the elimination of eight, that chat are business, financing, a round, B round, listing, option what. Casually is tens of millions of dollars! Many people feel that they are the next Jobs. What is this called? This is called feelings, called dreams! Small cities have it? You said! "

Girl: "Oh, my brother, I hear you say, I really heart ah! I also think so, but I am a little worried, afraid that they can not adapt to Beijing. Can not fall account, can not afford to buy a house. Don't know where the future is? "

Me: "a person's future is not you abruptly planning out of, this life is full of variables, who would dare to says he must according to plan their own road go? You see NOKIA, then the big brand, apple comes out, do not still have to pour down? You can not see the future, that you have a myriad of future. At a young age to experience many feelings, empty talk, hard work and prosperous, the first work is to solve! "

Girl: "yes, you're right. But my body is not good, not to say that the Beijing air is not good? Sand especially big, and PM2.5 what, fear of health? "

Me: "there is a young blind hypocritical, not so bad, seven days a week at least three or four days to clear up, haze and what are those literary youth fiction, not serious. When you are young, you learn more and struggle more. You only a few years old, ah, pondering health? Siberia air is good, you go over there to cut trees, catch the bear? "

Girl: "well, it's not how.". The air is good place not to money son. "

I: "the chant, you see national leaders are living here, poor energy difference where ah? With a common fate! What are you afraid of. "

Girl: "I understand.". What about the amateur life? "

I: "very rich ah! All kinds of concerts, concerts, drama, show what must come to Beijing, you want to see what the star did not? Who do you say you can see in the Northeast? The most big name is Yang Kun, right? EXO is not willing to go. If you like to drink, you can go to Sanlitun Gongti, Kaka head shake tail, you this small shape, really, old man to pay you the. Then, the traffic is convenient, which country do you want to buy a ticket, a taxi to the airport to fly kaka. "

Girl: "that's true! We do have a Hong Kong and Macao pass can only be signed, to the Hongkong have to spend 50 yuan, I heard that the big city is not. Can be annoying. "

I: "of course! Big cities to which are convenient, Hong Kong, Macao and Hong Kong, Taiwan, what are the first to open the first tier cities. You in first tier cities visa is convenient, or you take a three northeastern provinces, Henan, Fujian, broke the old passport, travel agency are not give you visa. Afraid you sneak. "

Girl: "brother, you're right.". Man struggles upwards, water flows downwards is to go to big city mixed, but I have a thing ask you, you don't get sick ah, I heard that Beijing is a very exclusive, is really? "

I: "must be false, Beijing people especially welcome foreigners, especially our northeast, the same culture. For example, the alley, only the northeast and Beijing have! In Beijing, the northeast is equivalent to half a sit households. Beijing can be said to be the country's most inclusive city. Beijing people are very hospitable, and here we have something called 'to Beijing, Beijing is the people', as long as you contribute to the society, not only does not exclude, but also very welcome you, you see the men's basketball team in Beijing Marbury, Guoan Ma Jiqi mix of old. Beijing welcomes you, do you think it is nonsense. If you encounter spalpeen sit households what, elder brother taught you a word, in Beijing say it smoothly."

Girl: "what is it?" "

I: "the national security is the champion! "

Girl: "Oh, learn."! What do you mean? "

I: "you don't know what that means, you have to back down on the line. In addition to the "we are the Champions", and "national security", and for the first ever "Y" at your conduct,.... "

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