SanDisk new solid state hard drive ULLtraDIMM, can change the storage industry?

In January, SanDisk introduced a new concept of solid state hard drive ULLtraDIMM, the product is suitable for high-frequency trading, transaction processing, etc.. At present, SanDisk IBM has added a number of new features, it was renamed eXFlash, and this technology is applied in the X6 system server.

Ali cloud data services -- ODPS analysis

Based on the flying ODPS, Ali group is the only big data processing platform for more than 30, external, to API RESTful to provide data warehouse, data mining and other data applications. Ali cloud President Wang Wenbin for the station, said it is a milestone in China's entry into the big data era".

EMC 2014 storage layout and ten new technical points

EMC with a very rich rendering of the Tai Chi diagram shows the IT and Business, the cost and risk of the balanced development path, and high-profile release VMAX, XtremIO, Isilon and other important product line of the ten major technologies. It is worth noting that the EMC and OpenStack and other open source technologies such as Hadoop and the strengthening of support.

[line salon] big data first step data storage technology to share and download data

The theme of the big data first step data storage technology sharing will be the next CSDN line, CSDN invited to the papaya mobile Backend Department Manager Zhao Kunliang, VisualOps founder Zhao Peng and Amazon AWS chief cloud technology consultant Fang Guowei to explore the actual application scenarios such as how to solve the data problem.

2014 SNW China Conference held in Beijing

2014SNW conference in order to define the new storage integration as the theme, a comprehensive interpretation of the future trend of storage related IT Technology

2.6.2 MongoDB released, greatly improving the query function

MongoDB is a C++ language based on the distributed file storage database, designed to provide scalable high performance data storage solutions for Web applications. Currently 2.6.2 MongoDB release, the new version greatly improved the query function.

Dark side of cloud storage: metadata security (next)

Metadata system is the core of object storage. Through the collection of experience in the development and operation of cloud storage system, the author discusses how to establish and safeguard a metadata system. This paper mainly talks about the multi copy model, and compares the advantages and disadvantages of master slave model and multi copy model and the solution of the problem.

[community column] TDW supports protobuf format storage and analysis

TDW is the largest Tencent internal distributed system, focused on the data of the various products of Tencent, Tencent's products provide massive data storage and analysis services, including data mining, product reports, business analysis and other services. In this paper, we analyze the TDW supported protobuf format.

To compete with Google, Amazon, apple pushed CloudKit embrace cloud services

Apple released a new development framework cloudkit, designed to allow application developers access to icloud cloud services, more easily integrate cloud services into mobile applications, we look after the PC era of cloud upstart to and win their own place.

HGST enterprise class hard disk for your big data to create greater value

Recently, the "Sixth China Cloud Computing Conference" was held in Beijing, hgst (Yu Department of Global Storage Technology Co., Ltd., original Hitachi Global Storage Technology Co., Ltd.) as a global enterprise class cloud computing application preferred storage solutions provider, carrying the most perfect storage solutions to participate in the event.
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