Server FileStream SQL access with progress

Server FileStream SQL features a detailed reference online help design and implementation of FILESTREAM storage Here is just to use the FILESTREAM to manage the Win32 data to adjust the code, to achieve the progress of access, which for access to large files more meaningful To use FileStream, you must first open the FileStream option in the Server SQL Configuration Manager: Server SQL Configuration Manager - Server SQL service...
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On the SQL Server 2008 implicit data type conversion enhancement in the execution plan of (Continued)

In an article on SQL Server 2008 processing of implicit data type conversion enhancement in the implementation of the plan, I mentioned the increase for the data distribution is not the average table implicit data type conversions, assessment of the number of rows of data and actual values have access to large problems further after the test, I found this assessment accuracy should indeed and speculation as, it uses the evaluation pattern of the variables.
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On the SQL Server 2008 implicit data type conversion enhancement in the execution plan of

In the SQL server query, the meaning hidden data type conversion may lead to great query performance issues, in 2008 and later versions of SQL server, the enhanced, but still frequently encountered problems...
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Error: 7884, Severity: 20, State: 1

Polyphonic polyphonic background: program abort TCPProvider.: 0 - an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remotehost., hand executed query no problem. But the execution time to tens of seconds. Trace program execution, found to tens of minutes, the understanding, the reason is that the program uses the SqlDataReader to read data, and in the process of reading a series of data processing,...
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Preliminary understanding of the update lock (U) with the exclusive lock (X)

There has been no serious awareness update operation lock. Recently I found a problem in the MSDN, asked heap table updates the deadlock problem, question is very simple, have similar to this table and data: create table dbo.tb (C1 int, C2 char (10), C3 varchar (10); GODECLARE @ id int. Set @ id = 0; while @ ID 5BEGIN; set...
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No language, encounter: Error: 605, Severity: 21, State: 3

Recently encountered a serious error: error 605, severity: 21, state: 3.Attempt to fetch logical page (1:xxxxx) in database 2. It belongs to allocation unit xxxxxnot XXXXX. Severity level 21, looks very scary, according to the online help for the wrong error description http://techne...
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How to make Server SQL efficient - difficult (ITPUT discussion summary)

4, your SQL Server in use process, which make you very confused performance problems? Are tabulated and discussed -- comprehensive L Tempdb a) row level and transaction level snapshot are stored in the tempdb (I do not know the architecture why design), \ undo redo natural not too convenient b) tempdb put too much, bring the performance bottleneck personal point of view: feel tempdb is indeed a bottleneck. Almost every version will go to the tempdb inside a number of things, tempdb bear...
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How to make Server SQL efficient - program design (ITPUT discussion summary)

3, in database design procedure, you think should pay attention to what matters, to ensure that the database can be used effectively? Discussion summary l try to narrow the read and write operation range and repeatability, the temporary table or table variable intermediate transition process l cache. At the end of the L program commonly used data cache static). Corresponding with the stability of the data, can will it static storage, avoid database access L) parameters, the access parameter statement of or changed for a stored procedure l connection pool, control access and the number of concurrent l batch processing. To modify the data cache for a period of time together to write...
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How to make Server SQL efficient --T-SQL (ITPUT discussion summary)

2, you think in a T-SQL written (including stored procedures, functions, and views), and what factors will affect the efficiency of SQL Server? Discussion summary index using L NO index or did not use index, I / O throughput is small, did not create a computed column causes the query is not optimized, lock or deadlock, query statement is not optimal L for large tables. Statements that do not take the index and error scan of the statement, and the mandatory use of hint statements may because of the passage of time, the impact of the SQL Server on the optimal plan generation l obstacle...
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How to make Server SQL efficient -- Design (ITPUT discussion summary)

1, you think in the design of SQL server objects, mainly to consider what factors to avoid performance problems discussed summary: overall design of l should according to the system architecture type or major operation for design: such as OLTP and OLAP, ETL and l logic clear, the application is more convenient for development. Have good expansibility and maintenance, reduce the data redundancy and so l in the DB management, start from the CPU, HDD configuration, in DB development, business process, logic and functional, DB structure, SQL command from the accurate design...
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Configure SMTP server authentication for SSRS

In SQL Server Reporting Services, through "the reporting services configuration manager to configure e-mail sending SMTP server, but can not show type login configuration SMTP server username and password and login SMTP server uses is to start reporting services service account. So if Services SMTP and Reporting in the same domain, then you can put the login SMTP domain user is set to Reporting...
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Extending sp_helpindex, increasing INCLUDE and screening criteria for screening conditions

Server SQL system stored procedures do not seem to be taken seriously, the new version of some of the characteristics of the system does not seem to reflect the stored process, is indeed a more depressing thing. Below the storage process is the SP Sp_helpindex expansion, the expansion of two index of the new characteristics of information: contains rows and rows of screening. Using the method and sp_helpindex, like, you can try to be interested in. USE master; GO/*-- sp_helpindex - expansion...
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The importance of using the text () function in XPath, xml.value

Was repeatedly asked, why in the DBA specification, will be required to resolve the XML value, value method of XPath to add text () function, it seems that the results are the same as the results are the same. The test script below that use text () the difference, and why use it. DECLARE @xml xmlSET @xml = N'b C'; SELECT @xml.value (' (/a) [1]','varchar (10)...
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Using the replication stored procedure to perform a solution to the problem of a large number of updates in a transaction replication that can not be synchronized.

Replication stored procedures for the execution of the application in transactional replication, when in released executed on the server configuration stored procedure, stored procedure leads to the data change will not do for multi-step transaction is transmitted to the subscriber, but only the stored procedure is executed the commands sent to the subscription server. Added a field for example, if you have a 100 million records and initialized to a value, if you do not use replication stored procedure execution, then the operation will formation 100 million update operations are sent to the subscriber and subscription server will be evaluated for 100 million times update. Usually this operation.
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XSL to achieve user screening

In XSL achieve the user to choose, toss for a long time, finally fix the functional requirements: has the following XML, intends to do an XSL file analysis, effect analysis is in the parsed page, a dropdownlist, it lists all the Group/@name value and allows users by choosing to screening XSL eventually displayed data xml-stylesheettype= text/xsl href "filter.xsl"? >root>groupname= "group1"...
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Some weird problems using the Windows user group in Server SQL

Recently, the use of Windows in the SQLServer user group, found some of the more bizarre problem. Server SQL version: Server SQL 2008 R2 Question failed for user'xx\xx'1:Login pedagogical operation In SQL server to add a Windows user, and the user connects to SQL Server (Windows authentication, failed login, log appear as...
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Configure SharePoint 2010 to use the native default Server SQL instance

The SharePoint 2010 the installation wizard, with only very limited customization function, there are two modes: n "independent" mode, installation of SQL Server 2008 Express as database services. Does not have any customization options; n "server farm" mode can be customized installation directory, inside the "independent" and "independent" mode, "complete" mode does not install SQL Server Express, can in the configuration wizard after the installation is complete the configuration database service...
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A locked query

Environment: SQL Server 2005 or 2008 recently in dealing with a problem of lock found a relatively depressed thing, use the X lock actually unable to lock the query, simulation of the problem, you can use the following T-SQL script to set up the test environment. USE master; GO IF @@TRANCOUNT > 0 ROLLBACK TRAN; GO - ran...
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The problem of conflict between OUTPUT and CHECK constraints in 2008/08 SQL

In SQL Server 2005, add the output clause greatly improves the convenience of data transfer, but unfortunately, the output of the output clause table cannot contain a check constraint condition is enabled. This is a bit of a bad feeling. However, in the actual use of the process, but found a very strange question, some has enabled state of the check constraint on the table does not for the output clause, and some tables is possible, by comparison, discovered the strange phenomenon, the enabled state of the...
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Preliminary study on change tracking and change data capture in Server SQL 2008

Change and change overview of 1 capture change data capture change 1.2 1.1 overview of 1 change tracking data 1.3 change tracking change data capture 2 2.1 change tracking 2.2 tracking change the data capture to capture and record the user table DML (insert, update, and delete operations).
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