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Micro ticket technology VP Yang Senmiao: annual growth of 4000% behind the big data and cloud computing

Published in15:25 2016-01-05|1270 reading|3 comments

Micro shadow era R & D center vice president of technology Yang Senmiao guest Tencent cloud room ", dialogue Tencent Vice President Zeng Jiaxin, the interpretation of the micro ticket son years growth 4000 behind the big data and cloud computing systems.

How to make the neural network to identify the panda for vulture

Published in14:41 2015-12-31|5224 reading|12 comments

In this paper, the author based on reading and testing, in order to try to deceive the neural network approach, from the tool to install the model training, and gradually resolve the neural network and mathematical principles behind. The article also provides a demo code download.

An article to understand the past and present life and the future of cloud computing

Published in11:06 2016-01-04|1965 reading|0 comments

In the 16 years after the emergence of cloud computing, has become the field of IT standard mode. It is easy to operate, store the amount of amazing, almost everywhere for the user. It not only the world's largest companies, but also to provide support for small companies. Cloud has changed the economic model of the two sides of the service supply, while bringing more new opportunities.

Tencent cloud Video 2 of the introduction of interactive live, the future with the H265, P2P, VR depth integration

Published in06:57 2015-12-31|1606 reading|1 comments

Tencent cloud video solutions 2 released for the industry to provide users with on-demand, live, communication and interactive live video solutions, including one stop. 2016, Tencent cloud video solutions will focus on micro channel, QQ ecosystem, as well as H265, P2P, VR technology also has a better integration and integration.

Inventory: IoT area of the most noteworthy 52 Twitter account

Published in09:44 2015-12-30|278 reading|0 comments

LinkLabs website according to the partial content quality, list of fans, share frequency selected 43 a IOT technology experts and thought leaders in the twitter account, and in the receipt of feedback comments in listing on the new nine account. Readers can follow these accounts in a timely manner to understand the forefront of the Internet of things information.

Google Scientist AI talk about Principal: why the importance of knowledge

Published in07:43 2015-12-29|1672 reading|2 comments

Today's concern with the artificial intelligence and the 90's when there is a big difference. 20 years ago, the focus of the focus on artificial intelligence is based on the logic of AI, usually belong to the knowledge representation, namely KR, and today's focus is on machine learning and statistical algorithms. But the author thinks it's too late to lose something valuable.

NIPS conference machine learning related content inventory

Published in07:35 2015-12-29|1533 reading|0 comments

In this paper, an inventory of the nips conference machine learning related content, the conference is now artificial intelligence and depth of learning enthusiasm of a focal point, from which we can feel the rapid development to the field of machine learning, the number of participants compared to 2014 Congress almost doubled, and some popular booth crowds.

2016 big data and its analysis will be far-reaching

Published in02:55 2015-12-29|1469 reading|0 comments

In 2016, with the use of real time big data processing technology is more accepted by the company, it is bound to have a profound impact on business analysis, personnel adjustment, policy aspects. Companies that have invested in big data will also be rewarded in 2016, real time big data analysis technology will become the key to success or failure.

Sit see AWS partner secret strategy

Published in20:10 2015-12-28|2558 reading|0 comments

Brian Matsubara pointed out that AWS in the world will expand service area and the size of the data center, for new area, through a limited preview service began, then gradually added to some of its core business, such as EC2 and S3, China will with the passage of time and the Ningxia data center

An interview with Academician two Turing Award winner, seven ACM/IEEE: artificial intelligence pioneer, what they want to do?

Published in08:18 2015-12-28|1060 reading|0 comments

Including the nearly two years of the Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport and Dr. Michael Stonebraker, and seven worldwide in the field of computer science master accept CSDN reporter interview, behind the artificial intelligence research story decryption, talked about the evolution of artificial intelligence technology and development in the future.

Industry hot spots

Lenovo's corporate network disk rooted market, intensive and meticulous farming

With the development of cloud computing industry, the prospects of cloud storage were gradually good, products on the market to individual network disk and enterprise network disk shape, individual network disk market because giant into near the Red Sea, and enterprise network disk market due to its own characteristics.

2015 OpenCloud conference HP Tour

In special openstack, and Hewlett Packard HP senior technical experts Rajeev Pandey cloud computing, chief expert, architect, MVP Chen Ranjie respectively introduces the currently openstack ecological environment, and HP Helion open source cloud computing the current development status.

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The history of the most complete Docker data collection

Programmers in the world, Docker is handling any type of App. Goolgle, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, Hat, Red and Canonical have begun to support Docker. This feature selection of Docker entry articles and exciting PPT, with you to keep up with the latest technology trends.

The Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference

The Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on May 2014 20-23. The meeting will inherit the successful experience of the previous five general assembly, invited more domestic and foreign famous academicians, experts and scholars, industry CIO to attend the meeting and make a speech. With a more international perspective to help participants to understand the global cloud computing technology development trend; starting from the application, cloud computing to explore practical experience of big data, mobile Internet, cloud intelligent terminal in the field; and through the special technology, new product release and training courses, the depth of analysis of cloud computing the core technology of large data.