Teach you how to use micro channel through the database to create a menu

The MapReduce of large data graph database is used for graph calculation

The characteristics and functions of big data

Ranking the top ten of the SQL and NoSQL databases

According to a list DB engines, this paper lists the ranking in the top ten of the database, let us together to see which database list on the list.

GitHub database migration, with the popularity of the MySQL!

GitHub has always attached importance to the front end of the fast and smooth experience, in August last year, their infrastructure team seamlessly to improve the performance of MySQL backend and to enhance the overall speed GitHub. As a platform for millions of users on a daily service, any error will be devastating. Together to learn their operation and maintenance experience.

Master Android database (1) - SQLite command.

[knowledge database] ten common open source database learning materials

Collected in this thesis is a summary of the 10 kinds of common open-source database project, technical documents and download resources (including e-book), proclaims the trip home, project development, database management essential information. If you feel good, please collect it! Share of!

The ultimate challenge of the recommendation engine

Recommendation system in fact is not far away from us, just like everyone to Taobao to buy things like, after buying things, at the bottom of the screen will appear similar goods. This is recommendation system the most direct a form and then in other aspects of recommender systems and recommendation engine will face what kind of challenge?

A week: from the analysis of thermal paper geeks have learned 8000 Software Engineer Recruitment Information

1 million 200 thousand operation / second Cloud Redis cluster single server non benchmark test procedure

By Aerospike company: "how to $1.68 / hour cost of acquiring million TPS" stimulus, Itamar Haber redis labs also based on C3.8xlarge, use and the former is different non benchmark programs. In the premise of not optimized for measuring the redis cloud software performance.
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Database weekly

Extraction of weekly and the essence of database development, covering the expert interview, blog essence, interactive Q & A, data download.

Database community activity