# software configuration management # bad taste collection

Software development focus vocabulary continued to introduce new, CMMI, agile, lean, continuous delivery, continuous integration, gray...... But one word has actually been there, to support a variety of new hot spots, it is # software configuration management #. It is also an important factor affecting the efficiency of team software development. Below the bad smell my microblogging mentioned inductive bad taste under # software configuration management # 1: under version control file name with bad taste version number # software configuration management # 2: through the review or released documents moved to another directory, without the use of baseline /lable/tag version of the etc....
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A variety of common methods of hierarchical processing of software requirements

At present, the demand is divided into several levels to manage? Originally of the SRS only a level, in the waterfall life cycle play an important role and demand milestone reviews and requirements change management is around the SRS to carry out. Over time, the drawbacks of the waterfall life cycle become more and more obvious, and the demand management of the waterfall life cycle is the first to be improved. A clear trend is no longer only SRS, but more than a level to analyze the needs, and then carry out the demand management. At present, the industry has a variety of needs hierarchical classification, this paper to enumerate. ...
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Micro channel dialogue on agile planning

Agile Kanban planning meeting...
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Review of lengthy documents

For lengthy document review, in fact, the results are very funny, often through a slight modification. There is little to pass. And some modifications are just changed. The quality of the final document is not guaranteed. So now the entry of document processing has become the new norm. For example, the demand is divided into the drafting and review, by means of. Diabloneo: indeed, I haven't met completely rewritten documents so that effective review long documents is the lengthy documents dismantling the short. Needs to be decomposed into smaller particles of the items, please the product manager or product manager to determine that the parties understand one by one. Us...
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About # entry requirements #

1: demand is no longer the traditional SRS document, but a to query, edit, modify, state tracking. For example, Scrum proposed user story Backlog. 2: requirements for the purpose of the level of division, the division is often not enough. The first level needs to collect the raw material, it is difficult to control its scope and size, so it is not easy to develop directly; second needs through the first level of filtering, suitable for the development of the program. In the agile common division of epic and story, in the CMMI is divided into customer demand, product demand...
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The code is with great scourges?

What is code entrainment entrainment is a no stranger phrase. The general understanding is in the normal code into the code with other have an ulterior motive. Through the Internet search, get the following: it is usually in the normal process of computer communication which will be an additional piece of code entrainment, the computer network security caused damage. On the face of it, it will not take the initiative to attack the computer, but as long as the installation of the normal process, and the program... Know that any confidentiality provisions can not stop the staff to carry out the code to go out. You must ensure that you are honest and stable, because our program is very complex (only PHP text on 3G...
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Agile poison - a negative practice in the overall organization of the damage

First statement 1: quick poison is not to say that agile is a poison, but that the damage to the organization's overall negative practice, or the negative practice of the agile banner. The author thinks that the agile overall is good, the current development of learning by agile, it is a conservative. Statement 2: This article is to say that the organization is more than 200 people's business organizations, in particular, does not include less than 50 people's entrepreneurial organization. Statement 3: are -There lot of development centric practices tha a, a founder of the Scrum...
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Requirements document can not be signed three - an example

AB companies trying to manage the license release of independent products, the security software is not pirated, and statistics, to use the AI system has been expanded this part of the function. The new features are mainly divided into 2: 1, product management, 2, license issued in the product management mainly to maintain product and product version of the information. License release, according to the product has been some version of the license, the product development department for approval, the IM system can automatically generate a license. In order to develop this part of the function, in 2010, project group first writing the 86 page "product management module functional requirements specification, after the 2nd meeting...
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Requirements document can not be signed two - theoretical derivation

How can the software be developed without the need for documentation? Entirely possible. Recall that when reading the teaching and research group, in memory of their programming experience, there are always at least a few times, in a variety of reasons, in the case of no demand documents, the software has been written. Maybe the software is smaller and the quality is not very good, but there is no need to document it. So there is no need to document the software can be developed. In order to ensure that the software to meet the requirements, it is clear that the need for additional means. The author believes that the most important means is to quickly run the software to the user trial or...
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Do you need to sign the document? one of

In the development of software, requirement analysis and requirement management have always been regarded as the key to the success of software development. In CMMI, the requirement management is the process domain of CMMI2 level, and the requirement development is the process area of CMMI3 level. In the waterfall type of life cycle, the demand analysis stage, the general arrangements for the demand analysis of the milestone review. Waterfall life cycle exists for a number of years, has been written to the international standard for software development, the national standard. Due to the waterfall life cycle such as waterfall downstream, beginning in the design stage, according to the results of the requirements document to carry out the work, compare with the requirements document the requirements of...
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Several key aspects of process quality assurance PQA

What is the scope of the process quality assurance? Process quality assurance refers to different from test, aimed mainly at process and intermediate product quality assurance, in general, according to the earliest CMM, also known as software quality assurance, abbreviated as SQA early process quality assurance. Now the latest CMMI will be the corresponding process area known as product and process quality assurance, the abbreviation of PPQA. The inside of a p products including the final product, but the focus is intermediate work products, so the P put in here but to bring some confusion, and tested for the presence of some overlap. So process quality assurance (PQA) this formulation...
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Discussion on the open space of Use-Case UML in "software engineering: research and practice" seminar

In December 20, 2014, I was lucky enough to take part in the "software engineering: research and practice" seminar held at Fudan University. In the afternoon of open space activities, I recommend Use-Case UML as one of the 6 topics, becoming the host of this topic. This topic with a number of teachers and industry experts have been discussed. In the end, I was the representative of this topic to report the topic of discussion. This paper attempts to sort out the record of the discussion at the time. 1, in the industry UML and Case Use has not been widely used, can be used to express the original SRS Use expression of Case...
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Some problems about software project effort estimation

Author: Zhang Keqiang software project effort estimation from the basis for estimation can be divided into the following two categories: 1, based on the size of the estimated 2, based on effort estimation based on the estimation of the scale of the need to estimate the size of the software project. In this paper, we first look at the scale of the problem. Question 1: how to express the scale? Functional size of software products and projects involving software development and transaction cost, project investment of resources prediction, maintenance of the project cost budget, project quality management requirements and product listing time of key indicators. Therefore, it is particularly important to measure the function of software product. How to measure software size...
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Recent development trends in software design

QA the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States 15:16 almost set up and set up, which is more appropriate to cover the template, more effective? Now I have come to the concept of design, some mainly covers the is module integration scheme, but now meet not to inter module data stream as a template, but between class and class interaction, and the detail design is of class were describe Zhang Keqiang 22:20 concept design detail design is the previous method, and HighLevelDesign LowLevelDesign. Almost set to go up, is now the architecture design, so that the concept of a component or module. Almost can be set...
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Software configuration management seven state

Software development focus vocabulary continued to introduce new, CMMI, agile, lean, continuous delivery, continuous integration, gray...... But one word has actually been there, to support a variety of new hot spots, it is # software configuration management #. It is also an important factor affecting the efficiency of team software development. English abbreviation SCMSCM from the birth of the software engineering, even before the birth is in there, because code documentation always should be stored in the.SCM through the many stages, try the seventh state grade seven level first shared directory, copy to deal with multiple person cooperation, backup on a daily or weekly basis. Each part only...
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Why did the agile team fail?

To maintain the authority, that is, let's reappointment project manager to continue to adhere to good practice, project manager for reappointment to the same understanding of agile practice and understand the pros and cons, can make the authority of correct and decision-making. This is the test of a project manager training mechanism for an organization. A successful project manager for promotion, nominator may not have the same views and experiences of the former. Chinese believes the new government took office three fire, there is always the same successor. "Just" although is also the Chinese ancient wisdom, but it seems in Chinese with not much. At present, the training of the authority of the project manager than the training of qualified agile coach, I think it is easier to train the former. In the East official culture, qualified agile coach is too scarce. ...
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The failure process of a successful agile team

Text link http://www.cnblogs.com/Wangyong-Wen/p/3976805.html...
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Agile DoD complete the definition of a variety of forms

Author: Zhang Keqiang microblogging: Zhang Keqiang - agile 307 on definition of releasedone finished the definition in the past, to say, common with exit criteria, completion condition, success criteria, and so on in agile software development, there multi-level different definition is complete. Typical is the iteration of the DoD, which is the first place where the DoD application. Common in Scrum, the need to pre define the DoD, the common iterative DoD terms are: 1, all completed the user story to get the PO 2, all the code to get a static analysis, to correct the highest level of non...
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SonarQube4.4+Jenkins three - unit test analysis for code checking instance

Author: Zhang Keqiang Author: Zhang Keqiang 307 - agile microblogging In "one of the examples of code checking SonarQube4.4+Jenkins", it introduces the way of checking only. In "SonarQube4.4+Jenkins code check examples of two" in the introduction of the compiler and the way to check the results of the compiler. This paper describes how to use SonarQube to analyze unit testing. The latest recommendation in the analysis plug-in is Jacoco. Of course, unit testing, the first unit of the test was written, the local implementation of the results obtained...
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SonarQube4.4+Jenkins code check examples of two

In "one of the examples of code checking SonarQube4.4+Jenkins", it introduces the way of checking only. But some code checks require the use of byte code, such as Findbugs check is dependent on the byte code, an example of a source code, you can not carry out the Findbugs check. To carry out the Findbugs test will need to compile. The following examples to demonstrate how to build 1, of course, is the first to download the latest findbugs http://docs.codehaus.org/displ...
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