Open source ResearchKit: Apple will be how to subvert the future of health care?

Apple has brought a new medical project in the spring conference, the software framework, which quickly caused a wide range of medical research, from data collection, research object diversity, the people involved in information security, ResearchKit will be how to subvert the future of medical research?

Provisioning DynamoDB: what makes cost savings 76%?

For those users who are using the DynamoDB default throughput, in accordance with the reserve capacity of 3 years, these characteristics can save 76% of the cost.

Six recommended Android open source framework

This recommended some relatively good, commonly used Android open source framework, which includes volley, Afinal, android-async-http framework, xUtils framework, ThinkAndroid and LoonAndroid.

Improvement of fault tolerance of Streaming Spark and zero data loss

Real time stream processing system must be able to work within the 24/7 time, so it needs to have the ability to recover from all kinds of system failures. At the beginning, Streaming Spark supports the ability to recover from driver and worker. This paper will detail the improvement of Streaming Spark fault tolerance and zero data loss.

Soul of a large web site - Performance

Some people say that the performance is to access speed, which is the most intuitive argument, but also the user's real experience. A user from the input URL to press enter key to see the speed of the web page, which is the performance. For us, we need to dig the process, because this determines how we do performance optimization.

Little penguin tells you the best open source network monitoring tool for what

In this paper, four network monitoring tools are collected to test their functional characteristics, namely Cacti, ZABBIX, Icinga and Observium. The main test items include the availability of the host, broadband usage and so on.

LinkedIn distributed real-time performance tracking and efficiency optimization

In order to realize the requirement of multi service performance analysis, Linkedln establishes a real-time monitoring system. The focus of this paper is on the inCapacity tool and the data obtained from Samza.

New phase of high availability of HBase Apache

HBase Apache is a database for online services, its native support for Hadoop features, so that it has become the basis of the Hadoop's scalability and flexibility to carry out the application of data processing applications.

What is the AWS service in 2015 to open the update?

2015 arrived. In this paper, the AWS site on the menu of the product change as a clue, show that in 2014 the AWS have those changes. What is the AWS service and the start of 2015 update.

Why open source software has no desktop users?

Compared to Windows, the open source Linux desktop free, safe, very few will be infected with the virus, but why not many desktop customers? In addition to the inherent lack of skill, there are many external reasons.
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