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Memcached source analysis1.4.15 Memcached source code analysis, source code analysis related to memory management, thread management, network communications and some of the specific operation of the process.
Large concurrent server developmentServer development direction of nginx, Apache module development, CGI, Lua script development, as well as native server development, etc., in the category of business package to expand web class, streaming media class, etc.. In the actual development of business needs as the guide, with high concurrency as the pursuit.
Programmer should knowAfter a busy day of work, you have to think about how to improve their ability to work in the future, how to write a better program, how to work on the ground floor? To be a programmer, this is to think more.
WebKit researchStudy and analysis of the various modules of the WebKit design and implementation, including the loading, analysis, layout, rendering, multimedia and JavaScriptCore module.

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Machine learning real note - KNN algorithm

One, KNN algorithm description KNN (neighbor algorithm K-nearest), that is, K nearest neighbor algorithm, as its name suggests, can be the image of the understanding of the K nearest neighbors. When K=1, KNN algorithm has become the nearest neighbor algorithm, that is, to find the nearest neighbor. So-called k nearest neighbor algorithm is given a training data set of new input instances in training data concentration found with the example of the nearest K instances (that is, mentioned above K neighbors), if the K instances of majority belongs to a class, the input instance classification to the...

--------Struts2 javaEE commonly used label summary

Article to the original link from the source Struts2 tag summary A introduced The role of 1.Struts2 Struts2 tag library provides the theme, template support, greatly simplifies the preparation of the view page, and the Struts2 theme, templates have provided a good extension. Achieve a better code reuse. Struts2 allows you to use custom components on the page, which can fully satisfy the complex and ever-changing requirements of the project page.    Has a Struts2 tag library...
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