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MaskFilter Canvas Android detailed graphics graphics (with source code download) Expert

If you are not familiar with the canvas drawing, it is strongly recommended that you read the blog "Android canvas drawing detailed (attached source code download)", this paper on Android in the canvas drawing foundation were detailed description. This paper focuses on how to use MaskFilter to create a fuzzy shadow and relief effect. We know that various drawXXX methods in Canvas determine the shape of the geometry, while the brush Paint determines the rendering of these patterns. There is a setMaskFilter in Paint...

Android MaskFilter Blur Emboss Relief

[Err] 1222 - used SELECT statements have a different number of columns The Expert

1. Error description [Err] 1222 - used SELECT statements have a different number of columns2 3, The, the solution...

MySQL All union

Typical customer management data analysis module in the information system of energy enterprises Expert

Typical customer management data analysis module in the information system of energy enterprises...

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Workers Service "early" to know? Expert

Recently, the study and discussion about service workers increase day by day today to me you sort out some resources, let everybody see it!! ...

Web application Off line management

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AngularJS password Expert

1, design source code AngularJS password Password 2, to achieve results...

AngularJS JavaScript

For argument type [java.lang.String] not available and, parameter name information not found in Name Expert

1, error description 21:13:48029 [ERROR:]2015-11-15 [abnormal interception] exception.ExceptionHandler Name for argument type [java.lang.String] not available and, parameter name information not java.lang.IllegalArgumentException...

Struts2 Spring Hibernate MySQL Java

In the browser, the browser location specified in the preferred parameter is not present. Verify that the preferred parameter "point to the correct file Expert

1, error description 2, the cause of error No title document Full name Browser preview, pop-up window, 3 solution...

AngularJS JavaScript

Repractise architecture: CMS's reconstruction and evolution Expert

Refactoring system is a very challenging thing. Generally speaking, we need to reconstruct the system in which we are second systems, that is, the system itself has been very bloated. We spend too much time on the logic of the code, and the development of new features becomes slower and slower. This is not just because we have not designed the architecture before, but in the process of our development has not kept some of the principles of the original design. If this is the case, then it is a complicated process. And another is that we have found a framework that is more consistent with our current business. Dynamic CMS CMSCMS is...

CMS Restructure Framework Design Frame

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JavaScript asynchronous control library Douglas Crockford God written: RQ (2) Expert

JavaScript asynchronous control library Douglas Crockford God written: RQ (2)...

Paris, France, the anti-terrorism mechanism was stunned, inventory of the ten major terrorist attacks occurred in these years! Expert

Phoenix net commented: first, the Paris incident illustrates the French as the representative of the European anti-terrorism mechanism and did not learn from the past to learn from the past. For any country's intelligence and security departments, in such a short period of time, so many major attacks encountered, are not understandable, not to forgive, not to imagine. ...

France Paris Terrorist attack Super Table Ten

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Android GPU hardware acceleration control and its limitations in 2D graphics rendering Expert

Graphics rendering can be divided into two types: software rendering and hardware rendering. Software rendering is based on CPU computing all coordinates and draw, mainly memory; hardware rendering is on GPU, the main occupation of memory, the general 3D graphics programs (OpenGL, DirectX) is GPU accelerated. Before Android3.0, 2D graphics API only supports software rendering mode, from the beginning of 2D, Android3.0 graphics API began to support GPU hardware rendering, that is, the View Canvas graphics operations will use GPU, so from Android 3...

Android GPU Hardware acceleration 2D View

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Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2 Expert

1, error description java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2 Report.service.impl.ExportServiceImpl$7.setSheetValue at ( Utils.ExcelUtil.getWorkbook at ( Report.s at...

Struts2 Spring Hibernate MySQL Java

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A lightweight library segment- SVG rendering and animation of the stroke path Expert

Today to learn together a implement SVG stroke path rendering and animation of lightweight library segment, we from easy to get started, the use of detailed, resources and cases, source code interpretation aspects are introduced. ...

Animation Path Svg

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Top 15 has a large role in the.NET feature set Expert

This paper describes the.Net is often ignored, but very user of the 15 functions, including ObsoleteAttribute, DefaultValueAttribute, DebuggerBrowsableAttribute,? Operator, Curry, and Partial methods... ...

.net Top 15