EBay open source new database technology Kylin, support TB to PB level data

EBay has been a database technology - Kylin, which uses a distributed processing and HBase data storage technology, the purpose is to allow the SQL Hadoop query to return faster results.

Amazon Web services to enhance the participation of more open source

Schlaeger Chris, director of the Amazon Services (Web) and, said in a major speech in the European and CloudOpen Dusseldorf of LinuxCon, Amazon's Web service is proposed to cut costs in the data center.

Your database be threatened by growing crises

Django support database long connection

Database Concepts 10g Release Oracle 2 Chinese version

Oracle database

Top 10 most common database security issues

Although aware of the importance of database security, but developers in integrated applications or bug fixes and update database will still make some mistakes, allow hackers to seize the opportunity to sneak in. This paper lists 10 of the most common security issues in database systems.

Deep understanding of MySQL database transaction processing

Amazon cloud platform migration process

The article separately from the common problems of the old system, the problem of the transfer process and the benefits of the transfer after the introduction, details the migration process and the attention of the Amazon cloud platform.

Oracle Google Peter former engineering director Magnusson, intended to force the cloud platform business

Oracle has hired Magnusson Peter, the former Snapchat and Google Engineering Department, whose main job is to run a offering that has been adjusted to help business customers in the cloud to handle more scientific and technological tasks.

[SQLite] 3.8.7 newsletter performance increase over 50%

SQLite ushered in a series of 3.8.7 version, the latest release of the alpha version in the speed of 16 months before the release of the 3.7.17 version of the fast 50%, which is mainly due to the team to carry out hundreds of micro optimization.
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