Sogou Business oriented high availability architecture design

In order to achieve Ali nine tour game access system business high availability, technical personnel jump out of the traditional system oriented high availability of ideas and turn from a business perspective to overall consider the high availability, the ultimate realization of a set of three-dimensional high availability framework, this paper demonstrated one by one the stereo High Availability Framework some of the concrete practice of. ...
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Sogou Interview with Li Yunhua: programmers how to upgrade their technology

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Sogou A: object oriented Canon: ideas, skills and Practice (end) - books have been published

Finally to the come to an end, thank those who pay close attention to all the way and follow friends, object-oriented sunflower series of posts here is going to the end. This series of Posts just excerpts from my personal writing object-oriented sunflower treasure Dian, oriented object canon of the full article, please download pdf, inside the content more, reading more convenient. If you are a novice, here are detailed and easy to understand the concept and methods, so that you can quickly get started if you are a veteran, here are complete object-oriented development process, so you can be handy, excellence if you are a master, there is a unique theoretical interpretation, an eye opener for you...
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BAT decryption: the development of Internet technology (8) - user layer technology analysis

Internet business user layer technology mainly includes: user management, messaging push, storage cloud, image cloud. A typical feature of the user management of the Internet business is to connect a large number of distributed users through the Internet, so user management is an essential part of the Internet business. Slightly larger Internet business, will certainly relates to many subsystems. These subsystems could not each have their own to manage such a huge amount of users, which extended the first goal of user management: sso, SSO (single sign on), also known as unified login. Single sign on the technology to achieve more tools, such as token, cookie, etc.,...
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BAT decryption: the development of Internet technology (7) - network layer technology analysis

A blog "bat decryption: Internet technology development road (6) - technical service layer analysis", introduces the way to deal with the characteristics of the development of the Internet business in the "complexity", this paper introduces the characteristics of development of Internet business in two aspects "high performance", "high availability". High performance general, referring to the first thought is to optimize the mentioned high available first reaction is dual or backup, but for the Internet this kind of large capacity and traffic volume of business, the two means is fluff, unable to cope with the Internet business of high performance and high availability requirements, Internet business of high availability and high performance...
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BAT decryption: the development of Internet technology (6) - service layer technology analysis

In a series of articles of the second "BAT decryption: Internet technology development (2) - business how to drive the development of technology", we have in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the development of the Internet business: more and more complex. Increase in complexity of the typical phenomenon is the system more and more, when the number of system is increased to a certain degree, the complex measure change brings the complexity of qualitative change, is mainly reflected in the system between the deepening interdependence: for example in order to complete a business system, may need to B, C, D, e and so on more than a dozen other systems to cooperate. From a mathematical point of view, it can be found that the dependence of the system is exponential...
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BAT decryption: the road of the development of Internet technology (5) - development layer technology analysis

Analysis of the Internet technology development layer related technologies and the mainstream of the practice, including the development framework, web server, container technology...
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BAT decryption: the development of Internet technology (4) - storage layer technology analysis

Analyze the typical practices and programs of the Internet technology storage layer, including SQL data, NoSQL data, small files, large files...
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BAT decryption: the development of the Internet technology (3) - the company's technical architecture is the force of this fan

Most people for bat with a vague sense of worship, think only very cow Bihu genius to do appear in these systems, but through the analysis of the front two posts, we can in fact, did not see what the mysterious power and magic fusion in technology, but business will continue to promote the development of technology continues to develop, step by step, continuous several years or even 10 years of development, in order to achieve the complex technology, advanced, cow force degree. Put aside their own differences in BAT business, from a technical point of view, in fact, the technical architecture of BAT is basically the same, the company's technology is the driving force of the fan...
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BAT decryption: the development of the Internet technology (2) - how to drive the development of business

The road of the development of the Internet technology (2) - business how to drive technology development in the road of the development of the Internet technology (1) - technology development driving force "the, we elaborate on the for service business, business development is the driving force of the development of technology. Then we'll look at how the business is driving the development of technology. Internet business vary widely, but because they have the same point "size is everything", its development path also basically is consistent. Internet business development is generally divided into several periods: the start-up period, the rapid development period, the competition period, the mature period. The difference in different period is mainly reflected...
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BAT decryption: the development of Internet technology (1) - the driving force of Technological Development

The road of the development of the Internet technology (1) - technology development driven force of the Internet industry is a rapid development, rapid changes in the industry, the endless stream of new business, new opportunities, new techniques such as springing up, NoSQL, big data, cloud, node.js, docker and, no moment are in bombing programmers head. No wonder Chinese programmers are circulating a statement: after 30 years of age should not do technical work the, because the technology is developing so rapidly. Fast pace to bring opportunities, but for the technical staff, is more challenging, and even sometimes confused. For example: 1) Dock...
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JDBC batch operation performance improvement

JDBC when using the INTO INSERT....VALUES () statement batch insertion, you should use the PreparedStatement JDBC batch operation method, rather than the use of a method of execution. For example (source: as shown above, the code has 3 key processing steps: 1) turn off the auto commit 2) executeBatch addBatch3 using this method, SQLite...
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Java program start time CPU and load high exploration

These two days assist operation positioning a monitor CPU occupancy rate reached 150% of the problem, tortuous process, a simple conclusion, very interesting:) first came to see us about high CPU time screenshot: you can see the red box in the procedures for the control of CPU occupancy rate is very high, but in fact these monitoring program implementation is very simple: send an HTTP request, received responses after a simple way to judge a response code, and then print the monitoring results. Such a simple business to occupy such a high CPU, how to feel is not possible, so to get the source code to monitor the source location. ...
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Test and analysis of collision probability in CRC32 algorithm

Recently because of a business needs to use the CRC32 algorithm, but the business can not tolerate repeated values appear, so naturally want to know about the conflict probability of CRC32 algorithm (or called collision probability). The thought that this problem should be a lot of people analyzed, the results to find a lot of looking to find a lot of mathematical formulas, I do not understand this mathematical blind. Managed to find a picture, but foggy (original link: since...
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Ten years of grinding sword of architecture design

Concentrated 10 years work experience essence, combined with the experience in the field of telecommunications and the Internet, stripped of architecture design of tall on the cloak of secrecy, refining the architecture design of the ultimate Dafa, rookie can do architecture design, architecture design just so so. Main contents of the includes: 1) what is the basic principle of architecture design 2) architecture and design the ultimate Dafa 3) architecture design 4) how to improve architecture design details please click download: ten years grinding sword of architecture design.
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Zero defect development technique

Zero defect development skills, simple and easy to understand, a school will be, one will have the effect, let you write 10K code only a bug method for individual practice effect: 10K code a bug, 70% of personal responsibility in the version 0 bug details please click download: zero defect "development skills content abstract: a principle: two eighths of the principle of two techniques: defensive programming, code written three times three conditions: familiar with the programming language, unit testing, familiar with the business...
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TCP three handshake and four break depth analysis: the relationship between the state of the connection and the API socket

I bet few people understand the relationship between TCP status and socket programming API. Do not believe? Look at the following questions. Do you know: 1) when the client can connect to the server side, is the end of the server call listen after bind or accept after? 2) under what circumstances will appear FIN_WAIT_2 state ..................... If you don't know, then listen to me carefully...
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A: object oriented Canon: ideas, skills and Practice (40) - DECORATOR model

Master the design pattern, we will be a new way to understand the design model, this method is more simple, more intuitive, do not believe? Look at a few examples that ===================================================================== [business] assuming you enter a information security management is very strict, and the company does not allow employees to print their own document, print a document with all need to print the document system of unified management. Document printing system will record every print...
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A: object oriented Canon: ideas, skills and Practice (39) - design principles of vs design pattern

Is the design principles, and design patterns, in the end which is the use? ============================================================================= in "design model" chapter, we mentioned design principles and design patterns are complementary, design principles and design patterns complementary embodied in: design principle is mainly used for the design of guidance "definition", design pattern is mainly used for design of guidance of class "behavior". Give a very simple example: suppose we...
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A: object oriented Canon: ideas, skills and Practice (38) - design mode of

A lot of people can recite all the design patterns, can quickly draw a variety of design patterns UML class diagram, but also to be able to skillfully write "design patterns" in a book each mode of the sample code. But the actual project design and development, often will fall into confusion: either unable to start, do not know where to use design patterns; either mechanically, the indiscriminate use of design patterns, will get a mess and coding. ============================================================...
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