Star of on Linux Power Technology

To promote community user activity, more to encourage users to produce quality content, and ultimately to achieve the benign operation of the UGC community model. Powerlinux community set up a special technology star system, for the community to contribute to the outstanding users and experts, we will give some privileges and spiritual incentives.

Wang Rui

ID:isnowfy CSDN

Master introduction: Baidu Senior Development Engineer, responsible for the CTR estimate of personalized recommendation and other algorithms, such as snownlp and other open source projects. At the same time, to participate in the IBM power algorithm challenge match 1-7 Year contest, and won the first place in the quarter, year total champion, also become algorithm competition line salon invited lecturer, algorithm contest video training lecturer is outstanding community of active.

Zheng Lingyun

ID:zhenglingyun8104 CSDN

Master the secondary trading platform "hunting fun" search engineer, has many years of C language and Java language development experience, had participated in the 3-7 power8 limit performance challenge, respectively, in phase 3 and phase 6 won first place. And become the IBM POWER limit line algorithm exchange guest.

Ding Dabo

ID:steven_ding168 CSDN

Master: Shenzhen Hong Jirui technology in the development of Linux on power, 3 years, mainly engaged in the establishment of the development environment and the server, database migration, server load data analysis are introduced. Have participated in related activities organized by Power CSDN, including power on Linux technical writing activities.

Power Technology Master & Power technology up to the benefit of the people

Power technology to reward the master &Power technology for the construction of the community to contribute to the construction of Power technology, we will be the Power technology master, Power technology to provide the following benefits:

right Power Technology Master Power technology talent
1, CSDN special bonus    
2, IBM provide expert training and technical support    
3, Power IBM star expert certification    
4, IBM product priority trial    
5, in the area to open up experts in the area of the blog, the expert personal publicity    
6, in the relevant training and all kinds of meetings, give priority to get the opportunity to participate in the training of lecturers and get paid    
7, IBM annual technical conference free tickets    
8, community integration gift exchange    
obligation Power Technology Master Power technology talent
1, there are specific IBM technology promotion plan    
2, regularly update related blog column content    
3, specify the time period of the corresponding section of the BBS to answer technical questions    
4, the use of their own resources to promote IBM technology area    
5, with the IBM technology area activities    
6, regularly organize activities with their own promotion plan    
7, the trial products and participate in the curriculum output related articles and content    
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