Sogou DICOM:DICOM standard learning roadmap (Draft)

Background: recently received numerous net friend mail or private letter to give a simple explanation, from simple to difficult to gradually to browse and read the posts column to facilitate. Themselves in accordance with the main line to write, always thought that logic is fairly clear, but in retrospect, for beginners and even laymen, column as a whole is also not clear enough, sometimes very difficult to find entry point for learning. So recently been considering to write an article about "DICOM learning roadmap" Bowen, the idea for a long time still feel full of flaws, how to let beginners grasp the DICOM related knowledge? How to be able to learn the knowledge of the point of the actual programming training?...... ...
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Sogou DICOM: the "DICOM standard Chinese version" of open source books

Background: open source books [DICOM standard Chinese version] start plan. As my blog motto "as long as one step, the road ahead," said, the road is always need to go step by step, things always need to do one thing. So recently began to start "DICOM standard Chinese" open source books project, due to the DICOM standard as the desert, single handedly alone is very difficult to promote. Need to gather everyone, this is the greatest charm of open source books. ...
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Accumulation of daily (Running) monthly tired (ZSSURE): Cancel OpenAccess, Delete of Task and DeepCopy of fo-dicom,

I recently read an article on the structure of conscience long your architecture is a step by step how to corrupt? And the zizijuju road out of the many practitioners, start-ups, as well as bat will encounter problems, careful reading feel both live and work in many situations, a volume from the growth process, which is faced with the problem of how to manage, gradual optimization or reinvent the wheel? ...
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DICOM:dcm4che open source project into the Eclipse compiler error problem solution

Background: immediately across the year, I remember when I was young, new year's Day is not a thing, how to grow up and grow up feeling more and more lively. All meals, a variety of party, a bit cannot hold. Or come back to sort out this year's notes more comfortable, more rewarding. See see this month unexpectedly issued amount less than four, Evernote ordered a piece of old paper sticking out water, ganqiao solved before mail users encounter related issues. ...
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DICOM:docker implementation of DICOM services virtualization data volumes"

Background: docker technology can achieve the maximum application isolation, and its own resource loss is very low, and even can be equated with the process, thus gave birth to the hope that the docker application to DICOM services development. On a blog DICOM to achieve DICOM:docker service virtualization as the opening, describes how to install the DICOM operating environment in the docker container...... ...
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DICOM to achieve DICOM:docker service virtualization

Background: docker is an open source application container engine, at present most of the application in the field of deployment and maintenance. However, due to the full use of sandboxes, each other can considered as independent of the host and its demand for resources are very limited, far below the virtual machine. Even a lot of time, you can directly use the container as the application itself is no problem. So recently, it is trying to apply docker to the field of traditional DICOM services. In this paper, as the series begins, the main record of the docker environment in the process of the allocation of wonderful problems encountered, for the follow-up to more complex, more comprehensive application to prepare. ...
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DICOM:C-GET services

Background: before post contrast many c-move and C-GET service of the difference between, the biggest difference between the two is that C-GET based on a single TCP connection point to point two party service, and c-move is based on two TCP connections to the third party service (for details, see: the DICOM:C-GET and c-move comparative analysis ", and compared with c-move DICOM:C-GET analysis (Continued). In addition to the previous column blog DICOM:DICOM3.0 network communication protocol analysis of the open source library also has a detailed comparison of dcm4che and f...
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Analysis of "open source" library implementation of DICOM:DICOM3.0 network communication protocol"

Background: Recently, through compared with the dcm4che fo-dicom two kinds of Open-Source Library (also C# and Java in two language system) different to achieve practical learning the DICOM network transmission, Bowen lists two Open-Source Library for the realization of their characteristics, and the use of language features. This article continues to compare the two open source library, from the macro to analyze the implementation of their respective Protocol DICOM, focusing on the use of the thread pool, as well as management...... ...
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DICOM:DICOM3.0 network communication protocol (three)

Background: column on the transmission of DICOM network introduced many times, such as DICOM:DICOM3.0 network communication protocol (Continued), DICOM medical image processing: DICOM network transmission, DICOM medical image processing: a comprehensive analysis of DICOM communication service module. This by comparing the fo-dicom and dcm4che two open source library (also C# and Java two language system) to combat different implementation to learn about DICOM network transmission. ...
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[step on the pit (Running) fill in the hole (ZSSURE)]: WCF learning InstanceContextMode and ConcurrencyMode

Background: WCF can be seen as a realization of the Microsoft SOA architecture, or the existence of WCF allows developers to easily create a service-oriented program. Service oriented itself is not a technology, but the design and implementation of a software architecture. From the earliest (PO) process oriented, oriented object (OO) programming, to later oriented service (so), resource oriented (RO) programming, itself is not the essential difference between, reflect is people the way of understanding the world on the iterative evolution. PO, OO, SO, RO, and a detached O2O, various concepts in learning when used to emerge in an endless stream...
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Comparative analysis of DICOM:C-GET and C-MOVE (Continued)

Background: column parsed DICOM protocol C-GET service and c-move service, the two biggest difference lies in the C-GET is based on a single TCP connection point to point two party service, and c-move is based on two TCP connections to a third party service, please refer to the previous column Bowen DICOM:C-GET and c-move contrast analysis. Recently in the relevant DICOM services, such as CStoreSCP, CMoveSCP, MppsSCP, Docker and Web release and then encountered a problem, the general situation is as follows...
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DICOM: Docker C-STORE SCP demo release service

Background: remember the blog for a long time before wrote a Windows environment under the demo docker hydrological, was naturally curious mentality of acquaintance with docker. In the past two years, with the Docker company launched dotCloud and around the creation of the ecological system, Docker container virtualization technology has been a fire all over the internet. Coupled with the recent mail more letters such as the spirit bird cloud, speed cloud promotion email, renewed the demo docker's impulse. Of course, this is still only the Docker as read without thorough understanding, the virtual machine to use...... ...
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DICOM:DICOM3.0 standard Chinese version of open source book editing GitHub warehouse merger"

Background: GIT and GitHub as the representative of a distributed version control system have become the preferred version control tool for most developers. Due to its different with the centralized version of SVN management, so in the way of working together slightly different, let us compare the following (here with my DICOM3.0 standard Chinese version of the open source books as an example). ...
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Daily product (Running) month tired (ZSSURE): EverNote tag management

Inscription: from a large data to cloud computing, from o2o to wearable, living in the era of the rapid development of mobile Internet, various information flying all over the sky, with the explosion of information described the place Dauphine also early pale and weak. From the macro perspective, global cooperation is becoming more and more frequent, Belt and Road Initiative, TPP; from the micro analysis, individual information acquisition, the realization of the task is from 1-1 to 1-N with a linear correlation point netlike association. Macro and micro Association closely, as "three body" in the evolution of a variety of different civilizations in the world through the human world history to the great civilizations of the universe analogy. Background: traditional programmers "Daniel" is from the grassroots...
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Daily product (Running) monthly tired (ZSSURE): SVN new branch and VS forms to create a copy of the project

Background: with the pit pit on the days and months multiplying, is two corresponding series. The theme, the frequency of updates as DICOM medical image processing column fixed, is mainly used to record the problems encountered in daily work, may be very profound, may also be very superficial. Its main purpose is memo and exchanges. On the Internet, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet today, information explosion is not enough to express the magnitude of massive information, after all, a limited amount of memory of personal, so record daily bit is particularly important. This article records two simple questions: SVN new branch creation and VS forms project copy. ...
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DICOM:DICOM3.0 standard Chinese version of open source books collaborative editing Pull Requests Github"

Background: post column introduced DICOM collaborative model of the DICOM standard, the Chinese version of the book: open source books "DICOM standard Chinese version" initiative, chose see cloud platform to more, join the personnel from all walks of life, such as English majors, non medical from those industries are very welcome, to the grammar translation, language expression, even professional knowledge judge modified. Of course, if you are a IT practitioner, has been familiar with the use of SVN and GIT of various versions of the tool, you can directly initiate requests Pull request, complete collaborative editing Github. ...
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DICOM:DICOM three open source library for comparative analysis of data loading"

Background: a blog "universal DICOM editing tools Sante DICOM editor" introduces the DICOM universal editing tools, lamented the Sante DICOM editor artifact cattle breaking at the same time, would like to know what the bottom is how to realize the. Through the comparison of daily use DCMTK, fo-dicom, dcm4che, open source library compatibility inferred Sante DICOM editor is likely to be based on DCMTK is realized, this blog by a special data to give you compare the compatibility of three open source library. ...
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DICOM Editor DICOM:DICOM universal editing tool Sante

Background: in the post column have been repeatedly Sante DICOM editor, but most of the time is as a DICOM image editing tool, in fact, Sante DICOM editor of DICOM service function is very powerful provides commonly used DICOM query, upload, download service, can be used as a mini PACS, or used for other DICOM server performance test. This article focuses on the introduction of DICOM Editor DICOM in the Service Sante. ...
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DICOM:DICOM3.0 standard Chinese version of the open source books git version library merger"

Background: prior to the translation of DICOM3.0 standard is the locally created a git repository, was not created on GitHub when others cannot access the, the original purpose is want to be standard translation after the completion of the initial to submit to GitHub. However due to the local translation work by MarkDownPad editing, document images need to have a public URL to appear in the document, therefore is on GitHub to create the DICOM-Chinese warehouse, in Figure sub folders for storing all of the pictures appear in the document, and now need to combine both... ...
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DICOM:DICOM3.0 standard Chinese version of the open source books, the local version of the management program"

Background: last month DICOM: open source books DICOM standard Chinese version of the project has been successfully launched, the final group of members selected to see the cloud as an open source book submission, integration, release platform. The main point is that the operation is simple, users do not need to face git, SVN and other tools such as cumbersome instructions, like editing traditional documents as the document for many people collaboration and version management. Here to introduce several versions of the document management program for the exchange of learning. ...
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Pit (Running) fill pit (ZSSURE): SQLite database operation efficiency analysis

Background: prior to the database operation part is mostly stuck in the use phase, did not really consider the database SQL statement execution efficiency. In the near future, other members of the project team will need to assist in modifying the database manually. In order to improve the efficiency of the work of the preparation of the C# test project to carry out related operations. Due to the amount of database record large (more than 10k a), in the process of writing programs found different operating efficiency differs very far, special records, to be follow-up time further in-depth analysis of various database SQL statement execution efficiency. The database to modify the requirements related to delete, modify, add a variety of operations,...
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