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Recently, CSDN together Qualcomm ACG game image engineering team collaborative GFXCE team in China and, in the face of China game developers held the theme of a game development technology salon, including snapdragon processor game development technology, 3D graphics technology development, 3D processing pipeline and how to call the Adreno GPU advanced features. Industry masters will provide developers with the most direct technical guidance and support, detailed aspects of the development of Adreno and a large number of valuable development experience. And to provide 1 to 1 of the hand handle guidance, a large number of demo demo allows us to open the brain hole!

Graphic record

Graphics rendering and performance optimization based on Adreno 4 series

Zack first shared a number: 10 thousand. According to statistics, in 2014, the country has about 1 million a variety of mobile games listed, the blowout phenomenon mainly for two reasons, one is the mobile game market matures and the sharp increase of the mobile terminal sales also further expand the market; on the other hand, the performance of mobile GPU promotion, can achieve more, which makes more game developers can more easily existing porting the game to the mobile terminal.

Render skin, clothes fabric, fur and other materials, and the depth of field, twisted glass

Zhang Tao shared how rendering skin, clothing fabric, fur and other material, and depth of field, glass distortion of light and shadow effects. Taking the skin as an example, the skin rendering is one of the difficult problems in real-time computer graphics. On the one hand, it is because of the complexity of the skin light; on the other hand, the viewer is too familiar with the skin, once the results look like they are difficult to accept. There are several light models on the skin, such as Hanrahan and Krueger for the first time in 1993 on the Siggraph to simulate the skin for the first time to calculate the light reflection. The way they look very realistic, but each illumination calculation need 100 instructions, which for the requirement of real time is too expensive.

Qualcomm development and optimization tool for game development

Li Juan share the Adreno SDK, Adreno SDK texture tools, visual studio, Xiao Long llvm compiler the phase specific functional characteristics. Qualcomm for the development of the game programming, simulation, compile, deploy, analysis and other aspects of each link to provide the development and optimization tools. Taking SDK Texture Tools Adreno as an example, it provides the following characteristics: Observe the original image side by side and the image to be compressed or extracted. Compare the difference between the original image and the image after compression or decompression. Select 16 types of compression from which to choose, including ETC, ASTC Save images into KTX or DDS format A practical tool for converting between many compressed and non compressed texture formats Cross platform libraries and API support Reduce memory bandwidth requirements Try different compression and bit depth Find the best size and visual effects

The characteristics and principles of Tiled rendering

Wen Yan Shan in the morning of the speech, to share the 3D graphics in the Adreno from the vertex processing, vertex assembly, pixel processing, to test, mixing process. At the same time, he further describes the characteristics and principles of Tiled rendering. Limited frame buffer bandwidth and lower power requirements, making Tiled rendering a more effective way. Within the GPU there is a separate cache called GMEM. Each image will be divided into a small bin (Qualcomm inside the image is divided into one block called bin). The size of the bin is determined by the size of the GMEM divided by the format of the render target (including the format of the depth buffer) and the size of the object. The software creates a triangle visibility data stream for each bin". The rendering process uses the visibility data stream to draw the visible pixels.

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