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1 chip instructions

Recently got a few new QCA4004 chip, called the B Version (Figure 1), and a version compared with improved internal structure, left to the user available RAM space than before a times to run a large software system, to achieve more wireless function.

Figure 1:

Of course, the new IC must be equipped with the new SDK, the official version of the 3.2 version, can be compatible with the old version of the chip, it is to be determined. It is estimated that the old chip on the tragedy of the userCry.

2.SDK description

First show under the 3.2 edition of the directory structure:

Figure 2:

It is worth mentioning is the SDK integrated alljoyn some platform file, so very easy to alljoyn port to 4004 on; dl-alljoyn.sh automatically download the latest source code from the allseen, install-alljoyn.sh file to install the files to the specified directory and install program examples. After SDK are not in the integration of the alljoyn code, and this part of the user to get their own. Note that the script file may be used to test, and some of the installation directory is wrong, the user needs to modify their own, very unhappyCrazy.

14.06a 3.alljoyn

This version can get 14.06a alljoyn, but also relatively new. Worthy of note, and before the use of 14.02, substantial improvement that integrates the function of automatic configure AP, the basic equipment can fool the network.

Figure 3:APP automatically find the device on the network

Figure 4: automatic configuration of equipment

Figure 5: starting to configure the connection of the router

Figure 6: configuration complete, the name of the input device

Figure 7: device ready

Figure 8: device control panel

Figure 9: hardware and software properties of the device

Summary: 3.2 version SDK, support P2P, ALLJOYN, AP+STA, part of the function is still in perfect, if you want to experience the user, the details of the Qualcomm on the official website!

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