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Areas of expertise: Python development, network security penetration, Windows domain control exchange architecture

Today's focus: a collection of various dark commands and tools for windows. After reading, do you fall in love with your Windows computer again.

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it happened like this

About Microsoft's windows operating system

The original intention of Bill Gates in the design is to let more housewives operate skillfully


Therefore, windows uses a large number of interfaces to select menus

Instead of obscure command line operations.

This makes us gradually forget the powerful command line of windows

And some self-contained tools powerful enough to have no friends

Today, I'll give you a complete and detailed summary of windows

Very useful and dark command tools that are not well known

  Operating system version

C: \ users \ pacer > winder # opens the interface to view the operating system version

Trojan horse tools in Windows system

PS C:\Users\pacer>  iexpress

Windows Management Architecture

C: \ users \ pacer > wmimgmt.msc # open windows management architecture

Windows Script Host settings

C: \ users \ pacer > Wscript #windows script host settings

Service management page

C: \ users \ pacer > services.msc # opens the service management page

Console commands

C: \ users \ pacer > MMC # open console

System synchronization command

PS C: \ users \ pacer > mobsync # system synchronization

Check DirectX information

PS C: \ users \ pacer > dxdiag # check DirectX information

Open device manager

PS C: \ users \ pacer > devmgmt.msc # open the device manager

Shared folder manager

PS C:\Users\pacer>  fsmgmt.msc

Auxiliary tools Manager

PS C:\Users\pacer>  utilman

Group Policy

PS C:\Users\pacer> gpedit.msc

  Open WordPad

C: \ users \ pacer > write # opens WordPad

  Open Notepad

C: \ users \ pacer > Notepad # open Notepad

Open drawing software

C: \ users \ pacer > mspaint # open drawing and edit the picture

Opens the scanner and Camera Wizard

C: \ users \ pacer > wiaacmgr # scanner and Camera Wizard

  Windows remote desktop link

C: \ users \ pacer > mstsc # open windows remote desktop link

Built in LAN chat

C:\Users\pacer> winchat

Open the system configuration utility

C: \ users \ pacer > msconfig # system configuration utility

Open the magnifying glass utility

C: \ users \ pacer > magnify # magnifying glass utility

  Disk defragmentation

PS C: \ users \ pacer > dfrgui.exe # disk defragmentation

Disk management

PS C: \ users \ pacer > diskmgmt.msc # open disk management

System component services

PS C: \ users \ pacer > dcomcnfg # system component services

Open DVD, multimedia player

PS C: \ users \ pacer > DVDPlay # opens the multimedia player

start calculator

PS C: \ users \ pacer > calc # open calculator

Screen narrator reading screen

PS C: \ users \ pacer > narrator # screen narrator

Domain name resolution command

PS C: \ users \ pacer > NSLOOKUP # resolve domain name


system volume

PS C: \ users \ pacer > sndvol.exe # system volume

Document signature verifier

PS C: \ users \ pacer > sigverif # file signature verifier

Turn on the recorder

PS C:\Users\pacer> sndrec32

Create shared folder

PS C:\Users\pacer> shrpubw

Local security policy

PS C:\Users\pacer> secpol.msc

system file checker

PS C:\Users\pacer> sfc.exe

Windows file scanning

PS C:\Users\pacer> sfc /scannow

Task Manager

PS C:\Users\pacer> taskmgr

event viewer

PS C: \ users \ pacer > eventvwr or show eventlog

Windows word maker

PS C:\Users\pacer>  eudcedit

Open Explorer

PS C:\Users\pacer>  explorer

Computer performance monitoring program

PS C:\Users\pacer>  perfmon.msc

Registry Editor

PS C: \ users \ pacer > regedit.exe or regedt32

Group policy result set

PS C:\Users\pacer>  rsop.msc

CHKDSK disk check

PS C:\Users\pacer>   chkdsk.exe

Certificate management utility

PS C:\Users\pacer>  certmgr.msc

Start character mapping table

PS C:\Users\pacer>  charmap

SQL database client network utility

PS C:\Users\pacer> cliconfg

computer management

PS C:\Users\pacer> compmgmt.msc

Disk defragmentation

PS C:\Users\pacer> cleanmgr

Open on screen keyboard

PS C:\Users\pacer> osk

ODBC data source Manager

PS C:\Users\pacer> odbcad32

Native users and groups

PS C:\Users\pacer> lusrmgr.msc

Logoff command

PS C:\Users\pacer>  logoff

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