CLUB CTO is currently the country's most influential and largest technology managers to share and exchange platform, by China's leading developer service platform CSDN founded.

CLUB CTO to implement a free membership application, the real name authentication mechanism to join. Since its inception in 2009, more than 15000 registered members of the existing, covering thousands of domestic IT companies and various industries and enterprises (including 70% of China top 100 software enterprises and 50% of the domestic IT industry listed companies) R & D Department of CTO, vice president of technology, chief architect, technical director, project director, product director, director of operations, such as technology management.

After many years of accumulation, CTO club member covers the CCSC nationwide, through the regular organization of thematic salon, into enterprises, hot topic sharing activities, as a member of the create a set of mature hub and offline discussion and sharing of various social networking platform.

If you are a technical manager, welcome to join CLUB CTO, here, you can get:

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