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BDD agile development entry and actual combat Expert

BDD agile development started with the actual 1.BDD reason 2003, Dan North first proposed the concept of BDD, and subsequently developed a jbehave framework. North Dan blog on the introduction of the article, said the idea of BDD BDD. A brief look at the history and the background of the BDD helps us to understand better. 1.1 TDD Dan in the use of TDD agile practice, there will be a lot of the same confusion around the mind, which is also a lot of programmers agile practice want to know: To St where...

Agile development

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20 code generation framework Expert

Polyphonic and a popular very flourishing foreign based on template dotnet code generator official website: official forum for the: form of Copyright: 30 days trial open source: no need to first after registration confirmation to download 1.2 MyGeneratorMyGenerator is a very good foreign code generation tools, people feel than CodeSmith is simple and easy to use. The...

Invoicing System (1): open source ECP compiler installation Expert

1, the ECPECP is based on the jfinal, Avalon, bootstrap, jqGrid, Snaker workflow development of customer relationship and Invoicing financial system. Project address: Http:// Code Http:// People into the open source Invoicing system, must give praise. Last year, there were small problems in some places. But it's pretty good. It's used a lot of new technology...

In sales Financial system Open source

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Element method for obtaining the parent form of the element in Js/Jquery in Iframe iframe Expert

Polyphonic polyphonic in web development, often use the iframe, will inevitably encountered in the parent window use iframe elements, or in the iframe frame using the parent window elements JS in the parent window to obtain iframe elements 1, format: window.frames["iframe the name value.Document.getElementByIdx_x x (" iframe control ID "). Click (). Example: window.frames[IFM].doc...

DIY master in folk Expert

1, playing with high voltage The son of the god. Http://, do engraving machine Very strong hands. Http:// Mod=viewthread&tid=287413, a summary of the ability of the people to do so, they are also interested in the diy. Can learn a lot of useful things, get happy. Worth the time and energy...


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3D printing (3): buy a 3D printer, assemble the print Expert

###1, about 3D printer Now very popular in domestic and international machine. Direct 3D design and print into model. Hit a weapon. As an engineer, a study must be made. Direct online shopping materials, began to assemble. Work during the day and study with colleagues at night. Spent 2 nights at last. ###2, the process is very hard For the first time to assemble such a complex printer. Experience is not rich. Basically a part to be installed more than two times. As a whole does not understand, often affect the line, or the installation of anti. There is only one correct way of installation, so it must be removed, and then installed. Take many detours. It's all right...

3D printing

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Set video.js multiple video continuous playback

Var vList = ['video//demo.mp4','video//demo01.mp4','video//demo.mp4']; / / initialize the playlist Var vLen = vList.length; / / playlist length Var curr = 0; / / currently playing video Video var = document.getElemen...

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Ibatis dynamic (dynamic) query Expert

Polyphonic polyphonic ibatis dynamic query the data operation become very flexible, next time cited the attribute information of the commonly used dynamic query: ibatis configuration information for the XML code typeAlias alias= "student" type = com.ibatis.Student > typeAlias alias= StudentDTO type = com.ibatis.StudentDTO > select...

Ibatis dynamic SQL Expert

When will the direct use of JDBC a very common problem is the dynamic SQL. Using parameter values, parameters, and data columns are dynamic SQL, which is usually very difficult. The typical solution is to use a bunch of IF-ELSE conditional statements and a string of string connection. For this problem, ibatis provides a standard set of relatively clear methods to solve a problem, here is a simple example: select * from user...

Elasticsearch - search engine Lucene Expert

1.1. Scaling Lucene how to construct a distributed, highly scalable, near real-time search engine on Lucene? Let's look back at the search engine (Lucene) based on the scalability of this road are done to try, and elasticsearch is how to try and solve these challenges. First of all, we understand the basic theoretical knowledge building blocks (which is based on the theory of the construction of distributed near real-time search engine based). Then we look in the end what is the best partitioning strategy...

Elasticsearch Lucene Search engine

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Leiningen and maven Expert

Leiningen is the management of the clojure project, in fact, the use of clojure management clojure project, project.clj is its main configuration file, its basic principle is to generate the project.clj file pom.xml, and then use the powerful function of Maven project management. How to test whether the project.clj is reasonably using the command POM lein, generates pom.xml according to the project.clj file in the current directory, and then checks the pom.xml...


Mobile terminal image format survey

Pictures are usually the most mobile terminal traffic, and occupy the most important visual space. Reasonable image format selection and optimization can save bandwidth and enhance the visual effect. In this article I will analyze the characteristics of mainstream and emerging several image formats, performance analysis, parameter tuning, and related open source libraries of choice. Introduction to several image formats First talk about several old picture format you for having heard it many times: JPEG is currently the most common picture format, it was born in 1992, is a very old format. It only supports lossy compression and its pressure...

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Java - API Elasticsearch (interaction with the cluster) Expert

1. Java API1.1. and cluster interaction can be through two ways to connect to the elasticsearch (ES) clusters. The first is through in your program to create an embedded es node (node) to become part of the ES clusters, followed by the nodes and cluster communication es. The second way is to use the TransportClient interface and ES cluster communication. The following 1.1.1. Node create embedded nodes in a way: import static org.elast...

Elasticsearch Es API Cluster TransportClient

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Elasticsearch - management tools (Head plugin) Expert

Elasticsearch-headelasticsearch-head is a elasticsearch cluster management tool, it is completely written in HTML5 independent web applications, you can integrate it into the es. Or directly download the source code, open the index.html running on the local. The GIT address is: plug-in installation method: 1.elasticsearc...

Elasticsearch Plug-in unit Head

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Lower prio advert forcing, new election Received (ALIVED KEEP) Expert

Recent test server power down, KEEPAVIED VIP shifts to experiment with a new server off electrical reset found the main KEEPALIVED grab but prepare for library /VAR/LOG/MESSAGES see received lower variable advert, forcing a new election toss found master library of firewall started. Script detection nginx service always not be called KEEPALIVED. Manual operation can be, all is the root user. It is found that...