August 18th

BSV blockchain creates a new world record - birth of 2GB blocks

A 2GB (megabyte) block was successfully dug out on the BSV network, which is the largest block born on the public chain in history. The new world record was born at height 700606 on August 16, 2021.

August 16th

The latest development of BSV network

In view of recent network attacks, update the latest situation of BSV network. Even in the face of attackers with a lot of computing power, the BSV network still works well and handles a record amount of transactions.

July 8th

Review of bitcoin SV Developer Conference (2021)

Bitcoin SV Developers Conference (2021) was successfully held from May 15 to 16. This conference was jointly hosted by bitcoin Association, nchain and wearedevelopers.

August 24th

Finalists of the 4th BSV programming Marathon

Catn8, bitcoin phone and TKS pnt stood out among many entries and successfully reached the final of the fourth BSV programming marathon. The final competition will begin at the coingeek New York conference in October.

Latest official release

BSV node software release upgrade version v1.0.8 (official version)

The new version supports reporting "double flower attempt" to remote terminals such as mpapi or custom applications. This upgrade also includes a number of performance improvements, especially when dealing with complex dependency diagrams between transactions.

BSV Technical Standards Committee releases organizational roadmap for 2021-2023

The roadmap covers five key areas and five key flows that TSC will focus on in the next two years. Some proposed standards and existing technology considerations are also included in the roadmap.

The eighth coingeek conference will be held in New York from October 5 to 7

At that time, more than 2000 people will participate in the live activities, and the activities will also be broadcast live online. Now, you can go to the official website of the conference (coingeekconference. Com) for registration and reservation or ticket purchase.

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BSV technical expert

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Developer activity review

The first BSV Developer Training Camp

Bitcoin Association insists on deeply cultivating the Chinese community and actively promotes the improvement of developers' development ability based on BSV blockchain.

BSV blockchain application innovation collection

This activity focuses on the technical characteristics and application practice of bitcoin SV.

The second BSV management innovation camp

Many developers and enterprise executives were invited to participate in the theme activity of "embracing the future and opening links"

The first Chinese developers conference

Bitcoin Association and blockchain technology company nchain held this live online activity.

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