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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

Map.js preparation (JS preparation of an object) expert

The definition of map / / Map function () { This.container = {}; } The key-value / / in the map Map.prototype.put = function (key, value) { {try If (key = null and key =!! ") This.container[key] = value; } catch (E) { ...

CSS3 grid layout (layout grid) basic knowledge - implicit grid automatic layout (grid-auto-rows/grid-auto-columns/grid-auto-flow) expert

Grid template (grid-template) properties of the and longhand longhands defines a fixed number of track, constitute a significant grid. When the grid projects are located outside of these boundaries, the grid is generated by increasing the implicit grid line. These implicit and explicit grid lines form an implicit mesh (grid implicit). The size of the implicit grid orbit is determined by the grid automatic row (grid-auto-rows) and the grid automatic column (grid-auto-columns) attribute. ...

CSS3 Grid layout Implicit Automatic layout Grid automatic flow

Advanced AngularJS (thirty-one) AngularJS project development skills to obtain modal dialog components in ID

AngularJS project development skills to obtain the modal dialog box components ID demand For development needs of the project, the need to implement the business logic is: Drugstore side click on view "shipped" "has been receiving the order details, pop-up module should only be the Cancel button. But the reality of the situation as shown below.   Modal box core code is as follows: Script type= "text/ng-template" id= "billDtlContent.html" >...

Angularjs Dialog box Modality

H5 side of the camera to scan the two-dimensional code and analysis expert

Introduction: Recently, there is a demand, microblogging client, H5 page of a button can with native interaction call up camera, two-dimensional code scanning and parsing. In the non microblogging client (micro channel or native browser, such as: Safari) called the system to take pictures or upload pictures button, by taking pictures or upload pictures to resolve two-dimensional code. Second programs need to be in front of JS analytic two-dimensional code. This relies on a third party parsing library jsqrcode. This library has been supported in the browser to call up the operation of the camera, but rely on a call getUse...

CSS3 grid layout (grid-layout) basic knowledge - elastic size of the definition of units: FR introduction and examples expert

The grid layout is supported by elastic dimensions (flex-size), which is a good adaptive placement technique. An elastic size using a fr size unit, which comes from the first two letters of the word "fraction" or "unit fractional", which represents a part of the overall space. ...

CSS3 HTML5 Size flex Layout grid Fr

CSS3 grid layout (grid-layout) basic knowledge - grid template properties (grid-template) instructions for use expert

CSS3 introduces a new grid layout (layout grid), in order to adapt to the development of display and Design Technology (especially the response of mobile device priority design). The main goal is to establish a stable and predictable and semantically correct web page layout model, which is used to replace the table, flow and JS script technology to realize the dynamic layout of web pages. This article is adapted from step network HTML5 online courses, quasi combined with examples of simple and accurate the grid layout attributes of the basic concepts and methods of use. ...

CSS3 HTML5 Layout grid Grid-template Grid layout

On the use of trigger and triggerHandler methods in jQuery expert

Designer .trigger ("focus") .triggerHandler ("focus") This is the content Test1 Test1 Test1 $("#old").Click (function) { $("input").Trigger ("focus"); }); $("#new").Click (Fu)...

Bootstrap progress bar

Bootstrap progress bar using the CSS3 transition and animation to get the results. Explorer Internet 9 and previous versions and older versions of Firefox do not support this feature, Opera 12 does not support animation. Default progress bar The steps to create a basic progress bar are as follows: Add a class.Progress. Then, in the above, add a class.Progress-bar empty. Tim...

Bootstrap Progress bar Progress

Bootstrap warning

Warning (Alerts) provides users with a way to define a message style. They provide context information feedback for typical user operations. Warning (Alerts) Step: 1, create a 2, and to add a.Alert class and four context class (that is, one of the.Alert-success,.Alert-info,.Alert-warning,.Alert-danger), To add a basic warning box. ...

Bootstrap warning Alerts

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Bootstrap bread crumbs navigation, paging, labels, badges

Bread crumbs navigation Breadcrumb navigation in Bootstrap (Breadcrumbs) is a simple with.Breadcrumb class unordered list. CSSDemo Lugu Lake Qinghai Ali Linzhi ...

Bootstrap Navigation Label paging

JQuery out of the way the current each cycle expert

JQuery out of the current each cycle, the use of the following way: false return; - out of all cycles; equivalent to break in the JavaScript effect. Return true; -- out of the current loop, into the next cycle; equivalent to JavaScript continue effect $(function() {$("input[type='text']"). Each (function (I) {...

[front] save canvas, restore and picture composition recommend

First, save () and restore () C=document.getElementById var ("myCanvas"); Ctx=c.getContext var ("2D"); Red "ctx.fillStyle="; Ctx.fillRect (20,20,75,50); (; / / save the current state of the environment Ctx.globalAlpha=0.2; Ctx.fillSt...

Chrome browser to load the TTFB file waiting CSS timeout problem expert

Today, the problem was originally debug requirejs load JS exception, try the next Chrome browser, the results of an unexpected discovery of the CSS load exception BUG, very very strange. The local test environment is the XAMPP installation of the 3.2.1 wi7x64 server suite does not have any special configuration. Currently found only below this section of the CSS code has abnormal UTF-8 "seta.css:@charset"; HTML {font-size: 125%;} HTML, body, h1,...


Advanced AngularJS (thirty) picture AngularJS project development skills of pre loading

AngularJS project development techniques for image pre loading Xu Project (mobile terminal using the framework of ionic) completion of the development, testing phase found mobile app home advertising images (image by the server returns the corresponding URL address) it is impossible to load, the main reason or speed. As shown in the left side of the picture, the picture is loaded as shown in the picture below.                      problem analysis Optimization of try loading pictures. After the match with friends in the Ionic group chat...

Angularjs picture display

"MVC+EF" - check CRUD recommend

In the MVC controller in the database query data, and then display in the view, this process is how to go, here I am a summary of the macro. Firstly. Under the controllers folder create homecontroller controller, then in actionresult index () method right click - > Add view. And then in the HomeController page reference namespace (Models). , data query Query data, I sum up four...

JQuery learning summary recommend

JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript libraries to help users more convenient process HTML, events, to achieve the dynamic effect, and Ajax interaction. It has add dynamic effects, extension, chaining (make the code simple and beautiful), support for multiple browsers characteristics. This study through the practical application of learning to understand the use of the common method of jQuery.    JQuery common syntax $("CSS tags"). Events / method (funciton () {... Method content}), the page has finished loading the trigger...

JS why can not correctly handle the decimal operation? expert

First look at the following procedures: sum var = 0; For (I var = 0; I < 10; i++) { Sum = 0.1; }console.log (sum); above the program will output 1? In your need to know the 25 JavaScript interview questions in a text, the eighth question simple to say why the next JS can not correctly handle the problem of decimal arithmetic. Today to pick up the old problem, a deeper analysis of the problem. But first that is not correctly handle the decimal arithmetic...


The development of Flux expert

On flux developed some time ago, wrote articles about react to file: react: the component life cycle, compared with the said react component life cycle. Said React, it is easy to think of Flux. Today with React introduction and practice of the course of a text in the demo for example, a simple talk about the development of Flux. Flux is what Flux is a front-end architecture for Facebook users to build client Web applications, which complement the React by using a one-way stream of data...

front end Flux React

Proficient in CSS "reading notes expert

Recently read the CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions ", the contents of the book is good, beginners can to get started, experienced people can also be used to check leakage fill a vacancy, the above for browser compatibility and common bug solution worthy of reference. Selector of stacking and special for the same element, may there will be multiple rules. In order to solve the conflict between the rules, CSS will use laminated to each rule is assigned a importance: 1, marked! Important user style 2, marked! Important's author style 3, the style of the author 4...

CSS Solution

Advanced AngularJS (twenty-nine) AngularJS project development skills of localStorage storage

LocalStorage storage of AngularJS project development skills Xu Completed the project development and test phase found backstage management end of the two-dimensional code generation has a problem, the problem is localstorage storage. As shown in the left below, the two-dimensional code generation is completed and contains information as shown in the left below, the actual two-dimensional code information as shown in the following figure:     After testing found that the two-dimensional code is actually stored is a result of. Good familiar with the ~Bingo, their own navigation bar highlighted when you encounter this problem, then is the use of loc...

LocalStorage Angularjs

Node.js learning: the use of express to build a simple web calculator expert

Node.js learning: use the express to build simple web calculator the blog link:, author: to, reproduced, please indicate the. Environment: host: WIN10express installation of: install the express-generator input command: Command express installation of NPM install - express-generator2.: verify the NPM install - express3. whether an...

Express Node.js

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ERROR HTTP 503 expert

1, error description 2, error 3, solution...

JavaScript AngularJS

The first "MVC" recommend

Full name of MVC is a model view controller, is the abbreviation of model (model - View - controller (controller), a model of software design, with a business logic, data, interface display separation method of organization code, business logic are aggregated into a single component, improved and individualized customization of the interface and user interaction at the same time, do not need to re write business logic. MVC has been developed to map the traditional input, processing and output functions in a logical graphical user interface. ...

Table line editor expert

A simple Demo Test Demo Table .view_table { Width:800px; Height:auto; Auto margin:0px; } Table.View_table { Width: 100%; 12px font-size; Microso "font-family...

Image rotation, the mouse wheel zoom, image, switch pictures JS code recommend

Image rotation, the mouse wheel zoom, mirror, switch pictures <! --</scr...

picture mouse Javascript

Advanced AngularJS (twenty-eight) AngualrJS page refresh cause abnormal display problems

Solving AngualrJS page refresh resulted in abnormal display Xu Saying, the details determine success or failure, so is the programming. Programming process, we may not consciously ignore some of the details of the problem, but do not know, these details are leading to the problem of the page display. Today, for example, share with you the. Normal page loaded, as shown below:   Press F5 to refresh the page, as shown below:   Obviously, page display abnormal. Turn around and look at the Chrome...

Angularjs abnormal Refresh

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