Start the 2015 world of artificial intelligence system intelligence ranking, detection of artificial intelligence is beyond human

2014 Academy of Sciences, Liu Feng of Northern Jiaotong University, Shi Yong team published the standard AI IQ, has set the standard for intelligent model, established the "Internet standard AI IQ test scale and on this basis. According to the results of this research. In June 2014 the world wide search engine and different age groups of human Internet IQ test. Formed the world's first human and 50 Internet artificial intelligence system (search engine) ranking. The study not only found the advantages of artificial intelligence systems such as search engines...
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The study of artificial intelligence Van Gogh, Picasso style, painted paintings in the world is what it looks like

2015 August 26, German Werner center Theo Integrative Neuroscience Research Institute scientists in the world's largest electronic preprint the offer library released their latest research, with the depth of learning algorithm for artificial intelligence system learning Van Gogh, Mo Nye, world famous painter painting drawing new "artificial intelligence in the world famous"...
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New formula: Internet + brain science = Internet neurology

Internet + brain science = Internet neurology is my July 23, 2015 China Internet future development summit forum and the establishment of the network and the future research center of Social Research Center, a formula mentioned above. The topic of the speech is "Internet + brain science, the Internet Neurology's present and future"...
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Strategic error of the brain in Europe and the United States, the lack of a mirror

Future right path may be, do not spend billions of euros to build a simulated machine artificial brain, but directly to observe how the Internet in the promotion of scientific research and commercial interest, how to from a split, incomplete network structure evolution into a high degree of similarity with the human brain tissue structure. Using the Internet as a breakthrough point for the study of the brain as a whole. The study of the details of the brain reduction theory. ...
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Internet + brain science, China's brain project opportunities

From the current development of the brain, the Internet is not enough attention to this factor. Without the Internet as a reference, the grand plan will become a source of water without a source of water. The rapid development of the Internet in China also for the development of China's plans for the brain has laid a good foundation and unique advantages, Internet + brain science, Internet neuroscience research, China brain project can corner overtaking in Europe and the United States to find breakthrough in China's Xinke science fields. ...
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The incremental evolution of the three dimensions of the Internet +, space, IQ, and class

Internet + will increase from the three dimensions of the monotonous evolution. First, from the space, the scope of the Internet from the laboratory to the world and eventually expand to the entire universe, the formation of the wisdom of the universe or the universe. Second, from the wisdom, the IQ of the Internet will be increased from 0 to the wisdom of the whole human population involution and cubic and the Internet in the process of the wisdom of crowds and machine intelligence will occur chemical reaction, the formation of resonance and promote each other. Third, from the function and structure, the Internet will be fragmented, incomplete, not perfect network evolution into the human brain is highly similar to the Internet virtual brain, while the Internet's nervous system will use their own nervous system and nerve endings are constantly invaded to the human society in all aspects of the human society, learning, entertainment, transportation, industry, agriculture..... ...
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Graphical Internet + and cloud computing, networking, big data relationship

Internet + is the core of the Internet's evolution and expansion, we can not use a separate above the map to express our understanding of the Internet +. This is because the Internet + is essentially a reflection of the Internet from the breadth and depth of erosion of the real world dynamic process. The Internet was born in the university laboratory in 1969, expanding, from the United States to the Americas, from Asia, Europe to Africa, Antarctica, application areas from research, to life, from entertainment to work, from the media to the industrial manufacturing industry. ...
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Internet Neurology Series fifth: Study of the brain in Google, Facebook and CISCO HUAWEI route, brain Internet physiology

The human brain has evolved over the past few years ago, all of the Internet, the Internet will help scientists uncover the secrets of the brain. Scientific experiments will prove that the brain also has a Google like search engine, SNS like Facebook system, IPv4 like the address of the encoding system, CISCO as the routing system...
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Emotional intelligence, IQ, and dreams of the Internet's brain fourth

Since the Internet is highly similar to the human brain structure, then the Internet should also have psychological phenomenon, showing emotions emotions, intelligence, perception, cognition, intelligence and other phenomenon. Neuropsychology Internet is a kind of psychological problem of the Internet from the point of view of the structure of the Internet. The study of how the Internet is a reflection of the real world information, how to reflect social relations, and how to generate the mental activity of the Internet. ...
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The Internet Internet brain anatomy, neurophysiology

Currently the most popular Internet applications and scientific achievements almost all Internet and neurophysiology, including networking, cloud computing, data, industrial 4.0, mobile Internet and Internet relationship, combined with the social network and the Internet of things, deep learning algorithm and the Internet in artificial intelligence such as the promotion of, since 2012, Google, baidu, iFLYTEK, iqiyi have launched a their own Internet brain project, recently held two sessions, Li proposed the Chinese brain plan, promote the establishment of artificial intelligence infrastructure based on the Internet. ...
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16 important issues facing the Internet neurology

As the birth of the new discipline in twenty-first Century, the Internet neurology is facing 16 important issues, these problems will be the study of the brain's internal details of functional architecture; Internet evolution law; the wisdom, awareness, emotional and other issues to provide scientific path. ...
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Internet spawned a new discipline - Internet neurology

The Internet and neurology, the two original distance of the field, the relationship is far deeper than the imagination and close, the establishment of the past 10 years, the relevant theoretical and practical basis, so that these two areas can be generated in the new subject of the twenty-first Century neurology Internet...
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A picture of the relationship between the 4 and the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data

We can also see that the industrial 4 or industrial Internet is the Internet of the nervous system of the seed, the Internet is the central nervous system of the software system for the control of industrial enterprises in the production equipment, household appliances, office equipment, through intelligent, 3D printing, wireless sensor and other technology to become the Internet's brain to transform the world's tools. At the same time, these intelligent manufacturing and intelligent devices are also a steady stream of data to the Internet to provide feedback to the brain, the central nervous system for the use of the internet. ...
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Summary of the research on the Internet and brain science in 2014

Overall, the relationship between Internet and the brain in 2014 get attention more in the field of science and technology, including Baidu brain, iFLYTEK super brain system began to run, 2015, we on the Internet and brain sciences cross comparative study will continue, including the Internet industry, industrial 4.0 and Internet virtual brain relationship, the relationship between Internet brain IQ and machine intelligence and human wisdom, social network big SNS and networking, cloud computing, the relationship between social network, with the operation mechanism of social network analysis of the brain's neural network, explore more Internet between the brain and the reference system and so on. Hope to have further research conclusions. This conclusion will be written in the next year's review summary. ...
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Humans are about to enter the Internet age (IDA).

In the movie "Inception", actor Cobb and his wife in the dream life 50 years, from the buildings, shops, to the river bank, every tree and bush, the two dreaming division with the idea of built belongs to own dream space. You may not think of, in the near future, this seems like the plot of science fiction will go into people's daily life. Today, the reality of the dream operation has begun to quietly staged in the Internet era.   Internet X lab in the "Internet evolution theory," a book has been proposed that the Internet is highly similar to the human brain in the direction of evolution, it will have their own vision, hearing, touch, transport...
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Break the Turing test of the storm, the quantitative analysis of machine and human wisdom struggle

Author: Liu Feng 1 differences between machines and human wisdom   In February 18, 2011, the super computer "Watson" defeated the human and the human, standing on the highest podium quiz. The famous future scientist Kurzweil believes that the information technology is moving towards the singularity of the "super human intelligence". When this information singularity in the arrival of 2045, artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence.   But there are also many scientists who believe that machine intelligence beyond human wisdom is just a scientific fantasy, including MIT Computer Science professor Rob - m...
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Financial brain, the next storm of Internet Banking

Author Liu Feng Guo Xiaoyi The global financial sector is under the artificial intelligence has quietly changed. In 2010, the Dow Jones opened a new Lexicon service system. This system can be real-time to the professional investors to publish financial news. It is worth noting that the vast majority of subscription to the Lexicon service is not a professional investors, but many lines of code to constitute the computer algorithm, these computer algorithms and control the growing global trading activity. Lexicon has realized the automatic reading news, the extraction of key information and complete...
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Looking for the German, Kevin Kelly, and Kurzweil's teacher?

Teilhard de Chardin, "Beijing man". He has a special interest in evolution. On the basis of the discovery of archaeological discoveries, the idea of the evolution of the universe, biology, human beings and spirit is put forward. He believes that the world is evolving, from material to life, to human and spiritual. Finally, the trend of unity of God, the omega (omega), a sense promote life to the universe spread out of control author kk- Kevin Kelly, singularity comes Kurzweil predicted can be seen as Germany and Japan into the intellectual heirs...
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How to develop the Internet under the big social network

The about one billion social accounts represented by Internet neurons is a brand new brain, to some extent, the brain is also reflected in the mood of the world's Internet, the brain of the world's perception of the world is also reflected in the world's perception of the world, the brain's wisdom also reflects the wisdom of the internet. And these emotions, cognition and wisdom is the basis for the need to make a deep excavation of the astronomical numbers of these social networks. The result will be an important result of the "Internet X brain" program. ...
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ITxlab initiative to start the Internet X brain program

Lead: the Internet x brains program by related agencies of the ITxlab (x) Internet Laboratory United Academy of Sciences, based on seven years of research results, initiative builds on the Internet and brain preschool along the study platform to attract experts in different fields of scientific research and achievements communication, on the Internet and brain science, of the Internet in artificial intelligence of the Internet in the future development of field to produce the forefront of innovation to help China holds a leading position in the frontier research on the future of the Internet.
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