Cgroup Linux technology and intelligent mobile phone system IO optimization

Demonstrates one of the basic technologies of Docker Virtualization: Cgroup Linux and the potential application of the technology in the smart phone IO optimization. 2015/04/26 @ Thai salon second

OSTC2015- horse all one: the use of Docker to build a continuous integration services

Topic: using Docker to build a continuous integration service Speaker: Ma all one, Docker Chinese community founder Presentation: how to use Docker to build the enterprise's continuous integration services, the current number of open source tools Jenkins, Drone and Go and so on.

With docker elk

1024Club for the first time to share activities under the first line, the theme from: pig eight quit - Luo Tao
  • Peigen
  • February 6, 2015
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From LXC to Docker Moving for Containment and Continuous Delivery

Neale Michael is one of the founders of CloudBees, while cloud architect. CloudBees provides a platform to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile applications and mobile applications, and actively encourage employees to apply innovation. Neale Michael not only has cloud computing, JVM, Docker and other technologies, and actively participate in the company's team cooperation and project management, etc..

Engates CTO, John

This document is the John company's Engates Rackspace speech content in DockerCon.

And DevOps Docker

This document is the content of Kim DockerCon on the Gene speech, about his 15 years of IT technology learning trip.

Management and Containerization Cluster

Hindman Benjamin to introduce the relevant knowledge of cluster management, while showing the deployment and naming of Docker and other content, as well as the challenges of cluster management, etc..

Golden containers:complementing Docker with Puppet Beyond

This document is Labs David Lutterkort DockerCon in Puppet to explain the contents of.

At Spotify Docker

This document describes the application of Docker software Spotify, detailing what is Spotify, why the use of Docker, as well as what we need to do in the future.

To Docker Contributing

This document is from the Andrew Infosiftr "Tianon" Page to explain the contents of
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