Ping Ali database technology exchange day summary

Ali was also very stable with Oracle, business can not support is expected, although it is expected to eventually become a reality, the business sector reached a commitment to performance. Ali is not reluctant to spend money, but money can not buy IBM follow Ali development speed, so I want to decide their own speed.

Distributed storage and database selection question and answer sorting

Recently, the problem of storage system selection in the micro channel group to discuss the hot, CSDN here a little bit of the expert's answers to summarize, share to you. The article is based on a large data base community micro channel group, the experts involved in the discussion, Li Dongsheng, Li Mingyu, Wu Zhuhua, Liu Aigui, et al.

In-depth understanding of the database LogMiner

LogMiner is a tool that comes with the Oracle database. It can be analyzed through the analysis of the online log and log log database access to the database in the past, the specific operation, very useful. This article will be from 7 aspects, the detailed introduction LogMiner.

The NoSQL type, catch all in one draft application scenarios and use the company

Compared with the traditional relational database, NoSQL is more complex classification, key, document oriented, column storage and map database. Here is a list of the types of NoSQL applicable scenarios and some well-known companies to choose the program.

Quickly change password! 12306 user data password leakage

According to the vulnerability feedback platform clouds show, a large number of 12306 user data in the Internet crazy pass. The leaked user data including user account, password, identity card, email, etc.. Leaked data a total of 131653. It is reported that the leaked data is very easy to get, just a search can be obtained.

Web development dilemma: yards or not?

Existing application development front, often appear problem is how to compile it, choose custom code to solve the problem of the final product can bring great flexibility, but requires a lot of money and time cost. In some cases, try to abstract development as far as possible, reduce the amount of code writing may be more meaningful.

Hermes and open source Solr, ElasticSearch different

When it comes to the Hermes index technology, I believe that many students will think of Solr, ElasticSearch. Solr, elasticsearch true it may be said is famous, is the two top project, recently some students often ask me, "open source world Solr, elasticsearch why use Hermes?"

Why does RedHat like open source standard bearer rarely?

In the network field, the open source company has gradually developed from the bottom layer, but in the field of vision, there is no such as RedHat as a symbol of the role. In the server, database and cloud services, there are open source. Like RedHat and Canonica have been ported to the open source operating mode to the Business Companies model.

MySQL database has been tampered with the attack --- using backup and binlog for data recovery

In this paper, we mainly describe the MySQL attack and tamper data, use the backup from the library and the main library of Binlog to carry out incomplete recovery.

A round of financing NoSQL database SequoiaDB officially open source

Today, the document NoSQL database SequoiaDB announced officially open source. SequoiaDB is a distributed database, storage of JSON document data format, the traditional database in the data model of a rigid, scalable, and the lack of the ability to deal with semi structure and unstructured data, and other limitations.
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