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HTML5 game developmentThe future of the Web era, is the era of HTML5, research HTML5 game engine production and game development.
Backbone.js tutorialBackbone.js is a jQuery based on the underscore.js and Library of a MVC web framework, the use of it can help you better organization JS web code and more flexible operation of the DOM and binding events. With regard to its Chinese material is relatively small, so according to their own learning to organize into a series of tutorials, we want to help
Web front end - focus on HTML5 and CSS3Web front end of the technology to share, focusing on HTML5, CSS3 direction, trends and examples.
Xiaoqiang HTML5 mobile development roadCome to learn HTML5, open our happy journey...

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WebSocket test Nodejs

Today a little look at the implementation of websocket: HTML Ws=new WebSocket var ("ws://localhost:3004"...
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Bootstrap input box group

The input box group is extended from the form control, using the input box group, which can be easily added as a prefix and suffix to the text based input box. By adding a prefix and a suffix to the input field, you can add a common element to the user. For example, you can add a dollar sign, or add a Twitter user name Add @, or other common elements needed by the application program interface. Add a prefix or suffix to.Form-control elements as follows: Put the prefix or suffix element in one with c...

Bootstrap button menu

Button pull down menu To add a drop-down menu button, simply buttons and drop-down menus can be placed in a in.Btn-group BootstrapDemo Button menu Sub menu 1 Sub menu 2 Sub menu 3 Sub menu 4 ...

Bootstrap button group

Demo 20px body{padding:;} Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 1 Button 2 Press

Angularjs1.x project structure

Directives, service, controller as a foundation on which to build the project architecture of most of the project structure, but there are more biased in the scene application to architecture project, so here the directory structure may encounter with you before the different structures, if have small partners do not like please just look at the technology does not discuss the architecture, if feel good can be on the foundation of the structure of proposed improvements Project description of the project to a chat room for the application of the scene, to achieve a list of users, dialogue, circle of friends, basic settings, such as the basic functions of the project to expand the chat room, then...
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A brief summary of angularjs

In front of a few articles already have a basic understanding of the entry of angularjs, understand how to use and why to use it Acquaintance Angularjs1.x, understand the Hello 5 W and a HAngularjs worldAngularjs controller began learning the meaning of a command directive and read the instructions Angularjs1.x service, factory, provider, constant,...
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Constant in Angularjs1.x, value

Constant constant constant in the angularjs refers to the definition of the constant, in the application to start the creation and can not arbitrarily change the definition of constantangular.module ('MyApplication') .constant ('HELLO', world''Hello); value variable value in angularjs refers to the definition of variables, can be modified in any...
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Service, factory,, provider, constant, value, Angularjs1.x

Understanding of service, factory, provider, Angularjs1.x, constant, value application scenarios and differences Regardless of service, factory or provider all belong to service Once the serviceservice is defined, it can be called in any place by a dependent manner and can save the data until the end of the application, such as ['service'(controller, fu...
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Bootstrap drop-down menu

Use the drop-down menu (Dropdown) plug-in, you can to any component (such as navigation bar, tab page, capsule type navigation menu, button, etc.) to add the drop-down menu. If you want a separate reference function of the plug, you need to quote dropdown.js. Or can be introduced into the bootstrap.js or compressed version of the bootstrap.min.js. Usage: The data attribute: data-toggle= add "dropdown" to the link or button to switch the drop-down menu...

Aria-label Bootstrap and aria-labelledby

Aria-label Under normal circumstances, the form form of the input components have the corresponding input when the label. component to focus, the screen reader will read the corresponding text in the label. Such as: Demo 20px body{padding:;} ID card number: ...

Bootstrap Font Icon (glyphicons)

Font icon: Font Icon is the icon font used in the Web project. Font Icon in the Bootstrap download fonts folder. .glyphicon { Relative position; 1px top; Inline-block display; 'Glyphicons Halflings'font-family; -webkit-font-smoothing...

Bootstrap pictures

Bootstrap provides four kinds of class used in the picture, respectively: Img-rounded border-radius:6px added to get pictures of the fillet Img-circle added border-radius:50% to let the whole picture become round Img-thumbnail add some padding (padding) and a grey border Img-responsive photo response type 1, img-...

Bootstrap button

Bootstrap provides a number of options to define the style of the button, as shown in the following table: The following styles can be used, or elements: class describe .btn Add basic styles for buttons .btn-default Default / standard button .btn-primary Original button style (not operated) .btn-success Expressed as...

Start to learn an instruction directive and understand the meaning of the instruction.

In this section, something new was started, but will learn from Jane, don't have to worry about can not understand, there will be in the form of vernacular to describe Command directive can do what directive allowed us to customize some non standard HTML tags for our business needs processing a simple button command to modify angularjs is the start of the Hello world in JS code for the following angular.module ('MyApplication', []).
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Controller in Angularjs

Controller contact with the development of small partners who are not unfamiliar to the way the development of MVC, yes, angularjs is used in the way the development of MVC, where the controller Understanding controller...
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Angularjs start world Hello

Why write like the beginning of all programs, the use of Hello also from world angularjs began writing Html structure Learn Angularjs1.x Src= http://apps.bdimg.com/libs/angular.js/1 "<script...
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We understand Angularjs1.x, 5 W and 1 H

What what is angularjs AngularJS is a pure client Google technology developed by WEB framework JavaScript When when to use When you need to develop a single page application, you can use the angularjs to facilitate the development of an elegant WEB system Where where to use Can be used in a number of management system applications, such as customer management systems, order management systems, etc., can also be used in the current popular mobile development Who who wants to use Focus on...
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