Network Engineer

The work of hardware and software by qualified personnel can test planning, design and network equipment in the network system according to the application requirements of the Department of installation and debugging, as a network of professionals in system development, technical support and guidance, the actual ability to work with engineers and service level, to guide construction and management of the network administrator in network system the.

2016 software engineers to test network video experiment course$499
2016 software engineers to test network basic knowledge of video tutorial$280
2016 software engineers to test network basic knowledge on short term intensive video course$210

Senior Software Course

Information Systems Project Manager

Information systems project management is an advanced qualification examination examination test inside. Through the examination of qualified personnel can grasp the information system of the knowledge system of project management, ability to manage large, complex projects and multi project experience and ability; senior engineer with the actual work ability and professional level, can appoint senior engineer.

Software Project Manager (Senior) combat Battalion$399
[information systems project manager] learning packages$560
Information Systems Project Manager - Case Analysis and depth resolution$298

System Analyst

System analyst examination is a national computer technology and software professional and technical qualification examination (referred to as computer software qualification examination) in a senior examination. The main responsibility is the software project overall planning, requirement analysis, software design, the core architecture of the guidance and leadership of the project development team for software development and software realization, and carries on the comprehensive management of the entire project.

2016 test systems analyst -- comprehensive knowledge of video training courses$500
2016 -- a case analysis of software system analyst Zhenti video course.$200
2016 test systems analyst -- writing video training courses$150

Network planning designer

Network planning designer is a course of Ministry of information industry and the Ministry of personnel held in the opening of the new test.Through the examination of the personnel should have the following skills: familiar with the application of the business, to the field of computer network needs analysis, design, implementation, evaluation, deployment, operation and maintenance work.

2016 test case analysis of network planning and design video tutorial$140
  2016 test -- network planning and design a comprehensive knowledge of video JINGJIANG$350
[network planning designer] paper writing$140

Lecturer / Agency

Ren Shuo
Sheng Zhao
Chong Zhao