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Java 7 can run Nashorn, instead of Rhino

In some of the OpenJDK on the Nashorn dump down, Java 7 can be used to make! Source code in Originally Java is only Nashorn 8. Now someone has made backwards compatibility, a good thing! ...
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Two pits encountered in recent mobile front-end projects

Although to avoid, but also not to mention, pit is really used to tread often, don't think mobile terminal are dominated by WebKit is a simple, without having to deal with the browser compatibility issues, -- in fact, inconsistent problem is still quite large. ...
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JavaScript asynchronous control library Douglas Crockford God written: RQ (2)

JavaScript asynchronous control library Douglas Crockford God written: RQ (2)...
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JavaScript asynchronous control library Douglas Crockford God written: RQ (on)

RQ is a run on the server for the management of asynchronous small JavaScript library. ...
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Design member system (brain)

The idea of a mature brain in the brain. Brain mapping is a good way to organize your thoughts. Member login: new member registration: may not think too careful. Later colleagues give a Taobao blog prototype design (the efficient output mobile app products prototype "), is also very good. ...
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Page effect is simple to do (1)

Description: have their own writing, there are online to see, even if it is written by others will change, or add notes, and to maintain a unified encoding style, easy to read. Goal is not the third party libraries can be completed (native browser), simple to do, able to explain logic and principle can be clear and may therefore not considered the most thorough, including cross browser. If you plan to use in the project using the best tests clearly, and it may be necessary to further modify. ...
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Two. Implement ORM: generic and reflection

I think, two point ORM implementation and reflection is generic. At the beginning of the DAO does not implement ORM, here to see how DAO layer building blocks. ...
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Through the use of the mouth to say that

In order to regulate the common content between the various interfaces, the forward side of the developer to introduce the use of the interface, set the document. API interface only provides pure data output or write behavior, does not include style or template rendering. Interface is not limited to the particular client or server, makes Android / IOS client /HTML5/WindowPhone and background data operations can be applied, but in some cases, according to client provides the useragent (say, the useragent is the client's identity, "the newcomer whom", is what the client) adaptation. ...
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JS Node crawler record post

The crawler is a battle of wits technology live...... ...
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Evolution TypeScript

First of all want to say is to learn before TS will be the first JS, because it is the JS is superset TS. As C++ is superset's C. The other is that the language is not so painful, the increase is not a lot of things, so the learning curve should be relatively flat. Finally, because I am interested in Angular, so go to the TS study also came up. ...
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