Big data ecosystem Forum (bottom): relational database by memory to calculate a strong into big data

2014 China Big Data Technology Conference on the afternoon of second large data ecosystem forum, OpenStack foundation director Du Yu Jie, LinkedIn Software Engineer Wang Guozhang, Alibaba senior technical experts Jiang Zhiyong, China Mobile group company business support system project manager ho Hung Ling and other experts published a wonderful speech.

NoSQL Bankmark performance comparison test, domestic SequoiaDB obvious advantages

Recently, the well-known independent benchmark evaluation agency bankmark, for SequoiaDB, MongoDB and Cassandra three NoSQL database products to do a performance comparison test. In all tests, the performance of SequoiaDB is much better than other products in most situations.

10 tutorials teach you to easily back up the MySQL database

Mesos Benjamin co founder Hindman Apache: talk about the status quo of distributed applications

At present, distributed applications are becoming more and more common, and this craze seems to have been poured into the management of data centers. Recently Apache mesos co-founder Benjamin Hindman written analysis of the status quo of current distributed applications, developers / operators face the difficulties and solve the road!

Is it necessary to make a contribution to the open source software?

OpenDailight project on Hub Open is listed as "very active" project. So far, there have been 280 contributors after 12312 submitted code, accumulated 1 million 900 thousand lines of code. What can let so many developers and owners to participate in the project enthusiastically? Together to listen to the voice of the parties.

Sohu open source database middleware SOHU-DBProxy

SOHU-DBProxy is a data center project based on MySQL protocol, which is developed and maintained by Sohu database team. Recently open source on GitHub.

Redis cache, Azure disaster recovery, tag, SQLDB elastic ratio, document database

5 open source compatibility solutions outside the standard MySQL database

Amoeba: open source distributed database Porxy solution

Inventory mobile development in the most popular 5 database

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