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Multi client

The official website of electronic printing this package offers a subscription

Where in November 16, 2015 -2016 February 29th subscription, will enjoy 10 percent off discount;
Where in December 2015 25 days before the subscription, presented CSDN notebook a!

Tips: the electronic version of the programmer will be replaced by the semi monthly magazine in 2016, adding quantity and quality!



* the electronic version of the subscription will be automatically opened after the success of reading, please download the subscription period began to read. The electronic printing please check 6 per month before delivery.

* programmer iPad/Android version of the read in the client, binding CSDN account (non registered mail), with your subscription to use the ID CSDN and password can be directly logged.

* VIP service is the 1200 time in a year to download the free CSDN site resources (download through the VIP free integral channel), the starting time of the date of payment success.

More platform to buy (stay tuned)

2016 programmers will be landing in the Amazon China, read more reading, reading, reading, reading, and so on!
Such platforms only support a single purchase, if the subscription year, please buy the relevant packages in the official website to enjoy preferential.

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Contact information

  • * online consulting (QQ): 2251809102
  • Telephone consultation: 010-64351436
  • * email: reader@PROG3.COM


* you will become your subscription to the ID CSDN, which is used by the CSDN to subscribe to the electronic version of the programmer.Unique identification, not to change, please protect your account.

* at the same time, please make sure that your ID CSDN is associated with the mailbox, the mailbox is the main way that we contact you.

* you in the Kindle, read more books to read and so on the "programmer", not support and CSDN account synchronization, can only buy, please note.