Product features

  • Infinite node Star domain CDN first "infinite node" technology, has been built in the country to build the capacity of one million level of service nodes (including more than 400 backbone nodes + one million end nodes).
  • Star domain scheduling Relying on the inherent advantages of real-time statistical system thunder popular resources, combined with the industry's exclusive P2SP technology and the leading full network detection technology, the star domain CDN pioneered the star domain scheduling technology.
  • Dynamic defense Star domain CDN can support HTTPDNS DNS technology, also has rich anti-theft chain mechanism and help millet app store reached 100% anti hijacking, ring nest to see the number of HD content hotlinking success is 0.
  • Weak network acceleration CDN's leading weak network acceleration technology, through the underlying protocol optimization, effective against the data transmission process in the network nodes of the fluctuations, to solve the download failed, Download errors, slow and other common problems.

Case show

  • Iqiyi

    Star domain CDN use of anti-theft chain mechanism to ensure that the content of customer copyright data security, while effectively reducing the cost of the enterprise, in the premise of ensuring the quality of service, the average enterprise bandwidth costs reduced by 1/2.

  • millet

    The use of multi-source download, download process to increase the verification mechanism to effectively solve the weak network environment download failed, Download errors, slow download speed and other issues.

  • Perfect World

    Integrated SDK to achieve p2s, P2P, the bottom edge, BT, eMule, multi-source multi protocol acceleration, download speeds flying heartily; intelligent scheduling system and the massive nodes, truly last km nearest download.

  • Unfamiliar Street

    Star domain CDN by only one kilometer from the user's infinite node, with the intelligent global scheduling and leading transmission coding technology, reduce the transmission level, better response to network fluctuations...