Low power MTTP solar charger (1)

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The last time from X to buy a small power solar panels, it will come to evaluation, has not been put in use. Spent several hundred large, think, unfortunately, expect or use, to tell the truth, the 5V output voltage part, efficiency is relatively low, to the sun is very big to mobile phone charging, low illumination time wasted does not play a the advantages of flexible solar panels. So want to change the things, do a band of MTTP solar charging device, can put small power all the energy stored, to charge the digital products. If the solar board is bigger, it can also be connected to the lead battery.
Fig. 1: flexible solar panels

Figure 2: comes with 5V boost board, this has been superfluous, must be removed!

Figure 3: self made electric energy management board

The Board meets the basic function, MTTP debugging, to be continued........

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