An IOS developer was expelled for "playing with mobile phones", and the story was taken into reality

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The worst thing in life is not to be laid off, but as an IOS developer, he was fired by HR because he looked at his mobile phone more

This is the truth that Ma Jun saw on the pulse today. It has been hanging in the first place of hot search. The following is the screenshot of the disclosure——

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Code Jun wants to say: good guy, it's half past 2021. Is there really a wonderful job for the management to cut people here under the excuse of "playing mobile phones at work"?
It's really cold. When can we workers stand up?
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To tell the truth, the operation of this company is really disgusting from beginning to end.

First of all, the netizen has made it clear to us that the company sent HR to find him trouble if it wanted to lay off people and didn't want to pay compensation.

HR took the first move to test: "if you have nothing to do, don't stay", the classic persuasion sentence pattern oh.

Seriously, if I were a pay per piece type of work, I would have left you long ago. Don't delay me to make money in a company with no business.

But as a monthly wage earner, I go to work on time every day and devote myself to my duties. There are still problems, right.

After Po master declared that he had no professional fault, HR said again: "anyone can find some problems".

Tut Tut, it's really a great official power. It's powerful. Applaud for you.

I thought that under such a fierce threat, there must be a high opinion. Maybe I can come up with a reason for commercial espionage.

But unexpectedly, this talented HR really took the reason of "playing mobile phone" as the reason for dismissal. I admire it. It's true that the pattern is small.
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An IOS developer was opened by such a reason to watch his mobile phone at work, which is a great myth in the world.

According to this HR logic, I directly suggest that everyone should not do it. Otherwise, when HR wants to dissuade you in the future, it will appear:

I am a customer service, today I was dismissed by the company, because I called during working hours.

I am a front-end developer. I was dismissed by the company today because I read web pages during working hours.

I am a community operator. I was dismissed by the company today because I often play mobile phones and computers and scan codes on the screen, suspected of stealing company secrets.

It's really a bone in an egg.

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Code Jun must emphasize here that there is no provision in the labor law that indicates that watching mobile phones at work can be dismissed.

I don't know whether HR really doesn't know the law or wants to bully employees who don't know the law.

If the mobile phone violates the company's regulations, you can give reasonable punishment, but you can't directly dismiss it, which violates the labor laws and regulations.

Now, there's no need to waste time. Direct arbitration starts, and there's even a ready-made letter of notice as evidence. One lawsuit is accurate.

Originally, cutting people was just an N + 1 thing, but now it has become 2n + 1. It's really a human comedy.

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Moreover, there is another key element. The evidence of looking at mobile phones is found by HR from the monitoring······

In fact, there has been no final conclusion on whether the installation of monitoring in the workplace infringes on employees' privacy.

Code Jun's humble opinion is that this is undoubtedly a very low-level management method. We come to work, not to sell ourselves, not to squat in the Bureau.

People are not machines. They will be tired after working for a long time. When you work hard, you can't see it. If you want to have a rest, you suddenly look at the monitoring. How can I fix it.

Moreover, the rational assessment should be based on the performance results. What's the use of installing cameras in addition to restricting freedom of behavior?

Therefore, this HR takes a period of mobile phone monitoring as the basis for employee discipline violation. Code Jun thinks it's untenable.

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Afterwards, according to the netizens suspected of being former employees of the company in the comment area, the management of the company is a stream of nepotism, and airborne and empty rates are normal.

If this disclosure is true, Ma Jun can only say that this kind of company can only operate at noon, because sooner or later it will be yellow.


Sometimes, Ma Jun has to sigh that there are wonderful companies everywhere, especially on the Internet.

The so-called "when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds". In such a large Internet industry, there are always some people who become bosses without passing the "examination", and then bring a bunch of wonderful company regulations.

Like 360, which was also famous a few years ago, it launched a small program to monitor the company's toilet condition.

It is designed to display the status of the toilet in real time and alleviate the problem of "many people, few pits and relying on finding pits" when employees go to the toilet.

But it also adds a timing function. Maybe the original intention is to let you judge that it may be "over", but the code Jun always feels that it has some "peculiar smell".


It was also suggested that although the applet only detects the pit status, it can be implemented to the personnel as long as you want to find it.


For some employees who want to be lazy in the toilet, brush their microblogs, play games and smoke a cigarette, they can no longer shit with pay without concern.

But in general, this 360 practice is still a good intention and wants to do good things.

But the following companies are more and more outrageous.

Some people play water ghost games here (the last victim must catch the next before they can leave).


Some seem to take kindergarten children here, with extra money.


Some make requirements that violate human relations in order to fight for performance.


There is also the most outrageous one. I'm stupid. Is it really the brain of the earth people? Why do you put this fairy? Close the five elements and ban the five grains?


All of them think about it here. It's inexplicable and unreasonable. It's really a little difficult to top.


Make complaints about Tucao, make complaints about the mentality of the management, so that these management can set up such a rule of ignoring reality.

I think one of the biggest reasons may be that these small bosses are used to people, still rely on the previous set of thinking mode, and completely fail to realize that the identity and status of today's migrant workers are not what they used to be.

In my article on the collective silence of the bosses two days ago, I said that the resistance of migrant workers to the unreasonable company system has already formed a torrent.

The basic rights of migrant workers must be won, which is not transferred by the will of these unscrupulous bosses.

For example, those industry giants also smell the change of wind direction early, and then make institutional changes one after another - canceling big and small weeks, compulsory work, etc.

Seriously, it seems that these big factories and giants haven't published too much news about the wonderful system. On the contrary, those small factories are constantly demons.

If the company depends on such means to live, we can imagine what its main business should be like.

So ah, if all readers here are in such a company, let's talk about it. Don't keep it for the new year. Run quickly.

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