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Is it time to split the Linux?

Regardless of the Linux desktop development into a business line may bring changes, the sake of discussion, some enterprises will be the main energy put on the desktop version of Linux, and also some enterprises will focus on the Linux server, this thing in itself does not mean anything?

MYSQL database file optimization

LokiJS: a pure JavaScript implementation of the lightweight database

LokiJS a lightweight document oriented database, implemented by the JavaScript, the performance is higher than everything. Support field index to achieve faster file access, performance is also quite good (nearly 50 s OPS/).

FlyData: take your baggage, go to the cloud

In this paper, Koichi founder Fujikawa FlyData was interviewed, to explore some of the experience and knowledge on the establishment of the start-up companies in aws. Prior to the establishment of Koichi, Fujikawa FlyData worked in YAHOO Japan Cirius technology companies and other start-up companies.

7 reasons for choosing the Yii 2 version of the framework

As a top of the PHP framework, Yii (Yee) framework is not the best, but it is still a bright spot. Recently, Yii has released the 2 version. Recommended this framework, mainly taking into account its installation is simple, advanced configuration, high scalability, simplify security, development time is short, and so on.

Stonebraker Michael, database technology, the application of the new era

2014 China big data technology conference is invited to the database technology Daniel Stonebraker Michael, with you into the big data of the wonderful world, a taste of the beauty of the database. He believes that big data has four meanings: big data volume, small analysis, a large number of data using big analysis, large speed, large diversity.

Database and storage aspects of the classic papers

MySQL entry manual, the code is personally practiced by the author

Facebook software architecture: Tao and BLOB implementation principle

User number reached 10 million level, Facebook need to store up to 400000000000 of the photos every day, in the face of such a huge data, Facebook use Tao and BLOB storage system. So, how do these storage architectures be implemented? What are the principles? Let me see the.
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Database weekly

Extract the most essence of the week of the development of the database content, covering expert interviews, blog essence, interactive Q & A, data download, etc..

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