CSDN "save class" activities in the third issue of the collection activities have been successfully concluded!

Third issue collection review:CSDN personalized knowledge service third 2015

What is a class activity?
Saving class activities is a personalized knowledge service activities initiated by the CSDN community
First of all, through the community oriented users to collect technical issues; CSDN will be collected topics for presentation, for everyone to vote;
And the higher share of the course, CSDN will be responsible for recruiting, instructors, providing conference services, together, "save" a real interest in all of the technical courses
In the activities, we eagerly raised the subject, and now, after the CSDN editing screen, a total of five topics for everyone to vote
CSDN "save class" activities to data:Course learning materials

If you are interested in one of the following courses, let's vote on it!

At the same time we also invite high-level experts to join the course lecturer, as long as you have a high level of technology, willing to teach and share technical experience, CSDN save class activities will become a good display platform for you.

When the lecturer, there are more benefits, please check:Lecturer welfare!

Third voting

Task 1: micro channel public platform application development (development model)

One hundred and twentyticket


Topic introduction:1, micro channel message receiving and responding; 2, the use of advanced interface; 3, the use of network expression; 4, the public platform development skills.

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Topic 2:Nginx server entry

One hundredticket


Topic introduction:1, Nginx server working principle, characteristics, and explain the advantages; 2, Nginx server environment installation and configuration; 3, Nginx server instance application; 4, Nginx's future orientation and the current trend.

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Topic 3: mobile game server development



Topic introduction:1 understand some of the framework of the mobile phone game server structure; 2 to understand some of the popular hand travel framework; 3 game algorithm, business logic; 4 related examples to explain.

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Topic 4: building a large scale concurrent web site by.NET



Topic introduction:Want to learn through the.NET to build a large-scale concurrent web site, the design of high-performance site processing methods, how to achieve high performance architecture, which requires the introduction of environmental conditions and related knowledge.

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Topic 5:Python script application and learning method



Topic introduction:1.Python as a scripting language to quickly build the system advantages; 2.Python introduction to the introduction, the actual combat sharing; 3 how to step by step learning.

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