Sogou "C programmer from campus workplace" Corrigendum

(I am in 2015 blog star selection, invites you to vote, thank you: Username=zhouzxi since the C programmers from the campus to the workplace, "a book listing since, by the popular, many readers through various means to me the feedback of the reading experience and expressed thanks for this. But "no gold is pure and no man is perfect, the contents of the book there are some flaws. This paper is used to continue to collect some of the problems found in this book, and also hope that the...
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Sogou "C programmer from the workplace" campus led everyone from the campus into the workplace

Tanabata Festival has just passed, there is good news: my new book the C programmers from the campus to the workplace "formally published and on the platform of each big cable business sold! Here, let us enjoy the paper book "style". The first chapter of this book catalog overview 1.1 the development history of C language 1.2 main features of C language 1.3 common tool software 1.4 summary The second chapter of the school to the workplace 2.1 recognize their own shortcomings 2.2 get rid of the wrong idea 2.3 workers...
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R basic learning (1):R overview

R based learning the first article: R overview. ...
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Linux control (Statistics) files generated by the C code to achieve

From time to time to a directory under the Linux machine into the file, the contents of the file contains the user number, time field, now write a program to count the all the files in the directory records the total number and all records of the earliest start time and latest end time. ...
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Reflections on the problem of "the remaining birds on the tree"

Reflections on the problem of "the remaining birds on the tree". ...
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Linux in the host machine on the implementation of the directory and files on the operation of the C code to achieve

Write a program to complete the implementation of the host machine on the directory and the operation of the document. For example, the host for the A, the preparation of B, the requirements of the preparation of the program running on the A machine, the program to achieve the B machine to create a file directory and copy the operation of the document. ...
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Demonstrate the C code coverage of the gcovr tool profile and related commands to use the sample

The C code coverage of the gcovr tool is introduced, and the use of the relevant commands. ...
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"Hackers and painters" reading notes

"Hackers and painters" a book. ...
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Read the configuration file to achieve the shell script

Read the configuration file to achieve the shell script. ...
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The process of removing duplicate rows from the source file and the implementation of C code

In the process of generating and processing of the words, the single file of the source file is to be considered. The program in this paper provides a reference for developers of related projects. ...
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Introduction of ORACLE call interface (OCI) and important function flow

Interaction with the database is essential for the implementation of the user overhead user program. In order to achieve the user data storage, read, delete and other operations, we need to frequent access to the database, which has a high demand for access to the database model. ORACLE database has the characteristics of good portability, easy to use and strong function, so it is widely used in the actual software development projects. This paper first briefly introduces the basic situation of OCI, and then on the OCI in the two important procedures for a certain introduction. I hope that through this article, to OCI have a general understanding of. ...
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Analysis of the growth direction of the search stack and implementation of C code

Using C code to view the growth direction of the stack. ...
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Rental & test driver's license - a history of programmer's growth (5)

"A programmer's growth history" series fifth. ...
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"Growth hacker" with LBS

Reading "hackers: Venture Company and user growth in income growth has a sense of". ...
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Analysis of variable accumulation in C language multi thread

In this paper, the problem of variable accumulation in the multi thread of C language is analyzed. ...
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Graduation ceremony - a programmer's growth history (4)

"A programmer's growth history" series fourth. ...
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