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How to $1.68 / hour cost to get a million TPS

EC2 Amazon and other cloud infrastructure has proven its value in the world; however, please do not ignore the disadvantages of the virtual environment, which will be shown on the basis of C3.8xlarge, how to get the cost per hour of 1.68 per hour per million transactions database performance.

RethinkDB 1.14 (Brazil) distribution, distributed database

PostgreSQL Stellar: and MySQL database of open source snapshot tools, like Git

Interview questions and answers to 11 senior MySQL database for Linux users

Construction of the database of things based on SQLite Nodejs CoAP

Analysis of key embedded database hamsterdb

Micro channel public platform development - how to ensure the long-term effectiveness of access_token?

Jointly sponsored by the CSDN and the programmer magazine in 2014 micro channel developers conference will be held in Beijing in August 23rd. CSDN excellent blogger, best selling book author Liu Feng invited to serve as a lecturer, bring the "pit" and the solution of the "pit" and LBS development of the "pit", welcome to the site and the depth of the willow.

Challenges faced by Dev and Ops

When Venus from the Ministry of development, from the operating Department of Mars, will often find that we are not in the service area, unable to communicate. So how to do, to make the two enterprises to zuobangyoubi harmony?

What will go after the decline of online services?

Not necessarily experienced a storm of enterprise can stand down, under the challenge of modern business model of Armored Cavalry, companies down nor in the minority. This paper is to the giant online business service prodigy classic eventually in the wave variable for the case of gravel.
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